82201 and 91106 1S06NE2 PeachesGateshead River TyneAY61 BYDDF66 VSJ91106 and 8220191106 and 82201 1S06221136 and 220005 1S33St. James Park from Leazes Park66789@Newcastle220005 and 221136 1S33156481 2A06DBS 67018+LNER 91118PATH FROM THE FREE TRADE INN TO THE TYNEQUAYSIDE MOONRISE, AND SEAGULLS PARADEGATESHEAD FROM NEWCASTLE QUAYSIDEGATESHEAD FROM NEWCASTLE QUAYSIDERiver Tyne - Metro Bridge Span (P)King Edward Bridge - Rivets in the Rain (P)River Tyne - Metro Train Crossing (P)Stephenson Quarter - Building Construction (P)Newcastle/Gateshead River Tyne Skyline (P)Metro Train Crossing Metro Bridge - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (O)Newcastle/Gateshead - River Tyne Bridges (O)Virgin East Coast - 43311 - Crossing King Edward Bridge - Newcastle (O)Metro Bridge - Black and White Geometry (O)DSCF972267 018 at Newcastle Central on 22nd September 201891131 and 82208 1S04142023 (67003)91116 and 82214 1E06silhouette sunset in NEWCASTLE UPON TYNEGo NorthEast 5297 - Gateshead - 19092018Brewdog Full Metal Jacket82214 and 91116 1E06So far so seriously hilly! This place gives ‘undulating’ a whole new meaning!Tyne bridgesMillennium bridgeMillennium bridgeThe SageNice combo!Tyne bridgeWitten-Le-Wear (mandatory Geordie accent required)Tyne swing bridgeWhat an absolute stunner, Durham cathedral is fantasticCurrently in #1 spot in our best town name competition...Awesome to see Antony Gormley’s masterpiece again this year!And so we begin! Thanks to Head of Newcastle office Susanne for an incredible launch party last night and we hope to be in Hawes by the end of the day!High level pacerDSC_3026DSC_2945DSC_2896DSC_2830DSC_2836DSC_2724DSC_2749Three bridges, two trainsNewcastle fish marketOvoline6700382216 and 91115 'Blaydon Races' 1S18Ouillins Gage43299 and 43317 1N17/1Y4443317 and 43299 1N17/1Y4482206 and 91120 1E1882202 and 91132 1S15NK15ENE / 5394 - Go North EastGo North East: 6917 LX06ECA Volvo B7TL/Wright Eclipse GeminiArriva North East: 7633 YJ61OBF VDL DB300/WrightGo North East: 6936 X584EGK Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President142086 'Millom'156484 2A1891111 'For the Fallen'The MusicianGNR Wheelchair RacerNewcastle Railway StationNewcastle Railway Station09-19-08.58.30Go North East: 5305 NK08CHN Mercedes CitaroTyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service: 3203 NK10DVY VolvoXtra Coaches of Carluke: YN17OHK Scania K360/Higer91111 'For the Fallen' and 82218 1S1391111 'For the Fallen' and 82218 1S1382201 and 91122 1S1291122 and 82201 1S1243208 'Lincolnshire Echo' and 43238 'National Rail Museum 40 years 1975-2015' 1S11G-ASJH BAC One-Eleven 201AC British Caledonian Airways20180918_121037_020180918_120950_020180918_120913_020180918_120932_020180918_120628_020180918_120618_020180918_122553_020180918_122341_0Black Gate, with fence overlooking Heron PitBlack Gate - information board by the Heron PitMilburn House - Side, NewcastleMilburn House - Side, Newcastle20180918_123625_020180918_123530_020180918_123511_020180918_123507_020180918_123433_020180918_123345_020180918_123335_020180918_123237_0Moot Hall - NewcastleMoot Hall - Newcastle20180918_122820_020180918_122943_020180918_122656_020180918_122733_020180918_122803_020180918_122104_020180918_122138_020180918_121946_020180918_122001_020180918_12385720180918_12391520180918_12394120180918_12434820180918_12464820180918_12413420180918_12414920180918_12424220180918_12430520180918_124339The Core - Newcastle UniversityCitygate House, Newcastle20180918_12054620180913_12422620180918_10525720180918_12005720180918_12010920180905_09070120180918_12014920180918_12025020180918_12385720180918_12445520180918_12051920180918_12041920180918_12044120180918_120344St Nicholas' Cathedral, NewcastleStatue of Queen Victoria, St Nicholas' SquareRutherford Memorial Fountain, Bigg MarketClass 91: 91103 LNER Newcastle CentralAll Saints Church Mono (11a)Swing and High Level Bridges (mono) from the Guildhall Sept 2018220034 1O40Small CopperMigrant HawkerIMG_20180311_121044-01Mallard at Exhibition ParkTown Moor cowsTown Moor view91126 'Darlington Hippodrome' and 82223 1Y3282223 and 91126 'Darlington Hippodrome' 1Y32Damselfly at Exhibition ParkFlowers at Exhibition ParkBeat the Street S 431 DT (IL 295 ET). Fenkle Street, NewcastleColas Rail Freight 70 805. NewcastleGo North East: 8323 NK11FXF Optare VersaDunston StaithesDunston by the riverDunston Staithes1994 Volvo 960 saloon:  M85JNL.220008 1S35Gateshead Metro Art, Newcastle-upon-Tyne220008 1S35Arriva North East: 7556 SN15LLG Alexander Dennis Enviro 400tour de oozecormorantsfollow the muddy trackunhappi-nessthrough the staithesLong Hoverfly (female)Long Hoverfly (male)Newcastle's Quayside at night, taken from outside the Sage Gateshead.800201 5Q93D9009HBR026 High Bridge - Bee Hive Looking West Towards Bigg MarketHBR025 High Bridge - Duke of Wellington Looking West Towards Bigg MarketHBR022 High Bridge - Looking West Towards Bigg MarketHBR019 High Bridge - Looking West Towards Grey StreetHBR017 Grey Street Gathering - a Big MeetingHBR015 Central Arcade - No. 99 Grey StreetHBR014 Central Arcade - Grey Street EntranceHBR010 New Bridge Street West - Stack ShopsHBR008 New Bridge Street West - Dex GarageHBR006 Dex Garage and the Horizon from The StackHBR002 Pilgrim Street - Stack Corner EntranceDSC07517DSC07526DSC07530DSC07541DSC07562DSC07568DSC07580DSC07599DSC07646DSC07660DSC07662DSC07670DSC07674Perfect timingLager MonsterGNR-2018D9009 Class 5500943295 and 43305 1E0943305 and 43295 1E09Metro Centre - Blue Skies AbovePoppy Art Memorial - Metro CentreMetro Centre - Architecture In B&WMetro Centre - Upper Mall and SkylightsMetro Centre - Windows and ColumnsTC9-20624.    SN 19671    Newcastle.   11-09-2018.TC9-20625.   GA 5279   Newcastle.   11-09-2018.Beautifully complicated.  72 pistons in 36 cylinders driving 6 crankshafts.Deltic D9009 ALYCIDON at NewcastleDeltic D9009 ALYCIDON at NewcastleDeltic D9009 ALYCIDON at NewcastleDeltic D9009 ALYCIDON at NewcastleDeltic D9009 ALYCIDON at NewcastleNorthern 14208460009 Union Of South AfricaGo North East Quaylink Pride 8335 / NK11 HJFLNER 82229LNER 91127LNER 91105LNER 82217LNER 43238 Northern 156483LNER 800202Jag