Kelpies have big nostrils...Portrait of a Kelpie60021170412170417156432170472 1R58 Falkirk HighThe Kelpies videoThe Kelpies sunsetGrey WagtailThe KelpiesROMEC XVIIIIRefinerySwan - on golden pondFalkirk WheelThe weightFalkirk Trinity Church and Burial Ground – Stirlingshire – Falkirk – Scotland - UKFalkirk Trinity Church and Burial Ground – Stirlingshire – Falkirk – Scotland - UKFalkirk Trinity Church and Burial Ground – Stirlingshire – Falkirk – Scotland - UK56078, Falkirk Grahamston66104, Falkirk Grahamston66303, Falkirk Grahamston2018-02-04 (Day 035) A Nice PintFife Coal 1Bleak RailsFalkirk Wheel. January 2018The KelpiesThe KelpiesThe KelpiesThe Blue Moon57316, 0Z14, Bo'ness Jn Exchange Sdg to Carnforth Steamtown via Alloa Loop at Alloa Loop.2011_09250067H5112 PO67 XZR SCANIA R450 EDDIE STOBART43013 with 43062  'John Armitt' on rear, 1Q24,  Heaton T&R.S.M.D. to Newcastle via Glasgow Q.S. at Polmont station.Grangemouth Panorama Aug 2010 copy copyMidland Bluebird Ltd - 20364 - CV55AFE; Larbert Depot; 28-01-20182018-01-27 (Day 027) Timber!400kv Pylon Heaven ..What  beauty 153mRod Stewartcanal reflections on the Union CanalThe chittering treesnow and ice on the lakeIt's white outPristine copseThe Falkirk Kelpies on The Forth and Clyde CanalCold bloodKelpiesP1000320Ground zerokelpies15873915643668004Kelpies 06 Jan 2018 00159.jpgI won't sit todayThe KelpiesThe Kelpies20180116_104312-01SV17 MWO MERCEDES BENZ SPRINTER SCOTTISH AMBULANCE SERVICE2018-01-15 (Day 015) Sharp Edgewarm iceGrangemouth Refinery2018-01-13 (Day 013) CafeKelpiesFalkirk Wheel on the wettest day in July (4 picts)IMG_20180113_140353IMG_20180113_140316IMG_20180113_140309IMG_20180113_140250IMG_20180113_140159Falkirk Wheel on the wettest day of 2017Red Sky MorningGolden sunriseKelpies 06 Jan 2018 00154.jpgKelpies 06 Jan 2018 00046.jpgKelpies 06 Jan 2018 00135.jpgKelpies 06 Jan 2018 00040.jpgKelpies Falkirk ScotlandSK65 CXL SKODA OCTAVIA SCOTTISH AMBULANCE SERVICESK65 CXL SKODA OCTAVIA SCOTTISH AMBULANCE SERVICE13/40 29-12-2017 Falkirk, Scotland07/40 29-12-2017 Falkirk, Scotland06/40 29-12-2017 Falkirk, Scotland05/40 29-12-2017 Falkirk, Scotland04/40 29-12-2017 Falkirk, Scotland03/40 29-12-2017 Falkirk, Scotland02/40 29-12-2017 Falkirk, Scotland01/40 28-12-2017 Polmont, Falkirk, ScotlandThe Kelpies at FalkirkThe KelpiesThe KelpiesA Kelpie watches a winter full moon break through the  clouds2018-01-02 (Day 002) Training RunThe day after ChristmasStable Door Lock. Dunmore Park.Dunmore House, Dunmore Park.Red Damselfly.2017-12-31 (Day 365) Keep On Running!SF64 JXXSP55 FCXLB10 ZSJSJ12 HCAtrain_facebookThe Caledonia KelpiesMowing the Antonine WallWall builder33137 LT02 ZFJ VOLVO B7 TL PLAXTON PRESIDENT FIRST MIDLAND BLUEBIRD69255 SK07 JVO VOLVO B7 RLE WRIGHT ECLIPSE FIRST MIDLAND BLUEBIRD69284 SN57 JCU VOLVO B7RLE WRIGHT ECLIPSE FIRST MIDLAND BLUEBIRDSN09 FBC 69407 VOLVO B7RLE WRIGHT ECLIPSE FIRST MIDLAND BLUEBIRD32226 LT52 WUL VOLVO B7 TL PLAXTON PRESIDENT FIRST MIDLAND