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The IP14 Stowmarket Postcode District

The IP14 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 39,003 and is within the IP Ipswich postcode area.

Map of the IP14 Postcode District

Hotels within the IP14 Postcode Area

We found 17 hotels and guest houses within the IP14 postcode area

, Cotton near Stowmarket, cotton, IP14 4QX.
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, Cotton near Stowmarket, cotton, IP14 4QX.
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Walnut Tree Cottage
Walnut Tree Cottage
, Wetherden near Stowmarket, elmswell, IP14 3ND.
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, Cotton near Stowmarket, cotton, IP14 4QX.
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Little Oaks Cottage
Little Oaks Cottage
, Wetherden near Stowmarket, elmswell, IP14 3ND.
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Haughley House
Haughley House
The Folly, Haughley, Stowmarket, stowmarket, IP14 3NS.
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Bays Farm
Bays Farm
Earl Stonham, Stowmarket, stowmarket, IP14 5HU.
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Railway Carriage Two
Railway Carriage Two
, Brockford, occold, IP14 5NN.
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Fairy Cottage
Fairy Cottage
, Old Newton, old-newton, IP14 4en.
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The Gig House
The Gig House
, Stonham Aspal, ashbocking, IP14 6AJ.
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The Station
The Station
, Brockford, occold, IP14 5NN.
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Railway Carriage One
Railway Carriage One
, Brockford, occold, IP14 5NN.
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The Guards Van
The Guards Van
, Brockford, occold, IP14 5NN.
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Fasbourn Hall
Fasbourn Hall
Fasbourn Hall, Valley Lane, Buxhall, stowmarket, IP14 3EB.
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Tudor Farmhouse B&B
Tudor Farmhouse B&B
Brickwall Farmhouse, Stowmarket, stowmarket, IP14 3JW.
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Pettaugh Lodge
Pettaugh Lodge
, Pettaugh nr. Stowmarket, debenham, IP14 6AZ.
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Long Thatch Cottage
Long Thatch Cottage
, Ward Green nr. Old Newton, gipping, IP14 4EZ.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the IP14 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
Ashfield Cum ThorpevillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
AspallhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
BactonvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Bacton GreenotherSettlementMid SuffolkSuffolk
Base GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
BattisfordvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Battisford TyevillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Blacksmith's GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Borley GreenvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Broad GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Broad GreenotherSettlementMid SuffolkSuffolk
Brockford GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Brockford StreetvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Brown StreethamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
BuxhallhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Buxhall Fen StreethamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Canham's GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Cay HillhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Chapel HillhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Charles TyehamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
CombsvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
CottonvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Cow GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
DagworthhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Dandy CornerhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
DebenhamvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Earl StonhamhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Earl's GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
East EndhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Fen StreethamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
FinninghamvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Ford's GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Forward GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
FramsdenvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
GippinghamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Great FinboroughvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
HarlestonvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
HaughleyvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Haughley GreenvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Haughley New StreethamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
HelminghamhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
High Street GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
KentonvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Kenton CornerhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Knaves GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Little FinboroughhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Little LondonhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Little StonhamvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
MendleshamvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Mendlesham GreenvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
MickfieldvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Middlewood GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Mill GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Mill GreenvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Moats TyevillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Old NewtonvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
OnehousevillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Page's GreenotherSettlementMid SuffolkSuffolk
PettaughvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Pitmans CornerhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Purple HillhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
RattlesdenvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
RingshallhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Ringshall StocksvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Saxham StreethamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
ShellandhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Stonham AspalvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
StowmarkettownMid SuffolkSuffolk
StowuplandvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Tan OfficehamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
WesthorpevillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
WetherdenvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Wetherden Upper TownhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
WetheringsettvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Wetherup StreethamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
White Horse CornerhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Wick's GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
WinstonhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Winston GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
WyverstonevillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Wyverstone StreetvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the IP14 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
IP14 1Stowmarket Delivery Office
IP14 2Stowmarket Delivery Office
IP14 3Stowmarket Delivery Office
IP14 4Stowmarket Delivery Office
IP14 5Stowmarket Delivery Office
IP14 6Stowmarket Delivery Office
Postcode format for the IP14 postcode district
IP14 - X X X
IP14 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the IP14 Postcode Area

We found 2 visitor attractions within the IP14 postcode area

Woolpit and District Museum
Museums & Art Galleries
Museum and / or Art Gallery
View Woolpit and District Museum on Google Maps
Mid Suffolk Light Railway
Steam / Heritage Railway
View Mid Suffolk Light Railway on Google Maps

Streets within the IP14 Stowmarket Postcode Area