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The MK18 Buckingham Postcode District

The MK18 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 30,663 and is within the MK Milton Keynes postcode area.

Map of the MK18 Postcode District

Hotels within the MK18 Postcode Area

We found 12 hotels and guest houses within the MK18 postcode area

Best Western Buckingham Hotel
Best Western Buckingham Hotel
A421 Buckingham Ring Road, Buckingham, buckingham, MK18 1RY.
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Buckingham Villiers Hotel
Buckingham Villiers Hotel
3 Castle Street, Buckingham, buckingham, MK18 1BS.
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Skies Call Bed & Breakfast
Skies Call Bed & Breakfast
49 St Michaels Way Steeple Claydon, Buckingham, buckingham, MK18 2QD.
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The White Hart Inn By Good Night Inns
The White Hart Inn By Good Night Inns
1-2 Market Square, Buckingham, buckingham, MK18 1NL.
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The Bell Hotel
The Bell Hotel
Market Square, Winslow, winslow, MK18 3AB.
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Just So Cottage
Just So Cottage
11 The Walk, Winslow, winslow, MK18 3AJ.
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The Stables B&B @ Pear Tree Cottage
The Stables B&B @ Pear Tree Cottage
Pear Tree Cottage 49 Portway North Marston Buckingham, Winslow, winslow, MK18 3PL.
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The Old Stables B&B
The Old Stables B&B
3 The Walk, Winslow, winslow, MK18 3AJ.
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King's Head House
King's Head House
26 High Street, Winslow, Buckinghamshire, winslow, MK18 3HF.
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Silverstone Golf Club
Silverstone Golf Club
Silverstone Road, Silverstone, silverstone, MK18 5LH.
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Sunny Room in Buckingham
Sunny Room in Buckingham
6 Cantell Close, Buckingham, buckingham, MK18 1FD.
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Courtyard Cottage
Courtyard Cottage
, Middle Claydon nr. Buckingham, middle-claydon, MK18 2EX.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the MK18 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AddingtonhamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
AdstockvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
AkeleyvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Barton HartshornhamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Botolph ClaydonvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
BuckinghamtownAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Buffler's HolthamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
CalvertvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
ChackmorevillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
DadfordvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
DuntonhamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
East ClaydonvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
FinmerevillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
FoscotehamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
GawcottvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
GranboroughvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
HillesdenvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Hillesden HamlethamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
HoggestonvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
LeckhampsteadvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
LenboroughhamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Lillingstone DayrellhamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Lillingstone LovellvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
LittlecotehamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Maids MoretonvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Middle ClaydonhamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Newton PurcellvillageCherwellOxfordshire
North MarstonvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
PadburyvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Preston BissettvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
RadclivevillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
ShalstonevillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
ShiptonhamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Steeple ClaydonvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
ThornboroughvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
TingewickvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
TwyfordvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Verney JunctionhamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Water StratfordvillageAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
WinslowtownAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Wood GreenhamletAylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the MK18 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
MK18 1Buckingham Delivery Office
MK18 2Buckingham Delivery Office
MK18 3Buckingham Delivery Office
MK18 4Buckingham Delivery Office
MK18 5Buckingham Delivery Office
MK18 6Buckingham Delivery Office
MK18 7Buckingham Delivery Office
MK18 2Steeple Claydelivery Officen Scale Payment Delivery Office
MK18 2Winslow Postal Delivery Office
MK18 3Winslow Postal Delivery Office
Postcode format for the MK18 postcode district
MK18 - X X X
MK18 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the MK18 Postcode Area

We found 3 visitor attractions within the MK18 postcode area

Stowe Landscape Gardens
View Stowe Landscape Gardens on Google Maps
Buckingham Old Gaol Museum
Museums & Art Galleries
Museum and / or Art Gallery
View Buckingham Old Gaol Museum on Google Maps
Claydon House
Historic Properties
Historic House / House and Garden / Palace
View Claydon House on Google Maps

Streets within the MK18 Buckingham Postcode Area