Roughcastle Fort, Antonine Wall, Bonnybridge, ScotlandThe Kelpies2018-06-21 (Day 172) Canal SunsetCallendar House, FalkirkMotor home city.Overnight camp....and FREE.Kelpies by night.Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket...ok it's the sun.Who is that other horse.KelpiesWater KelpieRiding a horse's backRiver Carron, Camelon, Falkirk, Scotland.Kelpies - FalkirkKelpies FalkirkFalkirk WheelIts Gear ManCatwalk...House of the rising sunFalkirk, ScotlandFalkirk, ScotlandRising sun on the Skinflats2018-06-16 (Day 167) Tipping Point2018-06-15 (Day 166) AdminFalkirk, ScotlandLongannet Power Station2018.365.009 - Shadows20180606-2053-26Sadly Trump has Scottish rootsUilleann PipesSitting on the Fence HFFA walk in the Black forestCricket380013 + 380112 1R38 10:00 Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh; Lathallan, Polmont; 10-06-2018170433 1R37 1000 Edinburgh to Glasgow Queen Street; Lathallan, Polmont; 10-06-2018158714 + 170396 2P60 09:16 Perth to Edinburgh; Lathallan, Polmont; 10-06-2018170395 (with 170394 leading) 1R41 10:30 Edinburgh to Glasgow Queen Street; Lathallan, Polmont; 10-06-2018170415 1R42 10:30 Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh; Lathallan, Polmont; 10-06-201873968 + 73969 5Z74 09:15 Mossend Down Yard to Bo'ness Exchange Sidings; Lathallan, Polmont; 10-06-20180-6-0ST No. 19 10:45 Bo'ness to Manuel; Manuel; 10-06-20180-6-0ST No. 19 10:45 Bo'ness to Manuel; Manuel; 10-06-20180-6-0ST No. 19 10:45 Bo'ness to Manuel; Manuel; 10-06-20180-6-0ST No. 19 10:45 Bo'ness to Manuel; Manuel; 10-06-20180-6-0ST No. 19 10:45 Bo'ness to Manuel; Manuel; 10-06-20182018.365.005 contoursMidland Bluebird Ltd - 32678 - SN55HFF; Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Larbert; 09-06-2018Kelpies-2668Kelpie through the reedsThe Greatest ShowThe Incredible Peter Dust, Lieutenant Stardust, Falkirk, Scotland2018.365.003P1070472P1070480P1070484P1070477V80 STC SCANIA R580 V8 STC HAULAGESV17 BJK MERCEDES BENZ ACTROS MP4 RJT EXCAVATIONSYJ56 KLS MAN TGX COLLETT HEAVY TRANSPORTPushing up the daisies2019-06-08 (Day 159) Ice Cream ConeFalkirk 1 - 0 St Mirren.SF67 LHO FORD TRANSIT POLICE SCOTLANDSF61 KFV PEUGEOT BOXER SCOTTISH AMBULANCE SERVICESF61 FJE PEUGEOT BOXER SCOTTISH AMBULANCE SERVICEYAMAHA FJR1300 SF67 KXV BMW 330D COLLETT MAN SP61 ECW LANDCRUISERYAMAHA FJR1300 POLICE SCOTLANDSF67 KXV BMW 330D POLICE SCOTLANDa cooling cooE2 BPH SCANIA R730 V8 BLACKWOODV8 HBS SCANIA R580 V8 STEWART HOAD & SONA walk in the blue forestSL66 OAU SCANIA G410 ASDASN65 TPZ MAN TGX JOHN MITCHELLWN15 VPN MAN TGX AM HOWIEThe Falkirk Wheel.Quiet Day at the Falkirk Wheel.SN64 TXZ SCANIA G410 JOHN MITCHELLSN67 SWX SCANIA G410 JOHN MITCHELLN999 SMD SCANIA G450 JOHN MITCHELLSN66 NHH SCANIA G410 JOHN MITCHELLDukeSummer lochanUnion canal (3d crosseye stereo)Union canal (3d crosseye stereo)Union canal (3d view with red/blue glasses)Union canal (3d view with red/blue glasses)Looking DownSkyward2018-06-05 (Day 156) Buttercups2018-06-04 (Day 155) Parked UpMist at the KelpiesPX67 YKR SCANIA R450 AW JENKINSONAY10 BHP DAF CF85 HANSARD HAULAGEYN06 OBV VOLVO FM12 HANSARD HAULAGEYY57 HWA DAF CF85 HANSARD HAULAGECX05 CGF VOLVO FM12 UNKNOWN NOW EDDIE STOBART X0263R3 EOF MERCEDES BENZ ACTROS SMYTH HAULAGER11 NWH VOLVO FH4 NWH WASTE SERVICESSW15 PZZ DAF XF EURO 6 GEORGE CAMPBELLSV15 HMU SCANIA R580 W.J & J GREENBreezeA Kelpie is looking at me!STSG 37025 and DRS 37403, PleanFALKIRK (20 Kerse Lane, Falkirk, Stirling & Falkirk  FK1 1RQ) {NBC} May18I’ve got my eye on yooh...emerging from the mistSF12 JFV PEUGEOT BOXER SCOTTISH AMBULANCE SERVICEnight movesThe Falkirk Wheel..2018-05-29 (Day 149) Tess At The BeachSeagull Trust boat housewild summerSpotted some Harleys..Spotted some Harleys..Spotted some Harleys..Spotted some Harleys..2018-05-27 (Day 147) Canal Run2018-05-24 (Day 144) BlossomSN18 