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The NG32 Barrowby Postcode District

The NG32 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 12,428 and is within the NG Nottingham postcode area.

Map of the NG32 Postcode District

Hotels within the NG32 Postcode Area

We found 11 hotels and guest houses within the NG32 postcode area

Ramada Resort Grantham Hotel
Ramada Resort Grantham Hotel
Toll Bar Road, Marston, marston-aireborough, ng32 2ht.
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The Gregory
The Gregory
The Drift, Grantham, grantham-aireborough, NG32 1AD.
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Woodland Rooms at Woodland Waters
Woodland Rooms at Woodland Waters
Willoughby Road Ancaster, Grantham, ancaster, NG32 3RT.
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The Brownlow Arms Inn
The Brownlow Arms Inn
The Brownlow Arms Inn, High Road, Hough on The Hill, Grantham, hough-on-the-hill, NG32 2AZ.
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The Hare and Hounds
The Hare and Hounds
The Green, Fulbeck, fulbeck, NG32 3JJ.
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The Chequers Inn
The Chequers Inn
Main Street, Grantham, grantham-aireborough, NG32 1LU.
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Belton Woods
Belton Woods
Nr Grantham, Belton, Grantham, grantham-aireborough, NG32 2LN.
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Allington Manor
Allington Manor
Bottestford Road, Grantham, allington, NG32 2DH.
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The Manners Arms at Knipton
The Manners Arms at Knipton
Croxton Lane, Knipton, Grantham, knipton, NG32 1RH.
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Stone Lodge
Stone Lodge
, Fulbeck, fulbeck, NG32 3LD.
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The Geese and Fountain
The Geese and Fountain
1 School Lane, Croxton Kerrial, Grantham, grantham-aireborough, NG32 1QR.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the NG32 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AisbyvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
AllingtonvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
AncastervillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
BarkstonvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
Barkston HeathotherSettlementNorth KestevenLincolnshire
BarrowbyvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
BeltonvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
BrandonvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
Carlton AsheshamletSouth KestevenLincolnshire
Carlton ScroopvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
CaythorpevillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
Croxton KerrialvillageMeltonLeicestershire
CulverthorpehamletNorth KestevenLincolnshire
DentonvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
FostonvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
FriestonvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
FulbeckvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
FulbeckvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
GelstonhamletSouth KestevenLincolnshire
Gonerby MoorotherSettlementSouth KestevenLincolnshire
GranthamtownSouth KestevenLincolnshire
HarlaxtonvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
HeydourhamletSouth KestevenLincolnshire
HoningtonvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
Hough-on-the-HillvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
HoughamvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
HungertonotherSettlementSouth KestevenLincolnshire
KelbyhamletNorth KestevenLincolnshire
MarstonvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
Normanton-on-CliffevillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
OasbyvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
SedgebrookvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
StenwithhamletSouth KestevenLincolnshire
SudbrookvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
SystonvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
WelbyvillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
West WilloughbyhamletSouth KestevenLincolnshire
WilsfordvillageNorth KestevenLincolnshire
Woolsthorpe by BelvoivillageSouth KestevenLincolnshire
WyvillehamletSouth KestevenLincolnshire

Postcode Sectors within the NG32 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to NG32

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the NG32 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
NG32 1Grantham Delivery Office
NG32 2Grantham Delivery Office
NG32 3Grantham Delivery Office
Postcode format for the NG32 postcode district
NG32 - X X X
NG32 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the NG32 Postcode Area

We found 2 visitor attractions within the NG32 postcode area

Harlaxton Manor
Historic Properties
Historic House / House and Garden / Palace
View Harlaxton Manor on Google Maps
Belton House
Historic Properties
Historic House / House and Garden / Palace
View Belton House on Google Maps

Streets within the NG32 Barrowby Postcode Area