The Man Who loss His ShirtDSCN8734 Bird Watching.IMG_0016 RSPB Nature Reserve St Aidan'sIMG_0026MO45 Finalists Matthew Stephenson vs Jonathan GliddonMO60 2nd Ian Bradburn (Presented by Mick Todd)MO55 Finalists Eamonn Price vs Alex BettsMO60 Finalists Nick Gollaglee vs Ian BradburnMO65 Finalists Jim Dougal vs Geoff RedfernMO70 Finalists Ian Ross vs Barry FeatherstoneWO35 Finalists Natalie Townsend vs Reka GayMO50 1st Yawar Abbas (Presented by Mick Todd)MO50 2nd Simon Spencer (Presented by Mick Todd)MO50 Finalists Yawar Abbas vs Simon SpencerMO55 1st Eamonn Price (Presented by Mick Todd)MO55 2nd Alex Betts (Presented by Mick Todd)MO60 1st Nick Gollaglee (Presented by Mick Todd)MO65 1st Geoff Redfern (Presented by Mick Todd)MO65 2nd Jim Dougal (Presented by Jonathan Gliddon)MO70 1st Barry Featherstone (Presented by Mick Todd)MO70 2nd Ian Ross (Presented by Jonathan Gliddon)MO75 1st Adrian Wright (Presented by Mick Todd)MO75 2nd William Wilson (Presented by Mick Todd)MO75 Match 9 Dudley Bostock vs Ken ReidMO75 Match 10 William Wilson vs Adrian WrightWO35 1st Natalie Townsend (Presented by Mick Todd)WO35 2nd Reka Gay (Presented by Mick Todd)WO45 2nd Sarah Spacey (Presented by Mick Todd)WO45 Finalists Rachel Calver vs Sarah SpaceyWO50 1st Andrea Santamaria (Presented by Mick Todd)WO50 2nd Helen Barnard (Presented by Mick Todd)WO50 Finalists Helen Barnard vs Andrea SantamariaWO55 1st Jill Campion (Presented by Mick Todd)WO55 2nd Lesley Sturgess (Presented by Mick Todd)WO55 Finalists Lesley Sturgess vs Jill CampionFinalistsMO35 1st Jamie Goodrich (Presented by Mick Todd)MO35 2nd Alex Preston (Presented by Mick Todd)MO35 Finalists Jamie Goodrich vs Alex PrestonMO40 1st Ben Hutton (Presented by Mick Todd)MO40 2nd Mike Potter (Presented by Mick Todd)MO40 Finalists Ben Hutton vs Mike PotterMO45 1st Jonathan Gliddon (Presented by Mick Todd)MO45 2nd Matthew Stephenson (Presented by Mick Todd)Leaf-busting near Crofton.Andromada 100IMG_0001 - Bucyrus Erie DraglineIMG_0037 -The Giant.a bountiful feastArriva Rail North 144012 - Evolution PacerDAS441 1944 Dodge W/C 51 weapons carrier.Studies of The BuskerStudies of The BuskerWakefield 004SmilerE144XDS 1987 Scania 82M served with the Strathclyde Fire Brigade.SSU733 1944 AEC Matador.72KJ50 Land Rover 110 Defender.YAX521 1960 Foden S20 in the livery of J.W Allen & Sons.W883EOW 2000 ERF EC11 in the livery of S.C Roper & Sons.HSU840 1959 ERF KV in the livery of S Roper & Sons.SSU733 1944 AEC Matador.XJV801 1964 Scammell Highwayman.USJ645 1961 Leyland Super Comet in the colours of A.S Heathcote.AE51TFO 2001 Foden Alpha in the livery of James Cooper & Sons.LRA748 1940 Austin K2 in the colours of John Bowman & Sons.EYG285 1946 Morris Commercial CCVF 13/5 in the livery of Wheelwright Bros.669LUG 1952 Bedford OSBT in the colours of A&H Maw.51DXC 1967 AEC Mandator in the colours of Graham Mellor.Jo's Girl (nr 8) quietly coming up the insideJo's Girl is currently second, but she is coming.... fast!Dalawyna gets first runDriven outDragstone Rock and Stevie DonohoeHSU840 1959 ERF KV in the colours of S Roper & Sons.PYJ881L 1972 ERF LV in the colours of T.E Darley.OJX542 1961 ERF KV in the livery of S Roper & Sons.FRC805C 1965 Seddon 16-4 in the colours of Richard GillamXYY854 1964 Foden S20 in the livery of Kenneth Wilson.54DK Ford Transit Mk2.XCD669 1959 Austin FFK.M134MEE 1994 Volvo FH12 operated by Simon D Howard.70811 6C80In the drive positionThey are only racing for second and thirdDragstone Rock makes the best of his wayA beautiful chestnut, AlhawdajDane O'Neill keeps Alhawdaj up to his taskAlhawdaj on his lonesomeEight legs off the ground4993UG - Leyland Tiger - Lilford Traveller (Leigh)60076 