HFJ MERCEDES BENZ SPRINTER SCOTTISH AMBULANCE SERVICEKelpies.Kelpies.Kelpies (And us!)SF67 LHU FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM POLICE SCOTLANDThe Trump/Johnson universeKelpies..Me and my shadowA wing and a wheelReflection IIReflection IReflectionOh, hi.FaceLook downLook upOverviewFrom the sideDSC_4289Forth Valley YellowGrangemouth Refinery & Longannet Power StationGrangemouth RefineryThe KelpiesKelpie 12018.365.004Falkirk 1 - 0 St Mirren.Falkirk 1 - 0 St Mirren.Kelpie 1Kelpie B&WKelpie HeadKelpie PunchKelpie why the long face?Kelpies & FlowersKelpies over the hillP1070461P1070462P1070463P1070464P1070465P1070466P1070467P1070469P1070470P1070473P1070474P1070476P1070478P1070479P1070485P1070487Falkirk Wheel..Falkirk Wheel..Falkirk Wheel..Falkirk Wheel..Falkirk Wheel..Falkirk Wheel..Falkirk Wheel..Falkirk Wheel..Falkirk Wheel..Swan at Mungal Lagoon near New CarronFalkirk 1 - 0 St Mirren.20180519_131722IMGP9985Falkirk 1 - 0 St Mirren.Falkirk 1 - 0 St Mirren.Falkirk 1 - 0 St Mirren.SRPS Routes and Branches, 37025 SRPS Routes and Branches, 37025 forth bridge and the kelpiesforth bridge and the kelpiesDenny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_057Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_056Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_054Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_053Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_052Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_051Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_050Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_048Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_047Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_046Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_045Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_044Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_042Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_040Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_039Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_035Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_034Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_033cDenny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_032Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_031Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_027pDenny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_026Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_025Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_023pDenny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_022Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_021pDenny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_020pDenny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_019pDenny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_018pDenny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_016Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_015Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_014Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_013Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_012Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_011Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_010Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_009Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_008Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_006Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_007Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_005Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_004Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_003Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_002Denny & Dunipace Gala Day 2018_017Floats your boatDSC_4324DSC_4317DSC_4315DSC_4312DSC_4305DSC_4304DSC_4303DSC_4288DSC_4287DSC_4286DSC_4285DSC_4283