Dundee SunriseXPLORE Dundee 2051XPLORE Dundee 2032XPLORE Dundee 2055Commemorating the visit of  King Haakon of NorwayErected by the Boys of the Mars Training ShipHunter 707Red SquirrelTentsmuir BeachFrozen beach Monifieth ScotlandAlfa Romeo GT in UKCoal titRobinSunset Silhouette'sXPLORE DUNDEE 7006XPLORE DUNDEE 2041XPLORE DUNDEE 4708Blue titKingfisherThe river Tay (Early Winter)XPLORE DUNDEE 2043Queen live @ Dundee - 197537088 Dundee 2Y46 29th June 199037088 Dundee 2A74 29th June 1990Sunset Monifeth beach ScotlandRed Sky in the MorningDundee 03122017-4.jpgDundee 03122017-3.jpgDundee 03122017-2.jpgDundee 03122017-1.jpgMonifieth beach Scotland sunriseInteriorGoldDundee SunsetXPLORE DUNDEE 4681XPLORE DUNDEE 435XPLORE DUNDEE 434Moffatt and WilliamsonXPLORE DUNDEE 7006Law SunsetRed SquirrelRed Admiral (in Winter !)Law SunsetSun up over Dundee and the silvery Tay.Tay SunsetDashboard of M688 TDBSide controls in M688 TDBInterior of M688 TDBRed SquirrelDundee and the river TayDundee United's Cammy Bell dives to save a shot against St Mirren. Final score  Dundee United 3 - 2 St Mirren. 22nd April, 2017.GOAL. Gary Mackenzie scores for St Mirren to level the game at 1 - 1.  Final score  Dundee United 3 - 2 St Mirren. 22nd April, 2017.XPLORE Dundee 2043XPLORE DUNDEE 5427XPLORE DUNDEE 2031into the nightDundeeDundee v Rangers 20171124River Tay SunsetRowan Gorilla  Platform.XPLORE DUNDEE 5424XPLORE DUNDEE 2037Cock PheasantAutumnRobinDundeeDundee city Square2017-11-23 21.07.222017-11-24 19.10.472017-11-24 21.12.31Morton LochsDundeeDundee SunsetXPLORE DUNDEE 7008Morton LochsDundeeXPLORE DUNDEE 2047XPLORE DUNDEE 1781XPLORE DUNDEE 4711XPLORE DUNDEE 7005XPLORE DUNDEE 4680XPLORE DUNDEE 4682XPLORE DUNDEE 4686XPLORE DUNDEE 4703XPLORE DUNDEE 4713XPLORE DUNDEE 7001100031305328653DundeeXPLORE DUNDEE 432Blue TitTentsmuir ForestGas RigsGrassy BeachDundee, RRS DiscoveryDundee, Apex City Quay HotelDundee, Apex City Quay HotelAbend in Dundee, Tay BridgeAbend in Dundee, Tay BridgeAbend in Dundee, Tay BridgeUnterwegs bei DundeeUnterwegs bei DundeeXPLORE DUNDEE 1782XPLORE DUNDEE 2043XPLORE DUNDEE 2036XLPLORE DUNDEE 5426Red SquirrelRobinRiver Tay SunsetSeabraes FootbridgeSick BayOther ranksOfficers MessXplore dundee 1787XPLORE DUNDEE 4707XPLORE DUNDEE 7067Dundee CityRed SquirrelVirgin East Coast 43305 (43318 trailing) 1E15 0947 Aberdeen - Kings Cross.  Tay Bridge, Dundee.  19th November 2017DundeeDundee city SquareBerry's Den12 Dundee November 201719 Dundee November 201721 Dundee November 201725 Dundee November 201726 Dundee November 201727 V&A in Dundee November 201730 Dundee November 201731 Dundee November 201734 V&A in Dundee November 201737 V&A in Dundee November 2017Polychromic PlasticRobinDiscovering the New DundeeWoodland WalkTwoMonikie Memorial Hall, Monikie, AngusBuilding DundeeMcManus Stairs (Explored)RoseRobin in the HowffFuchsiaAutumn GloryDundee v Rangers 19980318Red SquirrelThe V&A and the DiscoveryWakeboarding, Dundee  [05]On reflection, DundeeDundee CityDundee and the Tay BridgeMagdalen GreenMagdalen GreenMagdalen GreenXPLORE DUNDEE 1774Dundee United 3 - 2 St Mirren. 22nd April, 2017.Dundee and the Tay Road BridgeV and A, Dundee  [02]V and A, Dundee  [01]Tay Road Bridge, DundeeWakeboarding, Dundee  [04]Wakeboarding, Dundee  [03]Wakeboarding, Dundee  [02]Caird Hall, DundeeWakeboarding, Dundee  [01]Room with a view, Dundee  [02]Room with a view, Dundee  [01]Dundee Photographic Survey 2017XPLORE Dundee 5427Dundee United v Rangers 19860222Beech LeavesRed SquirrelRoseBeach at TentsmuirBeach at TentsmuirShells left by the seaAutumnal Howff37175+47562 Tay Bridge 22nd June 199037175+47562 Dundee Esplanade 22nd June 1990IMG_2238Interior of M688 TDB13052Morton LochsAbend im Dundee HarbourDundee, RRS DiscoveryVirgin East Coast 43305 (43318 trailing) 1E15 0947 Aberdeen - Kings Cross.  Tay Bridge, Dundee.  19th November 2017Virgin East Coast 43318 (43305 leading) 1E15 0947 Aberdeen - Kings Cross.  Dundee.  19th November 201711 Dundee November 201715 V&A in Dundee November 201716 V&A in Dundee November 201718 V&A in Dundee November 201722 Dundee November 201723 Dundee November 201724 Dundee November 201728 V&A in Dundee November 201729 Dundee November 201733 Dundee November 201735 V&A in Dundee November 201736 V&A in Dundee November 2017Nap in the motorhomeTayEast Coast of Scotland09740006TayportTayportTayportTayportSunsetFlowersShells left by the seaBeach at TentsmuirShells left by the sea