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The DE6 3 Hulland Ward Postcode Sector

DE6 3 is a postcode sector within the DE6 postcode district which is within the DE Derby postcode area.

The Royal Mail delivery office for the DE6 3 postal sector is the Ashbourne Delivery Office.

The area of the DE6 3 postcode sector is 31.59 square miles which is 81.81 square kilometres or 20,216.26 square acres.

In the year 2017 there were 65 house sales in the DE6 3 with the average house price being £423,150.

Waterways within the DE6 3 postcode sector include the Sherbourne Brook.

Map of the DE6 3 and surrounding sectors

Postcode format for the DE6 3 postcode sector
DE6-3 X X
DE6Space3 Letter Letter

Postcode Sectors that Share a Border with DE6 3

Map of the DE6 3 Postcode Sector

Hotels within the DE6 3 Postcode Area

We found 4 hotels and guest houses within the DE6 postcode area

Old School House
Old School House
, Kirk Ireton near Matlock, kirk-ireton, DE6 3JW.
View details for Old School House
Woodpecker Lodge
Woodpecker Lodge
, near Carsington, hognaston, DE6 3JS.
View details for Woodpecker Lodge
Barn Owl Lodge
Barn Owl Lodge
, near Carsington, hognaston, DE6 3JS.
View details for Barn Owl Lodge
Spring Cottage
Spring Cottage
, Kirk Ireton, carsington, DE6 3JX.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the DE6 3 Postcode Sector

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
BigginhamletDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
BrailsfordvillageDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
CallowhamletDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
CommonsidehamletDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
CullandhamletDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
EdnastonvillageDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
HollingtonvillageDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
Hulland VillagevillageDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
Hulland WardvillageDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
Kirk IretonvillageDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
LongfordvillageDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
MercastonhamletDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
Millington GreenhamletDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
Over BurrowshamletDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
RodsleyotherSettlementDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
ShirleyvillageDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire
Upper BigginhamletDerbyshire DalesDerbyshire

List of Streets within the DE6 3 Postcode Sector