Eyespiration for Blundstone NLEyespiration for Blundstone NLShard from RotherhitheFight For Exclusion20180911_10484020180911_10493020180911_105351_HDR20180911_10551620180911_12171220180911_122317_HDR20180911_12394420180911_12454920180911_124600Nearly an Adult (2)DSC_6983a Notting Hill Caribbean Carnival London Exotic Colourful Costume Girls Delightful Fine Ass Aug 27 2018 Stunning LadiesDSC_1214 The British Museum London The Indian Collection Statue of the Buddhist goddess Tara the consort of Avalokiteshvara the bodhisattva of compassion Found between Trincomalee and Batticaloa Sri Lanka AD 700-750One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, Docklands, London E14, UKAlways the phoneWALTER RICHARD SICKERTGEORGE STUBBSFRANCIS BARLOWRolling ball clock 1820 by Sir William CongreveArt and decoration in Iron Age EuropeHorned helmet found in the Thames at Waterloo, London 150 BCEArt in northern Britain after Roman conquestPersonal ornaments of northern types 100 BCECeltic Europe IrelandBank of England mosaic 3rd century CELooking over the objectsAbout rolling ball clockRolling ball clock 1820 by Sir William CongreveRolling ball clock 1820 by Sir William CongreveRolling ball clock 1820 by Sir William CongreveRolling ball clock 1820 by Sir William CongreveRolling ball clock 1820 by Sir William CongreveRolling ball clock 1820 by Sir William CongreveRolling ball clock 1820 by Sir William CongreveRolling ball clock 1820 by Sir William CongreveRolling ball clock 1820 by Sir William CongreveRolling ball clock 1820 by Sir William CongreveScandinavian travel and tradeBuckhill Lodge / W2IllustrationsCast bronze torsion torc with button and loop fastening 600 - 400 BCEBronze ornaments 600 - 400 BCEAbout the Morel collectionTerret strap unions Stanwick hoard north Yorkshire 50 CEAbout cart burialsAbout gold and silver in Iron Age EuropeGold torcs of the Castro culture of northwestern Iberia 300-150 BCEThe Snettisham treasure Norfolk 100 BCEAbout Snettisham treasureAbout electrum torcWhat is a torcMore objects in Snettisham great torcHow were torcs madeThe great torcThe great torcAbout the great torcTorcs from the Snettisham hoardTorcs from the Snettisham hoardInformation about torcsInformation about torcsInformation about torcsInformation about torcsMore about Snettisham hoardMore from the Snettisham hoardMore from the Snettisham hoardGolden faceAbout the golden faceThe Ipswich torcs from Suffold 75 BCEThe Ipswich torcs from Suffolk 75 BCETorcs from Staffordshire 75 BCEBuffer terminal with ornament in relief 75 BCE Clevedon, AvonAbout the Winchester hoardCape closureFrom the Winchester hoardAbout the Essendon hoardSheet gold basket shaped earrings 550 - 450 BCE FranceThe Battersea shield from the Thames in London 350 BCESouthwark'Ole Bill'  AEC B Type bus B43Scythian gold personal ornaments 5th - 4th century BCEGold lunula from Wicklow, Ireland, Copper Age or Early Bronze AgeInuit game of carved ivory birdsLate Bronze Age neck rings and bracelets found in Milton Keynes, EnglandSet of gold dress ornaments, Middle Bronze Age, River Danube, between Paks & Foldvar, HungaryHoard of gold ornaments, Middle Bronze Age Towednack, Cornwall, EnglandHoard of bronze ornaments, Middle Bronze Age, Hollingbury Hill, Sussex, England (probably)Hoard of bronze ornaments, Middle Bronze Age Hollingbury Hill, Sussex, EnglandAncient EuropeAncient Europe displaysAncient Europe displaysAncient Europe displaysAncient Europe displaysBritain and EuropeBurials in GaulSwords and ringsBurial cart wheel and componentsItems from a woman's grave in somsois cemetery 250 - 150 BCEBurial torqBrooches and anklets and bangleChain link beltWomen's torqs and jewelry 350 - 250 BCESwords and knives 500 - 300 BCEWomens' torqs and jewelry 400-300 BCEWomens' torqs and jewelry 400 - 300 BCEOxford Street. 20180918T13-42-55ZBarrett Street. 20180918T15-06-01ZMarylebone Lane. 20180918T15-11-11ZIntimidator Outside Marie Stopes Clinic. 20180918T13-19-25ZFitzroy Square. 20180918T13-21-19ZCleveland Street, Westminster. 20180918T13-23-30ZCleveland Street, Westminster. 20180918T13-24-15ZHanson Street. 20180918T13-28-33ZFoley Street. 20180918T13-29-41ZGreat Titchfield Street. 20180918T13-30-53ZGreat Titchfield Street. 20180918T13-31-15ZGreat Titchfield Street. 20180918T13-31-33ZGreat Portland Street. 20180918T13-34-11ZLittle Portland Street. 20180918T13-36-01ZGreat Castle Street. 20180918T13-39-24ZHolles Street. 20180918T13-44-02ZOxford Street. 20180918T13-44-49ZBird Street. 20180918T13-53-46ZBarrett Street. 20180918T15-06-43ZBulstrode Street. 20180918T15-13-49ZNew Cavendish Street. 20180918T15-17-21ZNew Cavendish Street. 20180918T15-17-31ZNew Cavendish Street. 20180918T15-18-16ZNew Cavendish Street. 20180918T15-26-00ZNew Cavendish Street. 20180918T15-25-53ZLondon 1969 - Epson V500 Scan of Positive SlideTower Bridge, LondonLondonCentral-LDP189-Y989TGH-VictoriaVBR-170503bLondonCentral-RM2151-CUV151C-VictoriaTerminusPl-050403bLondonCentral-MAL55-BL52ODN-Lewisham-080303bLondonCentral-MAL46-BD52LNA-Lewisham-080303bLondonCentral-LDP148-Y848TGH-VictoriaVBR-110103aLondonCentral-PVL308-PJ02TVN-KingsCross-121002aIMG_5943IMG_5942IMG_5941IMG_5938IMG_5939IMG_5937IMG_5936IMG_5935IMG_5934IMG_5933IMG_5931IMG_5932IMG_5930IMG_5929IMG_5928IMG_5927IMG_5926IMG_5925IMG_5924IMG_5923IMG_5922IMG_5921IMG_5919IMG_5918IMG_5917IMG_5916IMG_5915IMG_5914IMG_5913IMG_5912IMG_5911IMG_5910IMG_5909IMG_5908IMG_5907IMG_5906IMG_5904IMG_5903IMG_5902IMG_5901IMG_5900IMG_5898IMG_5897IMG_5896IMG_5895IMG_5894IMG_5893IMG_5892IMG_5891IMG_5890IMG_5889IMG_5888IMG_5887IMG_5886IMG_5885IMG_5884IMG_5883IMG_5882IMG_5881IMG_5880IMG_5879IMG_5878IMG_5877IMG_5876IMG_5875IMG_5874IMG_5873IMG_5872IMG_5871IMG_5870IMG_5869IMG_5868IMG_5867IMG_5866IMG_5865IMG_5864IMG_5863IMG_5899IMG_5940IMG_6170IMG_6169IMG_6168IMG_6167IMG_6166IMG_6165IMG_6163IMG_6162IMG_6161IMG_6158IMG_6147IMG_6146IMG_6145IMG_6144IMG_6143IMG_6141IMG_6140IMG_6139IMG_6138IMG_6137IMG_6136IMG_6135IMG_6134IMG_6133IMG_6131IMG_6130IMG_6129