LichenQueen Anne's Lace and Coliery20180328_123150_1-250 sec at f - 8.0_24 mmimg146img152img126Please ignore 29The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Filming LocationIMG_123466004 Onllwyn approach. . . shepherd's delight.60007 arrives at OnllwynDerelict Coach HouseThe road goes ever on and on ...Sgwd Yr EiraGeese at first lightat RESOLVEN CANAL CAR PARKnear RESOLVEN CANAL CAR PARKbelow CRAIG NEDDbelow CRAIG NEDDnear ABERGARWEDnear ABERGARWEDnear YNYSARWED171. sgwd_rhyd_yr_hesg170. sgwd_rhyd_yr_hesgSgwd Clun GwynSgwd Yr EiraValley of the WitchEdge of the woodsDandelion clockButtercupSgwd yr Eira 2Bright WaterHow Green is My ValleySgwd yr EiraWelsh WaterA Byway through WalesSgwd Ddwli UchafSgwd Gwladys in monoSgwd Gwladusuntitled-untitled-untitled-1untitled-Sgwd Ddwli Uchafuntitled-Sgwd Isaf Clun-gwyn with Rainbowp1020741p1020742p1020743Silica MineSgwd y PannwrAbercrafThe Valley of the Witch RailtourThe Valley of the Witch RailtourCwmgwrach NR Limit Stop Board, Vale of Neath Branch Line 10/03/1833.25 Milepost, Vale of Neath Branch Line 10/03/18Onllwyn Branch Line, Onllwyn Washery NR Limit Stop Board 10/03/18 #266150 - Onllwyn Stop boardThe Valley Of The Witch, London Paddington - Onllwyn & Cwmgwrach, 10/03/18Icicles at Henrhyd FallsHenrhyd - above the fallsHenrhyd - above the fallsSgwd HenrhydSgwd HenrhydRobin on frozen pond : ExploredHenrhyd falls at -17°CDay 59: Frozen WaterfallBlisterRushing by - HTT... Water world ...Sgwd Gwladus (The Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf - The Triple HeaderSgwd GwladysN.A.T Group M.A.N OU14 SXO at Banwen on a Sunday only council tender working of service 58 Banwen to NeathGratuities AcceptedPlease ignore 25Please ignore 23Please ignore 22Please ignore 20Please ignore 18Please ignore 17Please ignore 14Please ignore 12Please ignore 11Please ignore 10Please ignore 09Please ignore 08Please ignore 07Please ignore 05Please ignore 04Sgwd yr Eira20180328_122843_1-125 sec at f - 5.6_24 mm20180328_122621_1-250 sec at f - 7.1_24 mm_B&W20180328_123016_1-125 sec at f - 5.0_24 mm20180328_122823_1-160 sec at f - 5.6_24 mmMBlatchford-20180706-0401MBlatchford-20180706-0349MBlatchford-20180706-0197IMG_1062IMG_1081IMG_1109IMG_1166IMG_1127IMG_1129IMG_1162IMG_1190IMG_1205IMG_1214IMG_1220IMG_1259IMG_1262IMG_1277IMG_1291IMG_1299IMG_1324IMG_1340IMG_1347IMG_1355IMG_135620180328_122928_1-125 sec at f - 5.6_24 mmA small waterfall in the brecon beaconsAfon Mellte waterfall in the Brecon BeaconsGooseDrone No 6IMG_20180528_142121IMG_20180528_142131IMG_20180528_141111IMG_20180528_140214IMG_20180528_140436IMG_20180528_133459Fir cone bokehSgwd GwladusYstradfellte-waterfall-may15th2018-Welsh WaterfallHenrhyd WaterfallHenrhyd WaterfallRed Kite over Brecon BeaconsAfon MellteWatefall walk - Sgŵd Isaf Clun-gwynWaterfall walk - Sgŵd y PannwrBehind Sgŵd yr EiraWatefall walk - Sgŵd yr EiraAbove the MellteDipper on Afon Nedd FechanSgŵd GwladusSgŵd GwladusSgŵd Ddwli IsafWatefall walk - Sgŵd Ddwli UchafAt Pont Melin-fachAfon Nedd FechanCorn Du, Pen y FanRoad walkingBrecon SkylineSgwd HenrhydSgwd Isaf Clun Gwyn WaterfallSgwd y PannwrSgwd Clun-GwynSgwd Yr Eira WaterfallFord Transit Ice Cream VanRhigos, South Wales20180408_133134157. barn156. fanSnow capped Brecon BeaconsMy Good Ladyuntitled-1Sgwd Isaf Clun-gwynSgwd yr EiraSgwd yr PannwrBrecon Beacons Waterfalls Walkp1020748Coal levelSgwd GwladusSilica worksSgwd GwladusSgwd GwladusSgwd y BedolSgwd y BedolLower Ddwli FallsSgwd DdwliPont Melin FachPont Melin FachSilica MineSilica MineTramway sleepersTower CollieryView from the Rhigos2018-03-18_11-37-02HENRHYD FALLSIcicles on the Nant LlechEVER2430-PanoEVER2425-EditEVER2421-EditEVER2434-EditEVER2442-EditHenrhyd falls - 5 & 6 foot long iciclesDSC_2478_edited-1DSC_2481_edited-1DSC_2487_edited-1DSC_2500_edited-1P2120568.jpgP2120565.jpgNelson's,GlynneathSqwd Gwladys (mono)Brecon Beacons-0535Brecon Beacons-0546Ystradfellte waterfall - Sgŵd yr EiraSgwd Isaf Clun GwynSgwd Y PannwrSgwd Yr Eira 2Sgwd Yr EiraFace Off - Street Gang - Welsh StyleCurtains of WaterPontneddfechan, Waterfall CountrySgwd GwladysSgwd GwladysPontneddfechan, Waterfall CountryDrws NesafDrws NesafMr RobinWinter in the valley of the river MellteFallen trees in the river MellteSgwd Clun-gwyn uchafLady Falls - Sgwd GwladysCascadeSgwd yr EiraSgwd Clun-gwyn isafWinter in the woodlands of the Mellte valleySgwd Y PannwrIMG_20160828_154525Brecons2