Sgwd Gwladys in mono20180408_133134157. barn156. fanWaterfall in MonoSgwd Gwladusuntitled-untitled-untitled-1untitled-Sgwd Ddwli Uchafuntitled-1untitled-Sgwd Isaf Clun-gwyn with RainbowSgwd yr Eirap1020748p1020742Sgwd GwladusSilica worksSgwd GwladusSgwd y BedolSgwd DdwliPont Melin FachPont Melin FachTower CollieryThe BeaconsView from the RhigosSgwd y PannwrAbercrafThe Valley of the Witch RailtourHENRHYD FALLSCwmgwrach NR Limit Stop Board, Vale of Neath Branch Line 10/03/1833.25 Milepost, Vale of Neath Branch Line 10/03/18Pantyffordd ShedThe Valley Of The Witch, London Paddington - Onllwyn & Cwmgwrach, 10/03/18The Valley Of The Witch, London Paddington - Onllwyn & Cwmgwrach, 10/03/18Icicles at Henrhyd FallsHenrhyd - above the fallsHenrhyd Falls in freezeEVER2430-PanoEVER2425-EditEVER2421-EditEVER2442-EditHenrhyd falls - 5 & 6 foot long iciclesSgwd HenrhydSgwd HenrhydHenrhyd falls at -17°CDay 59: Frozen WaterfallDSC_2467_edited-1DSC_2478_edited-1DSC_2481_edited-1The veil of water - HTT!... Water world ...Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf - The Nelson's,GlynneathTriple HeaderSgwd Ddwli Uchaf in autumn coloursSgwd GwladysWelsh riversCurtains of WaterPontneddfechan, Waterfall CountrySgwd GwladysSgwd GwladysMr RobinN.A.T Group M.A.N OU14 SXO at Banwen on a Sunday only council tender working of service 58 Banwen to NeathLady Falls - Sgwd GwladysCascadeSgwd Y PannwrSgwd-Yr-EiraSgwd-Yr-EiraOnllwyn Colliery 18'-0Onllwyn Colliery Cornish Seam (Red)Onllwyn Colliery 9'-0EVER9997-EditEVER0012-EditEVER0019-EditEVER0023-EditEVER0026-EditEVER0034-EditEVER0037-EditEVER9992-EditSnow falling at the View down the valley from Rhigos roadView towards Pen Pych from Rhigos roadWinterWinter wonderlandMerry ChristmasThe Fortress (Remastered)YstradfellteYstradfellteYstradfellteRRBSeven sisters Colliery Swan Neck FaultSeven Sisters Colliery - Black Seam (18'-0111. sgwd_dddwliSeven Sisters Colliery Big (9'-0PN09JUC Rear Ending An 8 Wheeler Tipper From Penderyn QuarryPen y Cwmoedd WindfarmSychryd Fall'sLooking down river from Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf waterfall, The Brecon BeaconsCoal from the Valley'sAutumn ColoursMelincourt BrookAfon MellteSgwd yr EiraSgwd yr EiraBeaver MoonSgwd yr EiraFlowRoman RoadRhigos mountainBryn-Têg Farm ruins103. road_trip_2102. road_trip_3Henrhyd FallsMercedes CheetahWatkins CoachesFirst step to heavenReflectionsNelson's CoachesFJ51 JYBWatkins CoachesBovaSnow capped Brecon BeaconsSgwd Isaf Clun-gwynSgwd yr PannwrA staircase of tree branchesBrecon Beacons Waterfalls Walkp1020743AbutmentCoal levelSgwd GwladusSgwd y BedolLower Ddwli FallsSilica MineSilica MineSilica MineTramway sleepers2018-03-18_11-37-02The Valley of the Witch RailtourThe Valley of the Witch Railtour66150 - Onllwyn Stop boardThe Valley Of The Witch, London Paddington - Onllwyn & Cwmgwrach, 10/03/18Icicles on the Nant LlechHenrhyd - above the fallsDSC_2487_edited-1DSC_2500_edited-1P2120568.jpgP2120565.jpgRushing by - HTTSgwd yr Eira - 'falls of snow'Brecon Beacons-0535Brecon Beacons-0537Brecon Beacons-0544Brecon Beacons-0546Ystradfellte waterfall - Sgŵd yr EiraSgwd Isaf Clun GwynSgwd Y PannwrSgwd Yr Eira 3Sgwd Yr Eira 2Sgwd Yr EiraFace Off - Street Gang - Welsh StylePontneddfechan, Waterfall CountryDrws NesafDrws NesafFallen trees in the river MellteSgwd Clun-gwyn uchafSome pics up north walesGratuities AcceptedSgwd yr EiraWinter in the woodlands of the Mellte valleyIMG_20160828_154525Brecons1Brecons3Brecons4Brecons5Brecons6Brecons7Sgwd Ddwli Isaf - Waterfall- Wales in January-9943Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf - Wales in January-9971Fall Of The FullerSgwd y pannwr, midwinterMidwinter in the valley of the river MellteSgwd isaf clun-gwyn, midwinterwaterfall countryEVER9983-EditEVER9986-EditEVER9996-Edit113. sgwd_clun_gwynRiver SychrydSychryd CascadesWhite OutSnow on Carmarthen FansheepBBNPYstradfellte110. upper_clun_gwynFernhill Colliery, BlaenrhonddaSgwd Clun-Gwyn waterfall IIMoss a plentyGlyncorrwgGlyncorrwgGlyncorrwgSgwd Clun-Gwyn waterfall B&WSgwd Clun-Gwyn waterfallSychryd GorgeDSCF7819_01DSCF7828DSCF7840DSCF7848_0120171104_160400 Heads of the Valleys20171104_160425 Heads of the Valleysa Waterfall - Sgwd yr Eira b droneSgwd Ddwli UchafSgwd Ddwli Uchaf_MG_2219_Sgwd yr EiraAutumn OakOak leaves & heather_MG_2053_Cliff face sappling, Dinas RockAutumn_MG_2225_Afon Sychryd_DSC194266004 Seven SistersMelincourt Falls (2)Melincourt Falls (3)Melincourt FallsHawthornRhigos - JCW MiniSgwd Gwladus (2)Sgwd Gwladus_MG_2130_Sgwd Gwladys / Lady Falls.VPN 164