Marking time at StocksfieldA light to lead the wayPCL Travel 601 / LG02 FFRGo North East Tynedale Links 668 / NK16 BXJGo North East AD122 635 / NK61 FJPDB Cargo UK 66100Northern 156444St. Andrew's Chapel, Hexham Cemetery, Northumberland, England, UKGo North East 5304 / NK08 CHLHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamSt. Mary's Church, Hexham, Northumberland, UkGo North East Tynedale Links 618 & 619Fallen TreeEarly start on the TrailSunrise beside Hadrian's Wall VallumSunrise beside Hadrian's Wall Vallum (2)Walking west on the TrailThe Trail in Stanley PlantationLooking upWall collapseWalking west beside Hadrian's Wall North ditchWalking eastThe litter picked up todayGreen lightScotRail 156509Go North East Tynedale Links 5303 / NK08 CHJnumb - newcastle corpn buses at hexham abbey 1920Hexham, Northumberland, August 1981The Rat Inn, AnickPet SoundsMerry ChristmasGo North East 5229, Go North East Venture 650 & Arriva Cross Pennine 4660Go North East Tynedale Express 5299 / NK08 CHDGo North East Tyne Valley Ten 6047 / NK12 GCYGo North East Tynedale Express 5302 / NK08 CHHGo North East Tynedale Links 618 / NK55 RUVGo North East Tynedale Links 618 & 667Litter picked up today on walk of my sectionGo North East Tyne Valley Ten 6077 / NK62 FGJMy FrisbeePark LifeHexham AbbeyHexham Abbey Christmas TreeGo North East Tynedale Links 5303 / NK08 CHJTunnel visionGo North East Tyne Valley Ten 6045 / NK12 GCVHexham Abbey, EnglandDevil's WaterHaving it largeDirect Rail Services 68034 “Victorious” & 68004 “Rapid”Valley ViewpointBackyard Bike Shop’s first shop rideBackyard Bike Shop’s first shop rideBackyard Bike Shop’s first shop rideBackyard Bike Shop’s first shop rideNorthern 142015Northern 142025Hexham Sele FireworksHexham Bonfire NightHexham Firework and BonfireHexham Bonfire and FireworksHexham Tyne BridgeBonfire Night 2017Hexham Abbey, HexhamGo North East 6048 / NK12 GCZValley 37'sAutumn ColoursHexham Abbey, Hexham, NorthumberlandGarden ShedsFallowfield Mine, AcombFallowfield Mine, AcombNetwork Rail 43014 “The Railway Observer”Go North East AD122 636 / NK61 FMDGo North East 633 / NK61 FEXDSC03613DSC03612DSC03611DSC03610DSC03608DSC03607DSC03606DSC03614DSC03615DSC03616DSC03617DSC03618DSC03620DSC03621DSC03622X-T1 low lightDepartureGo North East 6084 / NL63 XBSMiddle Street, Corbridge, Northumberland.Arriva Eco Green 1582 / NK64 EEVGo North East Tynedale Links 5210 / NK54 NVENorthern 156420 “La’al Ratty”ArchwayGo North East Tyne Valley Ten 6080 / NK62 FJEHEXHAMGo North East Tynedale Links 619 / NK55 RUWDMU 142 092 at Hexham, Northumberland.Lets get this party started...... Rock n' Roll !Go North East Tynedale Xpress 5299 / NK08 CHDEvening CoalFace to face47522It's a Tyne Valley 10 from Len45212 Roy “Corky” GreenCorbridge Roman TownR Tyne at HexhamR Tyne at HexhamR Tyne at HexhamHexham Abbey, NorthumberlandHexham Old Bus Station 14.08.2017Hexham New Bus Station 14.08.2017NK05 GZP Hexham 14.08.2017NK54 NVE Hexham 14.08.2017NK16 BXN Hexham 14.08.2017NK62 FHY Hexham 14.08.2017Northern 156463HexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamGold sequins at Healey Barn, NorthumberlandArriva 4660 / NK07 FZCRemnants of recent snow on TrailTrail in Stanley PlantationTrail in wooded section of Staney PlantationHadrian's Wall VallumHadrian's Wall North ditch37602 + 37558 DilstonBywell Village CrossScratch Dial Clock, BywellNo escape...Car inside light trailLitter picked up today on my section of HWP National TrailAutumn's colourHadrian's Wall North ditch walking west on TrailFrosty start (1)Frosty start (2)Fireworks 2Fireworks 1Fireworks 3Fireworks 5Fireworks 4Mercedes By NightGo North East Tynedale Xpress 5301 / NK08 CHGDecember image in the 2018 National Trails CalendarGo North East Tynedale Xpress 5302 / NK08 CHHGo North East Tynedale Links 5303 / NK08 CHJRiver Tyne Salmon RunDSC03756DSC03755DSC03754DSC03752DSC03751DSC03750DSC03749DSC03747DSC03746DSC03745DSC03744DSC03743DSC03742DSC03741DSC03740DSC03739DSC03738DSC03737DSC03735DSC03733DSC03732DSC03730DSC03729DSC03727DSC03725DSC03724DSC03723DSC03722DSC03721DSC03720DSC03719DSC03718DSC03748DSC03623DSC03624DSC03625DSC03626DSC03627DSC03628DB Schenker 67015The Trail in Stanley Plantation - walking westWalking west on the Trail - beside the VallumTree on the South mound of the VallumAydon Castle, NorthumberlandAydon Castle, NorthumberlandAydon Castle, NorthumberlandCorbridge, NorthumberlandView over the Tyne valley from Halton, NorthumberlandHalton, NorthumberlandThe chapel-of-ease at Halton, NorthumberlandHalton Tower, Northumberland43058 - Hexham43310 - HexhamGo North East Tynedale Xpress 5300 / NK08 CHFABERDEEN BOUNDDOUBLE BOUNCEHST IN ROMAN COUNTRYHadrian's Wall North ditch walking east on TrailWalking west towards the site of Milecastle 24Stanley Plantation - nature repairing tree felling operationsStanley Plantation walking towrds remaining section of standing treesTrail in the last standing trees of Stanley PlantationIn Hadrian's Wall North ditchHeavenfield - the last gate on my section2017_0511_5297West Coast Railways 57316George V wall boxVrijdag: Hadrians WallR Tyne at HexhamRoad bridge over R Tyne at HexhamGo North East Tyne Valley Ten 6074 / NK62 FDMGo North East Tyne Valley Ten 6083 / NK13 EJO156463 Hexham 14.08.2017Hexham Signalbox 14.08.2017NK55 OLH Hexham 14.08.2017Pale Pink #bunting up at Healey Barn, NorthumberlandPale Pink #bunting up at Healey Barn, NorthumberlandPale Pink #bunting up at Healey Barn, Northumberland