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The CB8 Newmarket Postcode District

The CB8 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 33,241 and is within the CB Cambridge postcode area.

Map of the CB8 Postcode District

Hotels within the CB8 Postcode Area

We found 20 hotels and guest houses within the CB8 postcode area

Best Western Heath Court Hotel
Best Western Heath Court Hotel
Moulton Road, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 8DY.
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Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa
Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa
Bury Road, Newmarket, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 7BX.
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Rosery Country House Hotel
Rosery Country House Hotel
15 Church Street, Exning, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 7EH.
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The Rutland Arms Hotel
The Rutland Arms Hotel
High Street, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 8NB.
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Ashley House
Ashley House
13 Old Station Road, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 8DT.
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Old School House Studio
Old School House Studio
77 High Street, Stetchworth, stetchworth, CB8 9TH.
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The Studio
The Studio
29 Scaltback Drive, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 0EL.
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The Cambridgeshire
The Cambridgeshire
38 Fairlawns, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 9JS.
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The Bell Inn
The Bell Inn
The Bell Inn Newmarket Road, Kennett, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 7PP.
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Sycamore Cottage
Sycamore Cottage
, Dalham nr. Newmarket, dalham, CB8 8TF.
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Mill House
Mill House
38 Mill Hill, Newmarket Suffolk, newmarket, CB8 0JB.
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Pavilion House Bed and Breakfast
Pavilion House Bed and Breakfast
133 Station Road Dullingham, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 9UT.
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Byerley House
Byerley House
34 Warrington Street, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 8BA.
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The Flint Barn
The Flint Barn
39 The Street, Snailwell,, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 7LX.
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Cadogan Hotel
Cadogan Hotel
Fordham Rd, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 7AA.
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Newmarket Boutique Aparthotel
Newmarket Boutique Aparthotel
54 Bury Road, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 7BT.
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The Crown Rooms Newmarket
The Crown Rooms Newmarket
26-28 The High Street, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 8LB.
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Kingston Passage, Newmarket, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 8UG.
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Park View
Park View
, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 8AZ.
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The Packhorse Inn
The Packhorse Inn
Bridge Street, Moulton, Newmarket, newmarket, CB8 8SP.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the CB8 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
Ashfield GreenhamletSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
AshleyvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Attleton GreenhamletSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Back StreethamletSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Baxter's GreenhamletSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Boyden EndotherSettlementSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
BrinkleyvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Broad GreenvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Burrough EndvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Burrough GreenvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
CarltonvillageSouth CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Carlton GreenhamletSouth CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
CheveleyvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Clopton GreenvillageSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Cock and EndhamletSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
CowlingevillageSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Cross GreenhamletEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
DalhamvillageForest HeathSuffolk
DenstonvillageSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Ditton GreenvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
DullinghamvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Dullingham LeyhamletEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
East GreenhamletSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
ExningvillageForest HeathSuffolk
Farley GreenhamletSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
GazeleyvillageForest HeathSuffolk
Genesis GreenhamletSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Great BradleyvillageSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Hobbles GreenhamletSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
KennettvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
KennettvillageForest HeathSuffolk
KentfordvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
KentfordvillageForest HeathSuffolk
KirtlingvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Kirtling GreenvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
LandwadehamletForest HeathSuffolk
Lark Hall CornerhamletSouth CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
LidgatevillageSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Little DittonhamletEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
MoultonvillageForest HeathSuffolk
Needham StreethamletForest HeathSuffolk
NewmarkettownEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
NewmarkettownForest HeathSuffolk
OusdenvillageSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Park GateotherSettlementSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Saxon StreetvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Six Mile BottomvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Six Mile BottomvillageSouth CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
SnailwellvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
StetchworthvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
StradishallvillageSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
UpendhamletEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Westley bottomhamletEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Westley WaterlessvillageEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
Wickham StreethamletSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
WickhambrookvillageSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Willingham GreenhamletSouth CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
WooddittonhamletEast CambridgeshireCambridgeshire

Postcode Sectors within the CB8 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to CB8

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the CB8 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
CB8 0Newmarket Delivery Office
CB8 7Newmarket Delivery Office
CB8 8Newmarket Delivery Office
CB8 9Newmarket Delivery Office
CB8 8Moulton Scale Payment Delivery Office (cb)
CB8 8Wickhambrook Scale Payment Delivery Office
Postcode format for the CB8 postcode district
CB8 - X X X
CB8 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the CB8 Newmarket Postcode Area