Splash!!STAGECOACH WESTERN 36735 SF62CWPSTAGECOACH WESTERN 36736 SF62CWRSTAGECOACH WESTERN 36147 SF10CFAIMG_20180417_100057_5082018041700035720180417000355201804170003532018041700035120180417000347201804170003462018041700034420180417000342201804170003402018041700033820180417000203201804170002012018041700020020180417000158201804170001522018041700015020180417000149201804170001452018041700014320180417000141201804170001392018041700013720180417000135201804170001332018041700013120180417000129201804170001252018041700012120180417000119201804170001182018041700011520180417000113201804170001092018041700010720180417000037201804170000352018041700001920180417000006Scottish Grand National 2018KOK COACH & TAXI BACKERS, WITNEY YJ10DVFESSBEE, COATBRIDGE OIG5186 MX05AHEMcNAIRN'S COACHES FHZ6882 SL52DGX 03-KE-3077G-CENWLX-JFXH&S - Blantyre L18 HNS - Volvo B10M Vanhool AlizeeIrving’s of Carlisle - V11 BUS VDL Bova Futura ClassicEI-DPR177703G-BFING-SSKPSTAGECOACH WESTERN 47843 FT13ODHSTAGECOACH WESTERN 50212 X77SCC OU59FNFSTAGECOACH WESTERN 50217 X77SCH OU59AVDSTAGECOACH WESTERN 28667 SF62CEN, 22859 SF09AEK & 22854 SF09AEBUGSAS Tutor T.1Daylight Moon.Merlin HM.2ZH846/CUAyrSTAGE COACH WESTERN 10916 SN67XAHPRENTICE WESTWOOD FSU309 MF11LVPMARBILL, BEITH DAZ1504G-SKEWG-DRAMZH856ZH856 Merlin HM.2Merlin HM.2177703Tutor T.1Kansas ANG KC-135RBullfinchKeep The Sea and Our Beaches Clean!!A6-DWBG-DRAMSTAGECOACH WESTERN 10920 SN67XAMPARK'S OF HAMILTON LSK513 & LSK613WHITESTAR, NEILSTON IRZ55USAF KC-135 60-036561-2670 USAF Boeing OC-135B Open Skies (Offutt AFB) arriving at Prestwick as Into The Dark!!ZM401ZM401Mostly Blue!!Point To The Top!Summer Blues!!OK-UBA Let 410 EGPK 29-12-14MARTINS COACHES 701CGAXX17701-0076...01-007609-O655M-ABJAEI-EPEEI-EPGGordon going for a Grand National treble09-0661 (RCH1013) USAF Beech MC-12W Liberty arriving at Prestwick from Souda,Greece via Aviano,Italy on its way home.4/4/18106 ~ 365Well, It's Not Raining ....RAF Bombardier Sentinel R.1 ZJ960Canadian Air Force CP-140 AuroraSide by Side15+01 German Air Force - Airbus ACJ319UR-CQDAilsa Craig09-0686 USAF Hawker Beechcraft MC-12W Huron (350ER) departs Prestwick for Nice as Dummy FatherHonda CB125FNew CB125FSunset from Prestwick beach,South Ayrshire looking towards the Isle of Arran with the Saltpans in the foreground. 8/4/18.Sunset on Prestwick beach,South Ayrshire with a late night feeder. 9/4/18Sunset from Prestwick beach,South Ayrshire looking towards the Isle of Arran. 9/4/18USAF Open Skies Boeing OC-135BLuftwaffe A319-133(CJ) AirbusUSAF MC-12 LibertyCanForce 061198 ~ 365Run Don't Walk!!McINTOSH COACHES, DALMELLINGTON AWE56TGOAT FELL ISLE OF ARRANBoeing 737-8AS EI-DPT Prestwick 22-10-10Beagle B.121 Pup Srs. 1 G-AXSD Prestwick 22-10-10Boeing 747-122SF N852FT Prestwick 22-10-10McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender 86-0038 Prestwick 22-10-10Westland Sea King HU5 ZA134 Prestwick 22-10-10SUNSET OVER ISLE OF ARRANSUNSET OVER ISLE OF ARRANDouglas DC-8 Srs. 63 C-FCPP Prestwick 