The M8 Motorway

The M8 Motorway crosses 5 counties. These are City of Edinburgh, City of Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and West Lothian.

The primary purpose of the M8 was to connect the City of Glasgow with the Scottish Capital Edinburgh.

The M8 starts it journey on the south bank of the river Clyde. One mile south of Dumbarton Castle on the opposing bank and one mile east of Langbank, Port Glasgow.

Journeys end lies 56 miles east at the Hermiston Gait roundabout on the outskirts of the City of Edinburgh.

Construction work started in 1965 by Lanark County Council who acted as agents of the Scottish Development Department. The motorway was opened in sections with the majority of work completed by 1995.

There was a notable break in the motorway for six miles between Ballieston and Newhouse with the A8 left to take the strain. This was rectified when the missing section was completed in 2017.

Map of the M8 Motorway

Dots represent junctions.

Junction Numbers
J1, Edinburgh
J2, Newbridge
J3A, Bathgate
J3, Livingston
J4A, Whitburn
J4, East whitburn
J5, Hirst
J6A, Calderbank
J6, Newhouse
J7A, Bellshill
J7, Coatbridge
J9, Glasgow
J10, Glasgow
J11, Glasgow
J12, Glasgow
J13, Glasgow
J14, Glasgow
J15, Glasgow
J16, Glasgow
J17, Glasgow
J18, Glasgow
J19, Glasgow
J20, Glasgow
J21, Glasgow
J22, Glasgow
J23, Glasgow
J24, Glasgow
J25A, Renfrew
J25, Glasgow
J26, Renfrew
J27, Paisley
J28A, Paisley
J28, Paisley
J29A, Erskine
J29, Paisley
J30, Erskine
J31, Dumbarton
Intersecting Motorways