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The DT9 Sherborne Postcode District

The DT9 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 20,790 and is within the DT Dorchester postcode area.

The area of the DT9 postcode district is 75.22 square miles which is 194.82 square kilometres or 48,140.82 acres.

There are 4 postcode sectors within the DT9 district.

Google Map of the DT9 Postcode District

Map of the DT9 and surrounding districts

Postcode Sectors within the DT9 Postcode District

Postcode Districts that Share a Border with DT9

Google Map of the DT9 Postcode District

The DT9 postcode district is the shape in the centre of the map shaded green.

Hotels within the DT9 Postcode Area

We found 19 hotels and guest houses within the DT9 postcode area

The Queens Arms
The Queens Arms
THe Queens Arms, Sherborne, sherborne, DT9 4LR.
View details for The Queens Arms
Eastbury Hotel
Eastbury Hotel
Long Street, Sherborne, sherborne, DT9 3BY.
View details for Eastbury Hotel
The Mitre Inn
The Mitre Inn
The Mitre Inn Sandford Orcas, Sherborne, Sherborne, Dorset, sherborne, DT9 4RU.
View details for The Mitre Inn
, Sherborne, compton-gb-1, DT9 4SY.
View details for Sandford
Penny Cottage
Penny Cottage
, Yetminster near Sherborne, yetminster, DT9 6NG.
View details for Penny Cottage
1 Acreman Place
1 Acreman Place
1 Acreman Place, Sherborne, sherborne, DT9 3PB.
View details for 1 Acreman Place
Clare Cottage
Clare Cottage
Clare Cottage, 229 Westbury Sherborne, Sherborne, sherborne, DT9 3EL.
View details for Clare Cottage
The Chetnole Inn
The Chetnole Inn
Chetnole, Sherborne, Dorset, Sherborne, chetnole, DT9 6NU.
View details for The Chetnole Inn
The Kings Arms
The Kings Arms
Charlton Horethorne, Sherborne, stowel, DT9 4NL.
View details for The Kings Arms
Munden House
Munden House
Munden House, Mundens Lane, Alweston,, Sherbourne, sherborne, DT9 5HU.
View details for Munden House
The Byre
The Byre
Boys Hill Farm, Boys Hill, Holnest, Sherborne, holwell, DT9 5PJ.
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, Sherborne, sherborne, DT9 4SY.
View details for Compton
, Sherborne, sherborne, DT9 4SY.
View details for Trent
Cumberland House
Cumberland House
Cumberland House, Greenhill, Sherborne, sherborne, DT9 4EP.
View details for Cumberland House
, Middlemarsh, buckland-newton, DT9 5QN.
View details for Casterbridge
Badger Cottage
Badger Cottage
, Longburton, sherborne, DT9 5NZ.
View details for Badger Cottage
, Middlemarsh, buckland-newton, DT9 5QN.
View details for Woodlanders
Woodview Guesthouse
Woodview Guesthouse
Woodview Yeovil Road, Sherborne, sherborne, DT9 4BD.
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The Crown at Sherborne
The Crown at Sherborne
GREENHILL DT9 4EP, Sherborne, sherborne, DT9 4EP.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the DT9 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AdberhamletWest DorsetDorset
AlwestonvillageWest DorsetDorset
Beer HackettvillageWest DorsetDorset
Bishop's CaundlevillageWest DorsetDorset
Bishop's DownhamletWest DorsetDorset
Boys HillhamletWest DorsetDorset
Bradford AbbasvillageWest DorsetDorset
Caundle MarshotherSettlementWest DorsetDorset
Caundle WakehamletWest DorsetDorset
Charlton HorethornevillageSouth SomersetSomerset
ChetnolevillageWest DorsetDorset
Corton DenhamvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
FolkehamletWest DorsetDorset
Glanvilles WoottonvillageNorth DorsetDorset
GoathillhamletWest DorsetDorset
GorehamletWest DorsetDorset
HamlethamletWest DorsetDorset
HaydonhamletWest DorsetDorset
Higher SandfordhamletWest DorsetDorset
HolnesthamletWest DorsetDorset
HolwayhamletWest DorsetDorset
HolwellvillageWest DorsetDorset
HummerotherSettlementWest DorsetDorset
KnightonhamletWest DorsetDorset
LakehamletWest DorsetDorset
LeighvillageWest DorsetDorset
LewestonhamletWest DorsetDorset
LillingtonhamletWest DorsetDorset
LongburtonvillageWest DorsetDorset
MiddlemarshotherSettlementWest DorsetDorset
Milborne PortvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
Milborne WickotherSettlementSouth SomersetSomerset
Nether ComptonvillageWest DorsetDorset
NewlandhamletNorth DorsetDorset
North WoottonhamletWest DorsetDorset
ObornevillageWest DorsetDorset
Osehill GreenhamletNorth DorsetDorset
Over ComptonvillageWest DorsetDorset
Pleck GreenhamletWest DorsetDorset
PoyntingtonvillageWest DorsetDorset
Purse CaundlevillageWest DorsetDorset
Ryme IntrinsecavillageWest DorsetDorset
Sandford OrcasvillageWest DorsetDorset
SandhillshamletWest DorsetDorset
SherbornetownWest DorsetDorset
SigwellshamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Stafford's GreenhamletWest DorsetDorset
StallenhamletWest DorsetDorset
StowellhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
The BoroughhamletWest DorsetDorset
ThornfordvillageWest DorsetDorset
Three GateshamletWest DorsetDorset
TotnellhamletWest DorsetDorset
TrentvillageWest DorsetDorset
WhitcombehamletSouth SomersetSomerset
YetminstervillageWest DorsetDorset
Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the DT9 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
DT9 3Sherborne Delivery Office
DT9 4Sherborne Delivery Office
DT9 5Sherborne Delivery Office
DT9 6Sherborne Delivery Office
Postcode format for the DT9 postcode district
DT9 - X X X
DT9 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the DT9 Postcode Area

We found 2 visitor attractions within the DT9 postcode area

Sandford Orcas Manor House
Historic Properties
Historic House / House and Garden / Palace
View Sandford Orcas Manor House on Google Maps
Sherborne Old Castle
Historic Properties
Castle / Fort
View Sherborne Old Castle on Google Maps

Streets within the DT9 Sherborne Postcode Area