Calm Before The Storm!Let's Go!!Cloudy and Cold!BC 350 CS-CHF21 ~ 365Calm But Cold!!The Isle of Arran looking majestic in the snow from the Pow Burn,Prestwick,South Ayrshire,Scotland.20/1/18Come In ... Bring Your Money!Urban Windows!BRITISH RAIL 37242BRITISH RAIL 60054 CHARLES BABBAGEHere Comes The Rain, Again!!Withdrawn Swindon Intercity DMUs - Falkland Yard c 1982130612 RCAF Lockheed C130J hercules ZK352 Eurofighter Typhoon FGR.4 EGPK 02-09-17G-ONAA Rockwell OV10B Bronco EGPK 02-09-16G-SHWN North American P51D Mustang EGPK 02-09-17G-SOUT Vans RV8 EGPK 02-09-17177705 RCAF C17 Globemaster 85-0028.PIK020917N104CJ.PIK020917C-FPSH.EGPK020917Raon-cluiche sa gheamhradh, Preastabhaig16 ~ 365STAGECOACH WESTERN SCOTTISH SL793 KRS542V GSO8VPrivate GardensAIR TRANSAT B757G-BSST BAC Aerospatiale Concorde EGPK 1973133052 Canadair CT133 Silver Star EGPK 1987N950JW Douglas DC8-63 EGPK 1985KLM B747West Coast Foods opens newly refurbished butcher shop in Prestwick Main StreetXT284 Blackburn Buccaneer S.2A EGPK 01-06-79CCCP-42434 Tupolev TU104 EGPK 13-09-75TF-AAD Douglas DC6 EGPK 1979Ghost Ship!12 ~ 365The inscribed tablet within the Campbell Mausoleum, St QuivoxThe Campbell Mausoleum, St Quivox Churchyard, AyrFun With The Dog!EI-DAO - Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS arrives just in front of the KC135,nice light and reverse thrust on added to image.6/1/1857-2606 USAF Iowa ANG KC-135R Stratotanker G-EUYL British Airways Airbus A320-232 crew training for most of the day at Prestwick.Taken on last circuit of the day.6/1/18EI-SEV Ryanair 737-700 banking left off of 30 this morning during his crew training sortie from East Midlands.8/1/18LX-VCV Cargolux Airlines International (CV775) Boeing 747-4R7F arrives at Prestwick from Houston.11/1/18LX-VCV Cargolux Airlines International (CV775) Boeing 747-4R7F departs Prestwick for Luxembourg in the last of the days light.11/1/18Prestwick - 02-04-2006Peace and Quiet!11 ~ 3653rd JanRA-82047 Antonov An-124-100 Ruslan Volga Dnepr Airlines Prestwick 090118Ayr Falkland Yard - 02-06-2006Ayr Falkland Yard - 15-06-2006Ayr Hawkhill Jn - 17-05-2006Ayr Hawkhill Jn - 17-05-2006C-FTNK Lockheed L1011 Tristar,Air Canada,PrestwickC-FTNK Lockheed L1011 Tristar,Air Canada,PrestwickZM415 RAF Atlas A400 86-0013 The Isle of Arran from the end of the Pow Burn,Prestwick Beach,South Ayrshire,Scotland.7/1/1820180107_132151A very confident and beautiful young swan who posed perfectly this afternoon on the Pow Burn,Prestwick,South Ayrshire.7/1/18A very confident and beautiful young swan who posed perfectly this afternoon on the Pow Burn,Prestwick,South Ayrshire.7/1/1857-2606 USAF Iowa ANG KC-135R Stratotanker Ryanair EI-EFDRyanair EI-EFDRyanair EI-EFDRyanair EI-EFDG-BAJZG-BAJZG-BAJZUSAF KC135USAF KC135ANC 72606ANC 72606HM Coastguard 5HM Coastguard 4HM Coastguard 3Sunset over the Ailsa Craig from Prestwick Beach,South Ayrshire,Scotland.6/1/18USAF C-5My new additionParking FailGreggs / The Prestwick PioneerAilsa CraigSculpted TreeAlloway BridgeN738MA Miami Air International Boeing 737-8Q8 (WL) N749MA Miami Air International Boeing 737-8HX(WL) departs Prestwick after gas n go on military charter. 21/5/17G-POWP Titan Airways Boeing 737-436(SF) crew training at Glasgow Prestwick 22/6/17TG-AZE H.P. HeraldZH883 Lockheed C130J Hercules C.5 EGPK 13-08-1762-3566 Boeing KC135R EGPK 01-01-1858-0059 Boeing KC135R EGPK 01-01-18G-FFMV (Cobham Flight Inspection Ltd) Diamond DA42 M-NG departing Prestwick as Carmichael Cobra 2- Prestwick Airport fire fighting appliance,Glasgow Prestwick.20/101/7Carmichael Cobra-Prestwick Airport fire fighting appliance,Glasgow Prestwick.20/101/7One of the last remaining original directional signs leading from the Prestwick Promenade to the town centre. It is located in Allanvale Road, Prestwick,South Ayrshire,ScotlandSalt Pan House obscuredSnow covered Isle of Arran basking in the afterglow of the sunset, looking from Prestwick beach,South Ayrshire,Scotland. 10/12/17N930DV SOCATA TBM-930 departing Prestwick for KEF on delivery flight after gas no go from Tarbes.28/11/17G-MEDN British Airways Airbus A321,Glasgow Prestwick. 