9-8-86RAF Bombardier Sentinel R.1 ZJ960USAF Open Skies Boeing OC-135BCanadian Air Force CP-140 AuroraUSAF Open Skies Boeing OC-135BLuftwaffe A319-133(CJ) AirbusUSAF MC-12 Liberty140103 Royal Canadian Air Force Lockheed CP-140 Aurora arriving at Prestwick.5/4/1861-2670 USAF Boeing OC-135B Open Skies (Offutt AFB) arriving at Prestwick as 61-2670 USAF Boeing OC-135B Open Skies (Offutt AFB) departing from Prestwick as SNAPSHOT 01Vicente for Scottish Grand National hat trick?RCAF CP-140 140103GAF A319 15+01GAF A319 15+01OPEN SKIES OC-135B 61-2670OPEN SKIES OC-135B 61-2670RAF SENTINEL ZJ690CITATION CJ2 D-IGWTOPEN SKIES 12F09-0681 (RCH1012) USAF Beech MC-12W Liberty arriving at Prestwick from Souda,Greece via Aviano,Italy on its way home.4/4/18KAF 343 C17 2E2 HAWKEYE FRENCH NAVY165455 Grumman E2C Hawkeye 1 - French Navy 165455 Grumman E2C Hawkeye 1 - French Navy 165455 Grumman E2C Hawkeye 1 - French Navy 165455 Grumman E2C Hawkeye 1 - French Navy IMG_8922.jpgRyanair EI-DAO-19.jpgRyanair EI-DAO-18.jpgRyanair EI-DAO-17.jpgRyanair EI-DAO-16.jpgRyanair EI-DAO-15.jpgRyanair EI-DAO-14.jpgRyanair EI-DAO-13.jpgRyanair EI-DAORyanair EI-DAORyanair EI-DAORyanair EI-DAORyanair EI-DAORyanair EI-DAOUSAF RONIN54-9.jpgUSAF RONIN54-8.jpgUSAF RONIN54-7.jpgUSAF RONIN54-6.jpgUSAF RONIN54-5.jpgUSAF RONIN54USAF RONIN54-2.jpgUSAF RONIN54.jpgFence Post!Withered!Just Posted!!TF-AMU Astral Aviation Boeing 747-48EF arriving at Prestwick from Abuja,Nigeria for freight on load before returning to Nigeria.1/4/18.US ARMY MC-12S 11-00282Souter Johnie Flower BoxRobert Burns's Walking SticksAlloway, Ayrshire, ScotlandBurns CottageXH 558Hornets DepartBRAATHENS REGIONAL RJ100 SE-DSORCAF CC-130J 130613RCAF CC-130J 130613RCAF CC-177 177701USAF C-17 06-6163RCAF CC-150 15002MONARCH A-321 G-OZBG1500106-6163EI-SEVJust Dreaming!! ~ ExploreHave A Seat!87 ~ 36586 ~ 365G-BAJZ9H-VJQ11-0283 Beech MC12W EGPK 24-03-1885-0030 Douglas KC10A Extender EGPK 17-03-18Prestwick BeachCargolux Jumbo (LX-VCV)20180323_140818Keep Going!!Let's Go!10-0219SE-DSOLX-VCNA rose for BurnsBrig o' Doon & Burns monumentBrig o' DoonBurns monument and gardensBrig o DoonBrig o DoonA rose for BurnsThe hunter loves the morningA red red roseTo meet thee onMousie380106 14-07-2013380020 14-07-2013G-PBYA 433915Keep Walking!59-1522 USAF Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker N930VL SOCATA TBM-930 departs Prestwick for KEF on delivery after arriving from Tarbes on gas n go.7/3/18HB-VSC Pilatus PC24 arriving at Prestwick from Buochs for pre delivery testing.4/3/18G-JBTR Vans RV-8 on the move from Apron G to E at Prestwick Airport with owner Derek Pake as he prepares for a flight to Arran. 20/3/18TF-AMP Prestwick.OPEN SKIES 12FSmokey JoeThe Conservatory, Bellisle Park, Ayr Scotland.61-2670 'Open Skies 12F' - United States Air ForceZJ690 Royal Air Force - 'Snapshot 01EI-ESSBurns monument and gardens signFA-123A Little Caution!!Sunset from Prestwick beach,Prestwick,South Ayrshire,Scotland looking towards Arran.20/3/18