Lyme ParkLyme ParkLyme ParkLyme ParkLyme ParkSaxaphone quartet and student ensembleThe Doctor Who monster from EdgeleyGBRf Class 66/7 66747 - StockportEast Midlands Trains Class 156s 156406 & 156413 - StockportComfrey in bloomStagecoach Manchester MX62LVRStagecoach Manchester YJ61JDOStagecoach Manchester MX62GEKStagecoach Manchester SN65OBCStagecoach Manchester MX08UBGStagecoach Manchester SN16OWCStagecoach Manchester SN16OZTStagecoach Manchester MX08UDOStagecoach Manchester YX64VMPStagecoach Manchester YX64VNHHigh Peak Bus Company FN04HTT *In Explore*Stagecoach Manchester YX64VMW *In Explore*Stagecoach ManchesterStagecoach Manchester SN16OTYStagecoach Manchester SN65NZX *In Explore*Stagecoach Manchester YX64VMUStagecoach Manchester YX63ZWBStagecoach Manchester MX12ENKStagecoach Manchester SN65NZXMCT Travel YJ60KCYStagecoach Manchester YJ11EKX *In Explore*High Peak Bus Company FN04HSC *In Explore*High Peak Bus Company YX65RGU *In Explore*142013 Reddish North142013 Reddish NorthTranspennine Express 185103Northern 323234Transpennine Express 185126Transpennine Express 185129Northern 156455Northern (on hire from TPE) 185140Transpennine Experess 35040147813 & 47812 - 5Q32.Arriva Trains Wales 175005Transpennine Express 185111Transpennine Express 350401Northern 156459Northern 319376Direct Rail Services 57002First West Yorkshire 60986 (M448 VWW)DSC_244868032 & 68027 - 0B01.Rams Head Beergarden DisleyThe latest technologyPylonBridgeGBRF newbie 66781 powers through Reddish South with the Peak Forest to Hope Street in Salford.  13th June 2018Lyme Hall across the rhododendrons.MerseyLyme Hall, N.T.None is the number...Large Skipper, male323237_StockportBroccoliHeatons Festival   Golden eagleHeatons Festival - Golden eagleHeatons Festival  -  Bengak eagle owl eagleHeatons Festival   -  Barn owlHeatons Festival  -  Peregrin falconHeatons FestivalHeatons Festival - Tea cupsLyme HallTreeBoulder20180608_09284920180608_09514120180608_09511420180608_09291520180608_10061320180608_10062920180608_10063420180608_10064620180608_10183520180608_10144120180608_101439P1130438P1130434P1090660P1090624P1090627P1090643P1090644P1090647P10906481989-01-A-0011989-01-A-0021989-01-A-0031989-01-A-0051989-01-A-006Bidfood DAF CF SN63XWP - StockportBuffaload Scania YJ12AWF - M60, StockportUnited Utilities Volvo FM PE16HXM - M60, StockportThe Plaza, StockportTaunton to Buxton ColasWillowCrane fly (Unidentified)Back To The '90's1998 Ford Focus 1.8 LX1998 Ford Focus 1.8 LX4 Spotted ChaserLyme Park, DisleyLyme Park, DisleyThe CageThe CageNorburyBX489BX487Woodford VulcanStagecoach Manchester 19469G M Buses, Gorton (U K North) 152 (L254 CCK)Class 66s galore, GBRF 66781 heads towards Heaton Norris Jnc with the Peak Forest to Hope Street, whilst in the opposite direction is 66503 with the Bredbury to Runcorn Binliner. 07th June 2018Stagecoach Manchester 12250Stagecoach Manchester 12250SKINSArriva Rail North Class 150/1 150113 - StockportHarris Transport DAF P500HAR - M60, StockportGrey day in the Peak DistrictLyme Hall1994 BMW 316i Coupe1986 Daimler 4.2 AutoDownton DAF VX65MZZ - M60, StockportL.&S.J.Summers DAF XF SS13LEN - StockportArriva Rail North Class 319 319380 - StockportArriva Rail North Class 150/1 150120 - StockportWS Transportation Scania PN16OXU - M60, StockportStagecoach AD Enviro 400 19460 MX58VBC - StockportMCT AD Enviro 200 YY67HBK - StockportLp And Landscape mini break.Lp And Landscape mini break.Lp And Landscape mini break.Lp And Landscape mini break.Lp And Landscape mini break.Lp And Landscape mini break.Tei Henge.The Circle Maker.Pyramid of Tom HLynn Padarn.  153/365.Spiraling.  152/365.Crown InnCrown Inn chimneyCrown InnCrown Inn bar1838 Listed pub, the Crown Inn, Heaton Lane.Virgin Train on Stockport Viaduct.Danny BergaraThe Queen's HeadStagecoach Manchester Alexander Dennis Enviro 200MMC 26145 SN67 WVOStagecoach Manchester 19532Stagecoach Manchester 10406Unusual men!To St. PetersgatePendolinoStockport Town HallCanada Goose GoslingCanada Goose GoslingLittle GrebeWrenKeighley Bus Museum Trust XYJ 418 (ex WLT 736)LegendsGreater Manchester Fire ServiceStagecoach Manchester 26143Stagecoach Manchester 19398 / 47671 / 19630Stagecoach Manchester 19391 / 19413Stagecoach Manchester 47670Vernon Park Fountain, Stockport.Stagecoach Manchester 33349 (R49 CDB)Hybrid Clematis Heatons Festival    Kids Zone rideHeatons Festival   -  ShockwaveHeatons Festival  -  Men in sheds20180608_0929141989-01-A-004Northern 319376 stops at Heaton ChapelThe green at 20180608_10064620180608_09291420180608_10143920180608_10062920180608_09505320180608_09511420180608_09284920180607_15531620180607_15445020180607_15442320180607_15440420180607_15384120180607_15385120180607_15413220180607_15432620180607_15274220180607_15273020180607_15244420180607_15224420180607_15130920180607_15151720180607_15164720180607_14581420180607_14562020180607_14561120180607_14494120180607_14385120180607_14443220180607_14445320180607_14451420180607_14342320180607_14304520180607_14303620180607_14302120180607_14222320180607_14231520180607_14300026143S-Coaches Scania YR15VBZ - M60, StockportMalcolm Logistics Volvo FM L541.SF17WDO - Stockport20180603_175258Lyme Park20180603_17285120180603_17284020180603_17282320180603_17282520180603_17274720180603_17275420180603_17273720180603_17233420180603_17270720180603_172639DadCrown InnCrown InnCrown InnCrown Inn yardCrown Inn vaultCrown Inn grapesCrown Inn signCrown InnRed Poppy flower at the side of the cycle track between Middle Farm , Bredbury and Otterspool Bridge, Marple.Selwyns Travel Optare Solo YJ12 GZKThis a variety of a climbing rose in my garden.The flower of a small but beautiful hybrid tea rose in my garden.