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The IP22 Diss Postcode District

The IP22 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 21,876 and is within the IP Ipswich postcode area.

The area of the IP22 postcode district is 76.52 square miles which is 198.19 square kilometres or 48,972.68 acres.

There are 4 postcode sectors within the IP22 district.

Google Map of the IP22 Postcode District

Map of the IP22 and surrounding districts

Postcode Sectors within the IP22 Postcode District

Postcode Districts that Share a Border with IP22

Google Map of the IP22 Postcode District

The IP22 postcode district is the shape in the centre of the map shaded green.

Hotels within the IP22 Postcode Area

We found 15 hotels and guest houses within the IP22 postcode area

The Park Hotel
The Park Hotel
29 Denmark Street, Diss, diss, IP22 4LE.
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Bay Tree B and B
Bay Tree B and B
3, Pine Court, Shelfanger Rd, Diss, diss, IP22 4EP.
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Maltings Loft
Maltings Loft
Maltings Farm, The Street Hepworth, Hepworth, hepworth, IP22 2PX.
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Grove Flock Farm
Grove Flock Farm
Grove Flock Farm, Diss, botesdale, IP22 1LH.
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Airfield Road, Fersfield, fersfield, IP22 2BP.
View details for Strenneth
White House B&B
White House B&B
Whitehouse Low Road Bressingham Diss Norfolk, Diss, diss, IP22 2AG.
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Holiday Home Virginia Barn
Holiday Home Virginia Barn
Virginia Barn, Hall Lane, Blo Norton, Diss, east-harling, IP22 2JD.
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Duleep Singh Barn
Duleep Singh Barn
Blo Norton Hall, Hall Lane, Diss, botesdale, IP22 2JD.
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Burfields Barn
Burfields Barn
, Botesdale, botesdale, IP22 1LR.
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, Winfarthing, winfarthing, IP22 2DX.
View details for Silverley
Piglet Barn
Piglet Barn
, South Lopham, fersfield, IP22 2JS.
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Walcot Barn
Walcot Barn
, Walcot Green, diss, IP22 5SR.
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Gosling Barn
Gosling Barn
, South Lopham, fersfield, IP22 2JS.
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Little Wigwam
Little Wigwam
, Riddlesworth, coney-weston, IP22 2SZ.
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Oak Farm Lodges
Oak Farm Lodges
Oak Farm Ling Road Palgrave, Norfolk, roydon-gb, IP22 1SX.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the IP22 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
Allwood GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Baynard's GreenhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Blo' NortonvillageBrecklandNorfolk
Bobby HillhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
BotesdalevillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Botesdale GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
BressinghamvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Bressingham CommonhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Bridge GreenhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
BurstonvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Candle StreethamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
DisstownMid SuffolkSuffolk
DisstownSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Fen StreethamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Fen StreethamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
FersfieldhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Fersfield CommonhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
GissingvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Goose GreenhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Great GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
HepworthvillageSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
HinderclayvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
HoptonvillageSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
KnettishallhamletSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Little GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Low CommonhamletBrecklandNorfolk
Magpie GreenhamletMid SuffolkSuffolk
Market WestonvillageSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Mill GreenhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
North LophamvillageBrecklandNorfolk
PalgravevillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Pooley StreethamletBrecklandNorfolk
RedgravevillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
RickinghallvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
RoydonvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
ShelfangervillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
Snow StreetvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
South LophamvillageBrecklandNorfolk
The BankshamletBrecklandNorfolk
The LinghamletBrecklandNorfolk
ThelnethamvillageSt. EdmundsburySuffolk
Walcot GreenhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
WattisfieldvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Wilney GreenhamletSouth NorfolkNorfolk
WinfarthingvillageSouth NorfolkNorfolk
WorthamvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Wortham LingvillageMid SuffolkSuffolk
Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the IP22 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
IP22 1Diss Delivery Office
IP22 2Diss Delivery Office
IP22 4Diss Delivery Office
IP22 5Diss Delivery Office
Postcode format for the IP22 postcode district
IP22 - X X X
IP22 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the IP22 Postcode Area

We found 1 visitor attractions within the IP22 postcode area

Bressingham Steam and Gardens
Steam / Heritage Railway
View Bressingham Steam and Gardens on Google Maps

Streets within the IP22 Diss Postcode Area