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The OX7 Chipping Norton Postcode District

The OX7 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 22,852 and is within the OX Oxford postcode area.

Map of the OX7 Postcode District

Hotels within the OX7 Postcode Area

We found 22 hotels and guest houses within the OX7 postcode area

Crown & Cushion Hotel
Crown & Cushion Hotel
23 High Street, Chipping Norton, chipping-norton, OX7 5AD.
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Mill House Hotel
Mill House Hotel
Station Rd, Kingham, Chipping Norton, kingham, OX7 6UH.
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Kings Head Inn
Kings Head Inn
The Green, Bledington, bledington, OX7 6XQ.
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The Bull Inn
The Bull Inn
Sheep St, Charlbury, charlbury, OX7 3RR.
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Holliers Cottage
Holliers Cottage
, Middle Barton nr. Chipping Norton, ledwell, OX7 7BT.
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The Coach House
The Coach House
, Milton-under-Wychwood nr. Chipping N, idbury, OX7 6LD.
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Jubliee Cottage
Jubliee Cottage
, Church Enstone nr. Chipping Norton, idbury, OX7 4NN.
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Ascott House B&B Double En-Suite
Ascott House B&B Double En-Suite
15 A London Lane, Ascot under Wychwood, ascot-under-wychwood, OX7 6AN.
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The Salford Inn
The Salford Inn
Lower End Salford, Salford, chipping-norton, OX7 5YW.
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The Lamb Inn
The Lamb Inn
High Street, Shipton Under Wychwood, shipton-under-wychwood, OX7 6DQ.
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Crowne Plaza Heythrop Park-Oxford
Crowne Plaza Heythrop Park-Oxford
Enstone, Chipping Norton, chipping-norton, OX7 5UF.
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Heythrop Park
Heythrop Park
Enstone, Chipping Norton, chipping-norton, OX7 5UE.
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The Wychwood Inn
The Wychwood Inn
High Street, Shipton-Under-Wychwood Chipping Nort, shipton-under-wychwood, OX7 6BA.
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Wild Thyme Restaurant with Rooms
Wild Thyme Restaurant with Rooms
10 New Street, Chipping Norton, chipping-norton, OX7 5LJ.
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Honeysuckle Cottage
Honeysuckle Cottage
Honeysuckle Cottage, Nether Westcote, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, Bourton on the Water, bourton-on-the-water, OX7 6SD.
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The Shaven Crown Hotel
The Shaven Crown Hotel
High Street, Shipton-under-Wychwood, Chipping Nor, shipton-under-wychwood, OX7 6BA.
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The Dingle
The Dingle
, Great Rollright, great-rollright, OX7 5RH.
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Bluewood Lodges
Bluewood Lodges
Kingham Stow On The Wold, Kingham, kingham, OX7 6UJ.
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Tudor Stable
Tudor Stable
, Great Rollright, hook-norton, OX7 5RH.
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The Fox
The Fox
Market Place, Chipping Norton, chipping-norton, OX7 5DD.
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Cotswolds Hotel & Spa
Cotswolds Hotel & Spa
Southcombe, Chipping Norton, chipping-norton, OX7 5QH.
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Luxury In The Cotswolds
Luxury In The Cotswolds
Enstone Road, Great Tew, great-tew, OX7 4AB.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the OX7 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
Ascott-under-WychwoodvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
BouldhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Bruern AbbeyhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
ChadlingtonvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
CharlburytownWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
ChilsonhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Chipping NortontownWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Church WestcotevillageCotswoldGloucestershire
ChurchillvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
CleveleyhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
CornwellhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
DeanhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
EnstonevillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
FawlerhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
FifieldvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
FinstockvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
FoscothamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
FulwellhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
GagingwellhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Great RollrightvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Great TewvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
HeythrophamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
IdburyvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
KinghamvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
LedwellhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
LidstonehamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Little RollrighthamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Little TewvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
LynehamvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Middle BartonvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Milton-under-WychwoodvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Nether WestcotevillageCotswoldGloucestershire
Nether WortonhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Old ChalfordhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Over NortonvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Over WortonhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
RadfordhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
RamsdenvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
SalfordvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Sandford St MartinvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
SarsdenotherSettlementWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Shipton-under-WychwoovillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
ShorthamptonhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
SouthcombehamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
SpelsburyvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
SwerfordvillageWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
TastonhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Upper MiltonotherSettlementWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Westcott BartonhamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
WilcotehamletWest OxfordshireOxfordshire
Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the OX7 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
OX7 3Chipping Norton Delivery Office
OX7 4Chipping Norton Delivery Office
OX7 5Chipping Norton Delivery Office
OX7 6Chipping Norton Delivery Office
OX7 7Chipping Norton Delivery Office
Postcode format for the OX7 postcode district
OX7 - X X X
OX7 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the OX7 Postcode Area

We found 2 visitor attractions within the OX7 postcode area

Chipping Norton Museum of Local History
Museums & Art Galleries
Museum and / or Art Gallery
View Chipping Norton Museum of Local History on Google Maps
Fairytale Farm
Farm / Rare Breeds / Farm Animals
View Fairytale Farm on Google Maps

Streets within the OX7 Chipping Norton Postcode Area