UK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - Llangollen Canal - Narrow boat reflection at Llangollen WharfUK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - River DeeUK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - Train stationUK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - Train stationUK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - Train station - WolfhoundPlease MOVE!!!!!UK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - View across River DeeUK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - River DeeUK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - River DeeRed Hot PokerUK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - River DeeUK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - Llangollen railway stationUK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - Llangollen railway station - SignageUK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - Llangollen railway station - Potted plant in giant cup and saucerUK - Wales - Denbighshire - Llangollen - Llangollen railway stationThe Long Walk.Rusty and Crusty!!!Langollen Canal. Bridge 40W.Llangollen Canal walk. Cysylltau Bridge, Trevor.Llangollen Canal walk. Pont Cysyllte viewed from approach to Trevor.Llangollen Canal. Trevor Uchaf. Inn & barn dated 1864.You Rang MeLaud??The Forgotten Bell Tower!Thomas the Tank Engine - LlangollenLlangollen Canal. Arch to Bryn-Howel Hotel.Llangollen Canal. Bryn-Howel Hotel boat-house.Llangollen Canal. Bryn-Howel Hotel. Garden arch of 1903.Llangollen Canal. Crossing Pont Cysyllte by narrowboat and on foot.Llangollen Canal. Crossing Pont Cysyllte on foot.Llangollen Canal. Bridge carrying the Offa's Dyke Path over the canal.Llangollen Canal, Pont Cysyllte basin, Trevor. Dock House.Llangollen Canal. Pont Cysyllte from below.Llangollen Canal. Pont CysyllteLlangollen Canal. Sewage works below Pont Cysyllte.Llangollen. Gothic house & canal.EasyCoach - YJ56WUETownlynx - YX17NDYEasyCoach - LXZ6238Arriva Buses Wales - CX11EVG, 0998Please Release Me Let Me Go!!Don't forget your stick!!Laundry!!Behind the Square Window.D-LightWilliams of LlangollenThe River DeePentons haulage SV07 EKL (Ex Inchcape Transport)Moran Logistics YE67 UYYStagecoach in Chester - PX06DVU, 34811Lloyds Coaches - YJ17FYYGF15 OFMLlangollen, Wales 13th February 1995MBlatchford-20180708-0223Llangollen 280618 - 144356Arriva Buses Wales - MX12KVT, 0701Coastline - YJ18CZLEasyCoach - MX05EKZArriva Midlands - YN53SVT, 2546Arriva Buses Wales - CX17BXO, 1011Wood Bank House, Trevor, Wales, seen from Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, WalesCanal boat crossing Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, WalesLlangollenLlangollen Railway StationLlangollen Railway StationRiver DeeLlangollen Railway StationRiver DeeLlangollenLlangollen Railway StationLlangollen Railway StationCanal boat crossing Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, WalesPontcysyllte Aqueduct, WalesBeautiful DemoiselleArriva Midlands - FL63DXY, 3790Eglwyseg EscarpmentTaking a BreakWaldemar BerlinInto the lightThirsty WorkOptare Tempo (MX05 EKZ)D6930Dennis E400 (SN15 ETE)Plaxton President (LJ51 DLV)Pontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-01.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-02.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-03.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-04.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-05.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-06.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-07.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-08.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-09.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-10.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-11.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-12.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-13.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-14.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-15.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-16.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-17.jpgPontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-18.jpg20180603 Chicken of The Woods - Laetiporus Sulphureus Chirk Castel Wales20180603 Chicken of The Woods - Laetiporus Sulphureus Chirk Castel WalesP1000966P1000964P1000962P1000916P1000914P1000899Optare Metrocity (YJ17 FYY)Plaxton President (LJ51 DLV)Station SignDennis E400 City (CX17 BYG)[2F60] 150258Dennis Dart (CN04 NLP)Optare Solo (MX07 JOJ)Dennis E400 City (CX17 BYA)Dennis E400 City (CX17 BXP)Pontcysyllte AqueductAll Fired UpSleeper Carriage80072SN15 ETDDee Side Cafe...........StereophonicsIMG_8773IMG_8778IMG_8780IMG_8786IMG_8788IMG_8793IMG_8798IMG_8809IMG_8810IMG_8815IMG_8822IMG_8823IMG_8830IMG_8832IMG_8835IMG_8841IMG_8840IMG_8842IMG_8850IMG_8855IMG_8858IMG_8860IMG_8864IMG_8866IMG_8868IMG_8870IMG_8873IMG_8878IMG_8879IMG_8884IMG_8880IMG_8889IMG_8893IMG_8895IMG_8896IMG_8897IMG_8899IMG_8903IMG_8913IMG_8925IMG_8944IMG_8940IMG_8945IMG_8953IMG_8955IMG_8804IMG_8892IMG_8935IMG_8957IMG_8717IMG_8718IMG_8719IMG_8721IMG_8720IMG_8722IMG_8723IMG_8724IMG_8726IMG_8728IMG_8729IMG_8732IMG_8737IMG_8734IMG_8738IMG_8742IMG_8747IMG_8749IMG_8758IMG_8727IMG_8769IMG_8735IMG_8754IMG_8761IMG_8772IMG_1026IMG_1029IMG_1042IMG_1048IMG_1051IMG_1053IMG_1054IMG_1058IMG_1064IMG_1070Llangollen Canal at Trevor Uchaf.Llangollen canal scene.Llangollen Canal. Bridge 37W.Llangollen Canal. Bridge 43W.Llangollen Canal. Crossing Pont Cysyllte by canoe.Llangollen Canal. Pont Cysyllte & River Dee.Llangollen Canal. Trevor boat basin & Telford Inn at bridge 29W.Llangollen Canal and Trevor boat basin.Llangollen Canal. Trevor boat basin & the Telford Inn.Llangollen Canal. View to Chirk Aqueduct from Pont Cysylltte Aqueduct, Trevor.Llangollen Canal. View to Cysylltau Bridge from Pont Cysyllte, Trevor.Llangollen. Canal & Gothic house.Llangollen. House  with exterior plaster decoration.Llangollen. Late medieval bridge.Llangollen. Street scene.MBlatchford-20180708-0008D6930D6930D6930D6930D6930[2F58] 150245Pontcysyllte Aqueduct 2017-19.jpgMore Wind Turbine 351995199Llangollen RailwayRiver Dee[1V94] 175007Aly on the banks of the River DeeIMG_20180619_1143342-6-2T 5199LJ51 DLVSky and TreesIMG_20180618_191118IMG_20180618_172629Llangollen - River Dee