Autumn  GoldOctober 17th 2018 - Project 365East Midlands 156411East Midlands 156411East Midlands 156411LNWR 350368LNWR 350368LNWR 350368First PMT 63099Virgin 390122Cross Country 220019Cross Country 220019 @ Stoke-on-Trent.Cross Country 220019First PMT 32630Fallen  into PlaceThe MoonReflectionInside looking out looking inFirst PMT 65728October 16th 2018 - Project 365Virgin 390001 @ Stoke-on-Trent.Cross Country 221129Cross Country 221129First PMT 65042First PMT 67657First PMT 67657Parkhall hillsOutOn  the  TilesFirst PMT 32650 ( New Look )D+G Buses 42D+G Buses 42Cross Country 221144First PMT 67634D+G Bauses 128Virgin 390114Virgin 390114Virgin 390114Virgin 390114Cross Country 221135St. John church burslemSt. John church burslemSt. John church burslemCross Country 221135George hotel burslemMiddleport potteryMiddleport potteryOld pottery on canal near burslemOld pottery on canal near burslemOld pottery on canal near burslemOld pottery on canal near burslemAutumn  ColoursLNWR 350368LNWR 350368 ( New Livery )LNWR 350368First PMT 65040East Midlands 153321Cross Country 220019First PMT 65035First PMT 65035Virgin 390001 @ Stoke-on-Trent.First Potteries 65731 (YN05HCX) 22082018DiatomOctober 14th 2018 - Project 365Virgin 390122First PMT 37156First PMT 37156First PMT 37156Cross Country 221135The LeafGM Buses Leyland Leopard 81 HNE641N - Stoke-on-TrentD&G Bus Optare 158 YJ57XWB - Stoke-on-TrentCopeland's DAF Bova MIB520 - Stoke-on TrentFirst PMT 37159First PMT 67159First PMT 67159October 13th 2018 - Project 365Autumn  is HereOctober 12th 2018 - Project 365Virgin 390045Virgin 390045 @ Stoke-on-TrentVirgin 390045Cross Country 221144Cross Country 221144First PMT 37156Virgin 390001Virgin 390001 @ Stoke-on-Trent...Shadow   makingLNWR 350375Cross Country 221124Cross Country 221124Cross Country 221124 @ Stoke-on-Trent.Virgin Trains 390107October 11th 2018 - Project 365Middleport Pottery, Longport. Stoke-on-Trent. Staffs.*Fallen*Cross Country 220020Cross Country 220020 @ Stoke-on-Trent...Cross Country 220020LNWR 350120Dudson center bottle klinLNWR 350120Bloom nearly overOctober 9th 2018 - Project 365Dudson centerDudson centerDudson centerAcorn weevil    Curculio elephas*Autumn in Harmony*October 8th 2018 - Project 365First PMT 67647Truly AutumnFetalPet SnakeCaged InTake A SeatHanley town hallHanley town hallScratching PostD+G Buses 160Cross Country 221124Cross Country 221124*Forever Autumn*First PMT 65733First PMT 32639D+G Buses 114*The  Change*October 4th 2018 - Project 365First PMT 67602Autumn WatchOctober 3rd 2018 - Project 365Stopping for  Lunchmy legsHeinschel Brigadelok No.1091 with the WD Ambulance Wagon & open bogie wagons. Tracks to the Trenches, Apedale Railway. 13 07 2018First PMT 63175Chatterley WhitfieldOctober 2nd 2018 - Project 365Baldwin 778 & Hunslet 303 side by side. Tracks to the Trenches, Apedale Railway bw. 14 07 2018First PMT 67157First PMT 67159ZcarZFirst PMT 67638First PMT 32648First PMT 65041First PMT 67153Pretty  in PinkTrentham GardensOctober 1st 2018 - Project 365First PMT 65730Light  and DarkFirst PMT 65002First PMT 37146First PMT 37146First PMT 42553First PMT 42553First PMT 41495First PMT 41502First PMT 67153Trentham GardensTrentham GardensWhen it rains it  PoursIt’s very tiring being pamperedPegtasticFirst PMT 67603September 28th 2018 - Project 365First PMT 67643*Autumn  Gold*First PMT 63177D+G Buses 173Autumn StockStantons of StokeStantons of StokeSeptember 26th 2018 - Project 365Autumn  ShadowAutumn  BloomSeptember 24th 2018 - Project 365BurslemThe 3 graces - 3 bottle kilns in burslemMiddleport potteryFungus - park hall hillsPark hall hillsPark hall hillsPark hall hillsPark hall hillsPark hall hillsM WoodhouseParkhall Lake KingfisherVirgin 390115 @ Stoke-on-Trent....LNWR 350120Newcastle-under-LymeNewcastle-under-LymeiPhone. Newcastle-under-Lyme. On the way to the cinemaiPhone. Newcastle-under-Lyme. On the way to the cinemaiPhone. Newcastle-under-Lyme. On the way to the cinemaiPhone. Newcastle-under-Lyme. On the way to the cinemaCross Country 221124Virgin 390107 ( New Livery )First PMT 65727D+G Buses 42First PMT 65729D+G Buses 115First PMT 42552First PMT 32634Arriva 2965First PMT 65037First PMT 32647 ( Re-Painted )Poppies Weeping Window - Middleport Pottery, Longport. Stoke-on-Trent. Staffs.Middleport Pottery, Longport. Stoke-on-Trent. Staffs.The Boulton Steam Engine - Middleport Pottery, Longport. Stoke-on-Trent. Staffs.P1250795aP1250796aP1250797aP1250805aP1250823aP1250832aP1250841aP1250851aP1260018aP1260026aP1250869aP1250882aP1250887aP1250908aP1250895bP1250918aP1260032aP1260004aP1260013aP1250792aLast of the dahliasAmy Wright DandelionsBanana leaf TrenthamMy handsome boy with his new hair cut todayThe old bulls headThe old bull headBeeBeeBeeSeptember 27th 2018 - Project 365September 25th 2018 - Project 36520180530_14155120180530_14160920180530_14185920180530_14190720180530_14235320180602_14092820180602_14120820180602_14120520180602_141026IMG_3054IMG_3051