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The IP21 Fressingfield Postcode District

The IP21 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 11,220 and is within the IP Ipswich postcode area.

Map of the IP21 Postcode District

Hotels within the IP21 Postcode Area

We found 9 hotels and guest houses within the IP21 postcode area

The Scole Inn
The Scole Inn
Ipswich Road, Scole, Diss, scole, IP21 4DR.
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Bumble Cottage B&B
Bumble Cottage B&B
Wilby Road Stradbroke, Stradbroke, stradbroke, IP21 5JN.
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Oakleigh Grange Barn
Oakleigh Grange Barn
, North Green near Long Stratton, hardwick, IP21 4XY.
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The Horseshoes
The Horseshoes
The Horseshoes,Lower Street, Billingford, Diss, scole, IP21 4HL.
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Bakers Cottage
Bakers Cottage
, Hoxne, wingfield-gb, IP21 5DB.
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Old Queens Head Cottage
Old Queens Head Cottage
, Thrandeston, stuston, IP21 4BU.
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Athelington Hall Farm
Athelington Hall Farm
Horham Road Athelington, Suffolk, horham, IP21 5EJ.
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Holly Tree House Bed & Breakfast
Holly Tree House Bed & Breakfast
Holly Tree House, Bleach Green, Wingfield, wingfield-gb, IP21 5RG.
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Weybread Lakes
Weybread Lakes
Weybread lakes Mill Lane Farm Mill Lane Weybread, Norfolk, brockdish, IP21 5TP.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the IP21 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
Ashfield GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
AthelingtonhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Barley GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Battlesea GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
BillingfordhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Bleach GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
BrockdishvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Bush GreenhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
ChickeringhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Colegate EndhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Cross StreetvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
DenhamhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Denham StreethamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
DickleburghvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Dickleburgh MoorhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
DisstownSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Earsham StreethamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Foals GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
FrenzehamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
FressingfieldvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Heckfield GreenvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
HorhamvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
HoxnevillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
LangmereotherSettlementSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Little Whittingham GrhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
North GreenhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
OakleyvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Pixey GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Pulham MarketvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Pulham St MaryvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
RushallvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Russel's GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
ScolevillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Scole CommonhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
ShimplinghamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
StradbrokevillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
StustonvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
SylehamvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
ThelvetonhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Thorpe AbbottsvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
ThrandestonhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Upper StreethamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Upper WeybreadhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
WaterloovillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
WeybreadvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Weybread StreetvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
WilbyvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
WingfieldvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Wingfield GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Wootten GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk

Postcode Sectors within the IP21 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to IP21

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the IP21 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
IP21 4Diss Delivery Office
IP21 5Diss Delivery Office
Postcode format for the IP21 postcode district
IP21 - X X X
IP21 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the IP21 Fressingfield Postcode Area