150147Amy BrownIMG_20181204_144332IMG_20181204_143928IMG_20181204_144332IMG_20181204_150535Balanced stonesGold Scania 15228 being recovered by MillersGrey GBRfMilling Machine MoveSeventy on a SundayStill in active service with Tyrers Coaches, Adlington is ex John Fishwick & Sons LR52KXJ at Cowling Brow, Chorley.Still awaiting a visit to the coach painters is one of Tyrers Coaches of Adlingtons ex NCT Scanias YN07EYU at Cowling Brow, Chorley on Runshaw College duties.Sparrow - 231118Tyrers Coaches, Adlington MH04HCP at Cowling Brow, Chorley with Standish Community High School YSB service Y70 for Aspull.Tyrers Coaches, Adlington YN56FAK at Cowling Brow, Chorley on afternoon schools duties.Farington Summer 1961FairylandTyrers Irizar ScaniaFairy Glen Waterfall, Appley Bridge, Wigan, North West EnglandWatch faceNigella damascena (devil in the bush) 4A splash of green 3A splash of green 2A splash of green 1Natural green 1Natural green 3Natural green 2Natural green 4195105 195103 5Z91 EuxtonRotala Preston Bus 20876 KX14FJJ at Chorley Interchange with an Ormskirk service.All in hand.  308.365Curves331102 5Z99 EuxtonWatch movementNew train! 331102 at EuxtonScarecrow Festival 8Pivot Bench Mark: Croston, Marker Stone Beside Entrance To WorksCut Mark: Croston, 1 Town Road aCut Mark: Croston, War Memorial Wall PostCongregational ChurchKey in the door331001 5Z99 LeylandOil and water 1HalloweenOil and water 2Oil and water 3Oil and water 4Oil and water 7Oil and water 6Stocking the larderChristmas cactus 2 - 231018ShynessIn the grounds of Rufford Old HallIn the grounds of Rufford Old HallIn the grounds of Rufford Old HallEuropean wasp (Vespula vulgaris) 1 - 191018Smokin' hotJelly ear fungus (Auricularia auricula-judae) - 171018Lichen and fungusFairies bonnet - 151018Lichen - 151018Lichen photobomber 2Confused by the one way sign?20181008_135619_Richtone(HDR)Black Earth Tongue (Geoglossum fallax)Forficula auricularia (Common Earwig - Male)Rufford Old Hall lawn view90042, 90043, 0532 Coatbridge - Daventry, Leyland, 25-06-18In the void (Hypericum) 2Remedies40013 1Z21 LeylandFungi 1 - 061018It is the start of the 2018 leaf busting season, so here is one cleaning the rails at Buckshaw ParkwayA sign from ChorleyNational Trust Rufford Old HallBerries 1Green sandpiperGreen sandpiperFly agaricShoveler in bushesShoveler on waterRufford Old HallRufford Old HallRufford Old HallSt Marys MarinaFacing home 1Autumn down low25 September 2018 Stagecoach Chorley.  Cowling Outstation just before 7AMPower to the peopleSquirrel - 240918Fungi 2 - 240918Lancaster HouseOil and water 3Oil and water 1Oil and water 2Oil and water 5Oil and water 4Oil and water 6Curiosity 1Measuring jugCuriosity 3Signs of autumnCuriosity 267006 5Z90 EuxtonLichen 1 - 220918Teasel 3 - 220918Splash 1 - 210918Splash 3 - 210918Splash 4 - 210918Splash 1 - 200918Splash 2 - 200918Splash 3 - 200918Splash 4 - 200918Splash 7 - 200918Splash 5 - 200918IMG_20181204_1257462018-11-29_10-18-41Sunsets glow from back garden20181121_14105120181121_15254320181121_14103420181121_15255220181121_134216DSC_0054-2DSC_0019DSC_0049DSC_0070DSC_0067DSC_0012DSC_0073DSC_008345157 390127 1S58 390013 9M54 EuxtonA rare occurrence and a lucky catch for me is one of the two East Lancs / Darts with Tyrers Coaches of Adlington PN06UYS at the Interchange out and about with a Chorley local 357 service.Christmas scenes150115+150122 pause at Buckshaw Parkway working 2N99, 1629 Buxton to Preston.Scarecrow Festival 11Scarecrow Festival 12Scarecrow Festival 13Scarecrow Festival 10Scarecrow Festival 9Scarecrow Festival 7aScarecrow Festival 7Scarecrow Festival 4bScarecrow Festival 4aScarecrow Festival 4Scarecrow Festival 6aScarecrow Festival 6Gardens @ Old Rufford Hall fScarecrow Festival 15Scarecrow Festival 15aScarecrow Festival 15bScarecrow Festival 2 & 3Scarecrow Festival 2Scarecrow Festival 3Scarecrow Festival 5Scarecrow Festival 14Scarecrow Festival 1Scarecrow Festival 8aPivot Bench Mark: Croston, Marker Stone Beside Entrance To Works aPivot Bench Mark: Croston, Marker Stone Beside Entrance To Works bThe CrownCut Mark: Croston, 104 Station Road aCut Mark: Croston, 104 Station RoadSchoolCut Mark: Croston, 1 Town RoadLord Nelson aLord NelsonThe Wheatsheaf aThe WheatsheafCroston Old SchoolCut Mark: Croston, St Michael's ChurchSt Michael's ChurchCut Mark: Croston, War Memorial Wall Post aSt John the Baptist's Church Clock1GL Bolt: Bretherton, St John The Baptist ChurchSt John the Baptist's Church bCongregational Church aDate Stone 1896, Congregational ChurchThe Old BakerySouth Road Wesleyan Methodist ChurchSouth Road Wesleyan Methodist Church aCamelot Theme Park (HDR 5)Moon 28th Oct 2108Black-Tailed Godwit66712IMG_20181021_121042_130IMG_20181021_121032IMG_20181021_120613_369IMG_20181021_12055920181018_143524_Richtone(HDR)Standish, Wigan (1)Standish, Wigan (3)Standish, Wigan (4)Appletreewick 10 18Lichen photobomberDew covered dandelion 1Jelly ear fungus (Auricularia auricula-judae)Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera Red) 120181008_111437_Richtone(HDR)20181006_114212_Richtone(HDR)Black Earth Tongue (Geoglossum fallax) 1Monkeying aboutBracket fungus 1Bracket fungus20180511_160800Unknown CaterpillarForficula auricularia (Common Earwig - Female)In the void (Welsh poppy)In the void (Creeping buttercup)In the void (Hypericum) 3In the void (Hypericum) 1Autumnal roadmapCrosstown trafficDandelion clockChristmas cactus 2 - 051018Teasel 1 - 051018Teasel 3 - 051018Teasel 4 - 051018Shrooms 1Sunday League 1Sunday League 2Conker 1BerriesPurpleRed and greenPinkMigrant hawker through the reedsMigrant hawker in flightD1935Rufford Old HallRufford Old HallSt Marys MarinaSt Marys MarinaIn Flanders Fields The Poppies Blow86639 86637 1Z42 Charnock Richard73107 73141 1Z42 Charnock RichardThe RehearsalDR 79601 6X02 Euxton66719 6X02 EuxtonGREY WAGTAIL