2/1/18Naomh Neacal / St Nicholas - Preastabhaig / Prestwick (ii)61-0310 SE-DSO Braathens Regional BaE Avro RJ100 arriving at Prestwick from Malmo for servicing at Chevron on 2/1/18.2 ~ 365U.S.Coast Guard HC-130HCasa212 6th SOSC-2A GreyhoundArranParty NightSleeping Crocodile RozelleAYR PARKRUN 150AYR PARKRUN 150Omega Tanker(Then)B707.U.S.Navy C-2AWee Ninja, my neighbours dog. But he has a free run of both our gardens & house's.Y92515 Northrop F5E Tiger II EGPK 05-03-85G-BHMZ Fokker F27-200 Friendship EGPK 1985N749WA Boeing B747-273C EGPK 1985N810FT Boeing B747-249F EGPK 198765-0273 Lockheed C141B Starlifter EGPK 1985N8729 Boeing B707-331B EGPK 14-06-7350028Greenan Castle, Ayr, ScotlandMausoleum of John Hughes, Alloway Auld KirkSarcophagus and flowers in Alloway Auld KirkAlloway Auld KirkTree in the Burns Monument Gardens, AllowayBust inside the Burns Monument, AllowayBurns Monument, AllowayBrig o' Doon, AllowayKansas ANG KC-135ECold Down At The Beach!Dol fodha na grèine, Tràigh PhreastabhaigSunset over Ailsa Craig from the promenade at Prestwick,South Ayrshire. 28/12/17Monarch A321 at PIK9H-WFC EMB135USAF KC-135 37984USAF KC-135 00365USAF KC-135 37984 ALABAMA ANGIMG_6056USAF KC-135 80059LOGANAIR G-SGTS TWIN OTTERG-EUNB361 ~ 36537229 Ayr 1M94 15th Sep 199037229 1M94 15th Sep 1990AYR bridges.AYR BEACH 20/07/2017AYR PARKRUN 148Rocks on Ayr Beach after sunset, Scotland.C-FTOA Boeing B747-133 EGPK 197884-0200 Northrop RF5E Tiger II EGPK 05-03-85N815EV Douglas DC8-73CF EGPK 10-03-85Bute Hall, Preastabhaig / Prestwick68-0220 Lockheed C5A Galaxy EGPK 18-04-85G-BJXN Boeing B747-230B EGPK 1985G-BLKB Boeing B737-3T5 EGPK 21-02-85357 ~ 365Dewis gwin / A 'taghadh fìon355 ~ 365354 ~ 365353 ~ 365RAF BAe146 ZE708G-SMSM FALCON 2000WF916 English Electric Canberra T.14 EGPK 1987N712PC Boeing B707-323B EGPK 1987D-AMUC BAC1-11 528FL EGPK 12-05-76Naomh Neacal / St Nicholas - Preastabhaig / Prestwick (i)G-AYLD Vickers Vanguard 952F EGPK 11-03-73UR-09307 Antonov AN22A EGPK 2003ZD951 Lockheed Tristar K.1 EGPK 1987WP_20170806_10_30_27_Rich08-0718 USAF Pilatus U-28A,Glasgow Prestwick,15/12/1701-0415 USAF Pilatus U-28A,Glasgow Prestwick,15/12/17BeaconPILATUS U-28AKC-135RG-LCYHAltus AFB KC-135RBA EMJ190 G-LCYTBA EMJ190 G-LCYTBA EMJ190 G-LCYTUSAF KC-135 00351USAF KC-135RockPort-adhair Phreastabhaig / Prestwick Airport349 ~ 365348 ~ 365347 ~ 36590006Star RaceMeet You On The Corner!!Star GateLate Afternoon StrollPeople gather to watch the stunning sunset from the beach at Maryborough Road,Prestwick looking towards the Ailsa Craig as a ship sails towards Ayr Harbour.A stunning sunset to end a stunning day, from the beach at Maryborough Road,Prestwick looking towards the Ailsa Craig as a ship sails towards Ayr Harbour.Enjoy our beautiful Ayrshire coastline.344 ~ 36510+04 Boeing B707-307C EGPK 08-07-8770-2392 General Dynamics F111F  EGPK 1986On yer bike lass!!LUFTHANSA B747ALITALIA DC-9AIR STAN IL76TDAIR STAN IL76TDRCAF CC-130HLAKER DC-10KLM B747AIR EUROPA B737Church of Scotland, St Quivox Parish, Auchincruive, AyrSt Quivox Parish Church, AyrSolo F-16 at PIKDownhill walkWalking GroupN22CG - Cessna 441 Conquest,Glasgow Prestwick.5/12/17OK-BEE Raytheon 400A Beechjet,Glasgow Prestwick 2/1/18AYR PARKRUN 150AYR PARKRUN 150AYR PARKRUN 150Omega Tanker(Now)DC-10.57-1427....58-012263-8881N208GC Cessna Caravan 208B,Glasgow Prestwick. 1 January 2018Due to circumstances we had two trees this year, this small one was in the main hall.2017 Main Christmas treeBurns Cottage, AllowayJust A Few!Sunset over Ailsa Craig,South Ayrshire ,Scotland.Taken from the Newton shore,Ayr.28/12/17USAF KC-135 80059The Tide's In and Out!!Greenan Castle,Doonfoot,Ayr.26/12/17359 ~ 365358 ~ 365747-400FAYR PARKRUN 148AYR PARKRUN 148AYR PARKRUN 148AYR PARKRUN 148Stunning light and reflection of this beautiful bird on the Northfield boating pond,Ayr,Scotland. 10/12/17Smell The Sea!Way Over There!352 ~ 365Sunset over The Heads of Ayr from Prestwick beach,South Ayrshire Scotland.16/12/17G-BFINSunset Across The Bay!Hollybush 2017-12-10-3821345 ~ 365