Christmas TreeChristmas TreeChristmas TreeGrey Crowned CraneRuff    PB181845smBlack-tailed Godwit    PB181821smDucks in the Sun   PB181839smJust a domestic dove.......    PB181993smBX11HFW      MB185672smPinkfeet     PB181879smShelduck    PB181813smCape Teal  PB181810smBlack-tailed Godwit    PB181818smFemale Pintail    PB181896smSquare orange    PB181981smLate hedgehog?    PB181895smWhite stork     PB182014smSuccess     PB182018smFeeding rivals     PB182016smRed Admiral    PB181867revGolden Hour at AinsdaleGolden Hour at AinsdaleAinsdaleWaiting For Lunch HSSa short walk to the beachP1040105-ALLEZ-MOSSTeal F00448 Marshside RSPB D210bob DSC_6001in the movelooking for happinessP1100772_edited-1.jpgP1100777_edited-1P1100785_edited-1P1100741_edited-1P1100744_edited-1P1100749_edited-1P1100755_edited-1P1100760_edited-1P1100763_edited-1P1100768_edited-1Photobombed Rufffully concentratedAustin RocketMarine LakeAutumnal afternoonAutumnal afternoonAutumnal afternoonproudGreenshank F00443  RSPB Marshside D210bob DSC_5740Centenary gateway bridgeCentenary gateway bridgeAutumn colourAutumn colourAutumn colourAutumn colourMute SwanMute SwanMallardCumfybus Southport YJ12GTY.LapwingSound of Silence, SouthportCumfybus Southport YJ12GUG.Southport PierMarine LakeSouthport PierSunsetSouthport PierSouthport PierRoyal British Legion Southport YJ16DYS.Teal F00434 Marshside RSPB D210bob  DSC_6019Redshank F00432 Marshside RSPB D210bob DSC_595920181105_13555520181105_14133320181105_14130520181105_13321520181105_13553120181105_13202020181105_13194320181105_12560220181105_125512RuffBlack-tailed GodwitP1040063-Moss-roadCut Mark: Southport, Prince of Wales HotelCut Mark: Southport, Prince of Wales Hotel aLord Street West United ChurchCut Mark: Southport, Saint George's United Reformed ChurchWayfarers ArcadeThe AtkinsonChrist Church, SouthportDiverSouthport Pier cSouthport Promenade Hospital aThe Lakeside Inn, SouthportThe Lakeside Inn, Southport bPintail F00427 Marshside RSPB D210bob DSC_5981Godwit F00425 Marshside RSPB D210bob DSC_5989Seething mass of ducksRedshank F00422 Marshside RSPB D210bob  DSC_5955Song thrush507 009 at Southport on 28th October 2018507 001 at Southport on 28th October 2018 working BLS RailtourP1040008-PINESAgricultural fieldsAgricultural fieldsAgricultural fieldsAgricultural fieldsHollieAgricultural fieldsSouthport sandsSouthport PierMiniature Railway, SouthportSouthport MarinaPatergonian Crested  Duck Martin Mere F00406 D210bob DSC_1855Wood DuckHawaiin Geese, Branta sandvicensisBeloved GraveAutumn IridescenceBewick Swan Cygnus columbianusHWWWaterstones SouthportSouthport Musical Fireworks 2018Southport Musical Fireworks 2018Southport Musical Fireworks 2018Male Shelduck     PB181934smPB181942smLapwing   PB181919smCranesbill     PB181855smPB181941smReflected orange   PB181990smTake off  - Whooper swans     PB181956smPintail Speculum     PB181842smLapwing   PB181910smSwans Approaching    PB181891smLapwings     PB182024smBarberry     PB181874smand Failure     PB182020smCut Mark: Southport, Promenade Wall Junction 62 & 6320181105_15050820181105_12424620181105_12432720181105_11280020181105_11282020181105_112750London square, SouthportLondon square, SouthportLondon square, SouthportCut Mark: Southport, Masonic Hall aCut Mark: Southport, Masonic HallCut Mark: Southport, Lord Street West United ChurchLord Street West United Church aMermaid FountainCut Mark: Southport, Saint George's United Reformed Church aSt George's United Reformed ChurchCut Mark: Southport, Wall Between 30 & 35 The Promenade aCut Mark: Southport, Wall Between 30 & 35 The PromenadeWayfarers Arcade aCut Mark: Southport, 55 West Street aBeer Pong aBeer PongSinners ClubDangerThe Atkinson PlaqueThe Atkinson bSouthport Town HallCut Mark: Southport, Christ Church, Lord StreetChrist Church, Southport aThe Willow Grove aSouthport War Memorial bSouthport War Memorial aSouthport War MemorialPivot Bench Mark: Southport, Victoria Baths Cafe aPivot Bench Mark: Southport, Victoria Baths CafeFunlandMarine Way Bridge dMarine Way Bridge cSouthport Pier bSouthport Pier aSouthport PierMermaid Fountain bMermaid Fountain hMermaid Fountain gMermaid Fountain cMermaid Fountain dMermaid Fountain eThe Marian Centre aThe Marian Centre bCut Mark: Southport, Wall Seabank RoadThe Marian CentreCut Mark: Southport, Wall Seabank Road aSt Marie’s Catholic ChurchSt Marie’s Catholic Church aSt Marie’s Catholic Church bSouthport Promenade HospitalDate Stone AD 1806Southport Promenade Hospital bSouthport Promenade Hospital cSouthport DwellingCut Mark: Southport, Gatepost Avondale Road aCut Mark: Southport, Gatepost Avondale RoadCut Mark: Southport, Gatepost 61 - 63 Avondale RoadMarine Way Bridge eMarine Way Bridge aShoveler F00423 Marshside RSPB D210bob DSC_5970Song thrushA Swan, Me A Swan? HSSBlack-Tailed Godwit (2)P1030994-ALLEZmushroomsmoorhenmallard duckpigeonsquirrelPhonescoped with iPhone 7BridlewayPumpkin Trail HFFSouthport Coast (3)Southport Coast (4)Southport Coast (5)Southport Coast (6)Southport Coast (7)Southport sky.wwt_flamingo_01wwt_flamingo_03wwt_flamingo_02wwt_flamingo_04wwt_flamingo_05BlurEgyptian Geese, Alopochen aegyptiacusPuma Teal, Spatula punaBlack-necked Swans, Cygnus melancoryphusBionic Bee MovieMonday, nice - Wednesday, 'otterWhoop WhoopEvening falls on Southport PierTufted Duck Marshside RSPB F00395 D210bob DSC_9801DunesKestral Marshside RSPB F00391 D210bob  DSC_9861Black dressSouthport SeafrontQueen Victoria StatueSouthport Musical Fireworks 2018Southport Musical Fireworks 2018Southport Musical Fireworks 2018Southport Musical Fireworks 2018Southport Musical Fireworks 2018Southport Musical Fireworks 2018Southport Musical Fireworks 2018