IMG_2018-01-17_10_42_15_bw.jpgDSC_2332DSC_2331DSC_2330DSC_2329DSC_2328DSC_2327DSC_2326DSC_2325DSC_2294DSC_2293980073966 and 739717396673971106931210'Miles Beevor'UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledExceptional PerthUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled47562 Perth c Oct 1988Middle Church, PerthKinnoull Parish Church, PerthHerbstgetümmelJanuary moonIMG_2712IMG_2715IMG_2716IMG_2717IMG_2718IMG_2719Looking DownP1010086P1010095P1010103P1010289P1010291P1010293P1010295P1010297P1010299P1010303P1010305P1010310PerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthPerthKinnoull Hill TowerMist in the Carse of GowrieKinnoull Hill TowerMotorway MistKinnoull Hill and TowerAbstract branchesCloud InversionRiver Tay, PerthKinnoull Tower B+WRiver Tay mistChristmas Fair CityCaughtPRO FIDE LEGE ET GREGEDSC_1761DSC_1759Young lady with tinted hair, PerthCarse of GowriePerth 09 Dec 2017 00010.jpgPerth 09 Dec 2017 00002.jpgPerth's best known drinking hole, the ancient Greyfriars Bar, famed for affordable pub grub and temperature controlled Guinness.Perth 09 Dec 2017 00018.jpgPerth and the River TayKinnoull Hill TowerM2197823-HDR(5)_Natural E-M1ii 10mm iso200 f11 30s S-AFM2197816 silver E-M1ii 10mm iso200 f8 1_80s S-AFM2197795 M2197790 E-M1ii 14mm iso200 f8 1_8000s S-AFM2197771 M2197773 E-M1ii 7mm iso200 f8 1_2000s MFM2197747 M2197746 E-M1ii 14mm iso64 f8 0.5s MF UnknownM2197684 E-M1ii 14mm iso200 f8 1_160s MFM2197650 M2197653 E-M1ii 14mm iso200 f2.8 1_500s S-AFM2197636 E-M1ii 10mm iso200 f2.8 1_400s MFM2197619 M2197620 E-M1ii 7mm iso200 f8 1_100s S-AFM2197602 M2197604 E-M1ii 14mm iso200 f8 1_13s S-AFRiver TayM2187186 M2187188 E-M1ii 7mm iso200 f8 1_200s S-AFM2187181 M2187183 E-M1ii 14mm iso200 f8 1_320s S-AFM2187162 E-M1ii 14mm iso64 f11 2s MF UnknownBlinded by the LightLooking well below her years, please savour this self portrait of Irene Gunnion, Duchess of Bowerswell and mistress of all she surveysThe late Mrs Doris McAuley of Limetree, Hamilton. Sister of Perth's Irene Gunnion.P1010085P1010090P1010091P1010092P1010093P1010097PerthPerthErrolPerthDSC_1757DSC_1756DSC_1755DSC_1754DSC_1753DSC_1739DSC_1736DSC_1733DSC_1732DSC_1708DSC_1707DSC_1706DSC_1704DSC_1702DSC_1699Lying dead forever in a frosty Perth fieldIMG_2017-12-11_19_15_38_bw.jpgIMG_2017-12-11_19_10_36_bw.jpgIMG_2017-12-11_19_10_29_bw.jpgIMG_2017-12-11_19_10_05_bw.jpgIMG_2017-12-11_19_09_53_bw.jpgIMG_2017-12-11_19_09_46_bw.jpgIMG_2017-12-11_19_07_45_bw.jpgIMG_2017-12-11_19_07_13_bw.jpgRefurbishments, Tay Street, PerthDSC_1548Perth Gaelic Society ceilidh, Friday December 8th, 2017DSC_1527DSC_1526DSC_1520Let Tesco do the heavy lifting this Christmas in PerthDSC_1475DSC_1465DSC_1462For all your many ice skating needs in Perth, be sure not to skate past Hermione's at Bridgend or you'll be plying your sport on distinctly thin ice.DSC_1460DSC_1459DSC_1458DSC_1457DSC_1456M2197803 E-M1ii 7mm iso200 f8 1_8s S-AFM2197583 M2197572 E-M1ii 14mm iso200 f11 0.8s S-AFMal on Kinnoll HillKinnoull HillKinnoull HillKinnoull HillKinnoull HillKinnoull HillKinnoull Hill20171127_11371320171127_113507Walking up kinnoll Hill20171127_111132PerthMal and StevenRiver Ray from Smeatons Bridge.DSC_1360DSC_1317DSC_1316DSC_1315Glencarse, Perth PH2 7LX, UKUntitledM2187174 M2187177 E-M1ii 14mm iso200 f8 1_200s S-AFPerthDSC_1263UntitledUntitledNot something you see every day: UIS underground inspection services, River Tay, PerthUntitledDSC_1254Snow on its way, AuchterarderDSC_1217Farming folk, Newburgh, Fife (could just as easily be along the road at agriculturally-rich Ladybank)DSC_1212DSC_1211DSC_1210DSC_1209