Catkins - Welcome sign of Spring55001 NameplateLiquid LightsJesmond Old CemeteryClass 66: 66014 MetroCentreStagecoach: 27728 NK11BFP Alexander Dennis Enviro 300Reflections of a VirginkeeperGarden beech treeFrosty umbelChris CookRiver Tyne RainbowM1058 B58 WUL22470 T470 BNL 1116721 N721 LTN 122035 NK53 KEJ 31NL52 OSW 124L 4204529 V535 GDSBlue titDown RiverIrving’s of Carlisle V11 BUS in between Reays MD9 Temsa YJ17 CWX and National Holidays Setra NH11 FTHPedestrian walkway of the High Level Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, UKMercedes Actros 544, AG11OAY Webster’s Plant HaulageThe River TyneFire Damage47304City Motorway Light Trails, Newcastle upon TyneEmerates From BelowGo North East 5287 (NK08 CFX). Saltmeadows Road Depot, GatesheadBP-DV-50 FH12 3801765Flooded SunsetTree Silhouettes at DuskGo North East 6149 (LJ62 KBY). Saltmeadows Road Depot, GatesheadGo North East 7113 (FJ60 EGY). Saltmeadows Road Depot. GatesheadGo North East 6161 (LJ62 KZP). Saltmeadows Road Depot, GatesheadPeter Hogg of Jedburgh: YJ61MMX Optare Solo3872 W182 SCU 47Compass Community Transport BP14 FKJ. First Avenue, Team Valley. GatesheadKingsley Coaches 266 (LR5 BND). Lobley Hill Road/Team Valley North EndGo North East 6052 (NK12 GDJ). Gateshead InterchangeGo North East 628 (NK61 DBZ). Gateshead InterchangeGo North East 6139 (GX03 SVJ). Lobley Hill Road/Team Valley North EndGo North East 5231 (NK55 OLJ). Gateshead InterchangeGateshead Central Taxis NL66 WZB. Gateshead InterchangeMcCAFE' MAN - Street photography32768 M768 DRG 343807 F107 UEF X23691116709 2221515914 LAT 514V61008 NK05 RWU Q116729 N729 LTN 1RGS Newcastle Christmas CarolRGS Newcastle Christmas CarolSt. George's Church, JesmondRGS Newcastle Christmas CarolRGS Newcastle Christmas CarolRGS Newcastle Christmas CarolRGS Newcastle Christmas CarolRed firecracker 炮仗竹AshMale Chaffinch91116 NewcastleFemale ChaffinchInter City 225: 82231 Virgin Trains East Coast Newcastle CentralToby FloodNewcastleeat the officeNewcastle / Gateshead QuaysideStreet PreacherClass 66: 66590 + 66568 + 66522 Freightliner Newcastle Centralstill waitng for your callNewcastle QuaysideHST: 43302 Nameplate: 'World Speed Record -HST' Virgin Trains East Coast2018-02-16_09-55-46Northern by Arriva 142 019. NewcastleGo North East 7127 (BX16 CKK). Newcastle Coach Station22463 T463 BNL15905 LAT 505VYX05 HWB 42061010 NK05 PXH2018-02-16_08-09-312018-02-16_07-56-25142_016-03142_091-03142_091-02142_065-012018-02-16_07-24-31Woodland WalkSteep climb82224+91122 1S09Newcastle Central, July 2017Thornley WoodsNew light through old windows91122+82224 1S09BOBT__52156-1BOBT__52229-1BOBT__52153-1Class 68: 68034 + 68016 Direct Rail Services MetroCentreTyne BridgeMillennium BridgeTyne BridgeSt James ParkLeazes ParkPhoenix Bussing Setra S431DT, F15 PBSTreecreeperGo North East 4949 / NK51 OLPStagecoach North East 22050 (NK53KFU) - 14-02-18Go North East 6328 (NK67GNV) - 14-02-18The Happy HookerA Young Buck Deer16705 N705 LTNBOBT__51998-1Go North East 5305 (NK08 CHN). High Level Bridge, GatesheadGo North East 6309 (NK67 ECE). High Level Bridge/Wellington Street. GatesheadNorthern by Arriva 156, High Level BridgeGo North East 8335. Hillgate/Bridge Street. GatesheadGo North East 8335 (NK11 HJF). Baltic Quay, GatesheadGo North East 8313 (NK10 GOC). Newcastle QuaysideGo North East 5269 (NK56 KKE). Saltmeadows Road Depot, GatesheadGo North East 8296 (NK09 FUU). Saltmeadows Road Depot, Gateshead26 Lime StreetRingtons Tea572 NK53 TMX22027 NK03 XJWGo North East, NK67 GNV Wright StreetDeckAuricularia auricula-judaeLive in The ParkRobynBus Station. . .Quarter to Nine22199 T199 TND16722 N722 LTNRobinRobinGreat Spotted Woodpecker (Male)Newcastle at night. . .Newcastle at night. . .1st XV v Northern1st XV v Northern1st XV v Northern1st XV v Northern1st XV v Northern1st XV v Northern1st XV v NorthernDr Martens Store. . .The Crown Posada.The Crown Posada.The Crown Posada.The Bridge Tavern, public house.16432 WLT 512 (N332 HGK)HCC 49 (G223 HCP)22071 NK54 BFX28934 H434 EFTRecently Added-687Nuthatch.Jesmond Old CemeterySundown20294 M404 SPYSwing Bridge. . .Swing Bridge. . .MOSS BROS URBAN DIORAMASchool of DesignFlotsamWinter greenSt Edmunds , Gateshead and two pigeons.Gateshead looking to Newcastle upon Tyne.Class 156: 156448 Northern MetroCentre37229School of DesignNewcastle upon Tyne at night from the Metro Radio Roundaboutclose up metro bridageAll Saints Cemetery JesmondRecently Added-416stairwellAll Saints Cemetery Jesmond91_121-0191_126-02snow in gatesheadNorth East Ambulance Service: Mercedes NA15DHKJesmond Dene-5West Jesmond Metro StationSage Gateshead - HDRGateshead Millenium Bridge - HDRAdamson's KA13 MUL. Newcastle Central StationParkers Executive Coaches OE16 WJA. Newcastle Central StationParkers Excecutive Coaches OU17 OTA. Newcastle Central StationTravelsure B12 PRE, Bewick Street. NewcastleSwift Coaches RIL 3692. Bewick Street, NewcastleGo North East 6314 (NK67 EBJ). Neville Street, NewcastleShowing The WayGo North East: 6333 NK67GOC Wright StreetDeckStagecoach: 36980 SN63VVR Alexander Dennis Enviro 200red and blue classes15306 H426 BNLNK67EBJ / 6314 - Volvo B5TL15304 H424 BNLPATH BETWEEN THE FREE TRADE INN AND THE TYNE.COMGermany: Janssen Reisen WTM J543 Van HoolGermany: Janssen Reisen WTM J655 Van HoolByker metro bridgeJosh 2018coneJosh 2018Jesmond Dene-1Jesmond Dene-3Josh 2018pool roomjagger and  bowieMark Wilson.Subway StepsBlinking Eye BridgeJosh 2018Josh 2018NewcastleJosh 201820170822_105230Sea King Mk43Go North East: 5271 NK56KKG Scania CN230UBGo North East 5228 NK54NWBGo North East 8339 NL63XBHGo North East 9084 / YJ64 DZMGo North East 5271 NK56KKGGo North East 5267 NK56KKCWinter time in Thornley Woods.DSC05577DSC05578Grainger Market, NewcastleDSC0566437232 Gateshead 23069037167 Gateshead 180488Arriva North East 2824 Optare SoloBOBT__52008-1BOBT__52014-1BOBT__52020-1BOBT__52042-1BOBT__51677-1BOBT__51679-1BOBT__51689-1BOBT__51695-1BOBT__51699-1BOBT__51708-1BOBT__51711-137262 Dounreay Newcastle 300688