BLUEBIRDinto the blue winterPX16 JYK SCANIA R450 AW JENKINSONPX64 YHS SCANIA R450 AW JENKINSONPY14 GGU SCANIA R450 AW JENKINSONGolden Kelpies201712281642512017122816424820171228164245201712281642432017122816424120171228164235201712281642302017122816422720171228164226201712281642252017122816422320171228164221IMG_20171228_150731IMG_20171227_203952IMG_20171227_204840IMG_20171227_204956IMG_20171227_205101IMG_20171227_205725IMG_20171227_205831IMG_20171227_211541cold comfortThe KelpiesThe Kelpies2017-12-23 (Day 257) Mooring Point2017-12-22 (Day 356) Fetch!Schottland_2017_23_TheKelpies_005Schottland_2017_23_TheKelpies_001Schottland_2017_23_TheKelpies_003Schottland_2017_23_TheKelpies_004Schottland_2017_23_TheKelpies_006FN61 KFY MERCEDES BENZ ACTROS FARRELL TRANSPORTFX66 DHC RENAULT PREMUIM DIRECTLINELV16 GYH RENAULT PREMIUM H & R GRAYSF17 WGZ VOLVO FH4 HARRY LAWSONChristmas trainG10 JBP SCANIA R580 V8 JBP TRANSPORT LTDSL62 MSV SCANIA R500 V8 CH TRANSPORTSN13 OZH SCANIA R500 V8 R&S PLANT2017-12-21 (Day 355) Fog On The RiverThe Kelpies in the Helix Falkirk.The Kelpies2006-07-10-002The Falkirk WheelThe Falkirk WheelThe Falkirk WheelThe Falkirk WheelThe Falkirk WheelThe Falkirk WheelGrangemouth Oil Refinery on the river Forth, Scotland.60047 6S36 08:32 Dalston Oil Terminal to Grangemouth Ineos; Camelon; 27-01-201866422 4A13 12:23 Grangemouth TDG Siding to Aberdeen CraiginchesTilly in the snowView from the top of the Falkirk Wheel6630366155660141704715607866155The Kelpies in the Helix Falkirk.Falkirk WheelFalkirk WheelFalkirk WheelFalkirk WheelThe KelpiesThe KelpiesKelpieFrosty Trees (Birkhill)The KelpiesThe KelpiesThe KelpiesThe Kelpies20170906_170337The KelpiesThe KelpiesColour version, a little bit of a grimey treatment.Falkirk WheelFalkirk WheelFalkirk Wheel panoramaFalkirk WheelFalkirk Wheel upper entranceFalkirk Wheel upper entranceFalkirk Wheel upper entranceFalkirk Wheel in motionRoughcastle TunnelRoughcastle TunnelLT52 WUL 32226 VOLVO B7 TL PLAXTON PRESIDENT FIRST MIDLAND BLUEBIRDThe Kelpies in the Helix Falkirk.The KelpiesThe Kelpies20171228164219IMG_20171228_142845IMG_20171228_142821IMG_20171228_133549IMG_20171228_123658IMG_20171228_123526IMG_20171228_123607IMG_20171228_123438IMG_20171228_123416IMG_20171228_123407IMG_20171228_122640IMG_20171228_122702IMG_20171228_121058IMG_20171228_121053IMG_20171228_120916IMG_20171228_120815IMG_20171228_120718IMG_20171228_120708IMG_20171228_120653IMG_20171228_120518IMG_20171228_120506IMG_20171228_115755IMG_20171228_105908IMG_20171228_105917IMG_20171227_195320IMG_20171227_195339IMG_20171227_200608IMG_20171227_200658IMG_20171227_200728IMG_20171227_200746IMG_20171227_201025IMG_20171227_201051IMG_20171227_201419IMG_20171227_201133IMG_20171227_201508IMG_20171227_201520IMG_20171227_201639IMG_20171227_201555IMG_20171227_201720Schottland_2017_24_FalkirkWheel_001Schottland_2017_24_FalkirkWheel_002Schottland_2017_24_FalkirkWheel_003V800 BPH SCANIA T CAB BLACKWOODUnion canal at the seagull trust boat house