6H12D213 Passing the crossing at Kirkthorpe.47810 1Z1340013 1Z13Aire and Calder Navigation Bridge Castleford Yorkshire  Leeds. Castleford, and Pontefract Junction Railway.St Edward Church Brotherton YorkshireSt Andrews Church Ferrybridge YorkshireThe Old Bridge Ferrybridge YorkshireA1 Bridge River Aire Ferrybridge YorkshireThe Old Bridge Ferrybridge YorkshireSt Edward Church Brotherton YorkshireSt Andrews Church Ferrybridge YorkshireClarke HallHammer and TongsSSU733 1944 AEC Matador.NX14UPL 2014 DAF XF operated by L Bradbury & Son.J875LEW 1991 ERF E12.MCU299K 1972 Ford D series in the colours of Blakeys Transport.F711FHH 1988 Foden 4300 in the livery of James Cooper & Sons.CYO209V 1979 Bedford TM in the livery of L Bradbury & Son.PFU920 1957 BMC FE in the colours of F Hewitt.NX14UPL 2014 DAF XF operated by L Bradbury & Son.Roper family ERF convoy.JETTINGMIXEDFavourite and eventual winner Carey Street leads themThe 2.10 at Ponte enters the final straightA racecourse gallopTree Sparrow - Passer montanus2018.09.28 70813Meeting Kevin KeeganWAS738 1931 Ford Model A.CYY630C 1965 Bedford RL served with the Auxiliary Fire Service.KZ08AA Land Rover 130 Defender Ambulance.601UXD 1956 REO M35.138370 1975 Volvo C306.PFF743 1942 Dodge W/C 51 Weapons Carrier.72KJ50 Land Rover 110 Defender.170UXO 1954 Commer Superpoise in the colours of Robert Dunkerley.FUG504Y 1983 Volvo F12.PEN897 1962 ERF LK44G in the livery of Bensons.2018-10-02_05-15-26OMG!!!OGU529D 1966 Pontiac Tempest.OSU961 1957 Mercury Monterey.KUM984F 1967 Vauxhall Viva.LNL533P 1976 Austin Maxi 1750.422VTE 1961 Ford Consul.CNC489 1936 Austin 16/6 shooting brake.XEW700T 1979 Range Rover.MJL309H 1969 Morris 1000 pick up.Cemex Livery On The Killingholme.Table & Two BenchesMorning light on Wakefield CathedralMethley Flyer68004 1Z44YXS249 1948 Plymouth P15 Super De-Luxe.TW5456 1926 Austin Mayflower.GSL873 1954 Hillman Minx.TVS108 1955 Pontiac Chieftain.TVS108 1955 Pontiac Chieftain.UTF721 1926 Ford Model T.YN58GMX 2008 Volvo S60 served with  South Yorkshire Police.424WHU 1964 Albion in the livery of P Sweeting.R990YFC Ford F1 pick up.NUX148X 1981 Austin Mini pick up.treesWakefield city centre windowscalderbridgeThe Lines Way. Former Leeds, Castleford.and Pontefract Junction Railway. Allerton Bywater Leeds Yorkshire.Boats at StanleyFerry2018_08_03372018_08_03502018_08_03482018_08_03402018_08_0342F711FHH 1988 Foden 4300 in the livery of James Cooper & Sons.Towse's Toys.778MMU 1959 AEC Mammoth Major in the colours of Bob Towse.PFU920 1957 BMC FE in the colours of F Hewitt.FGE991 1947 Foden DG in the livery of J.W Ward & Sons.Ackworth2018_08_03312018_08_03322018_08_0349EPIC STASH 201866783 & 66780 6D09VNP767L 1973 Ford Mustang.GSK485 1959 Ford Fairlane Galaxie 500.LSL844 1938 Plymouth P5 Coupe.GSK485 1959 Ford Fairlane Galaxie 500.LSL844 1938 Plymouth P5 Coupe.GBB949C 1965 Ford Anglia 1500 De-Luxe.901UXC 1947 Chevrolet 3100.901UXC 1947 Chevrolet 3100.PontefractPontefractPontefractNormantonWakefieldWakefieldWakefieldWakefield 003UAW455 1959 Hillman Minx De-Luxe.XMM808G 1969 Ford Lotus Cortina MkII.BKH686K 1972 Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico.EKH209J 1971 Land Rover Ambulance.KZ08AA Land Rover 130 Defender Ambulance.Y622YBT 2001 Chevrolet 3500 served with the U.S.A.FLand Rover Lightweight.918XUH 1951 Austin A40 Devon pick up.918XUH 1951 Austin A40 Devon pick up.Rylstone To Killingholme At Hare Park.Single Grid On The Tanks.WakefieldWakefieldWakefieldWakefieldWakefieldWakefieldWakefieldWakefieldWakefieldWakefieldWakefieldWakefieldWakefieldWakefieldSYH469 1957 Bedford RLHZ Green Goddess served with the Auxiliary Fire Service.GMC CCKW.GMC CCKW.GAZ 69.LHD5K 1972 Commer PB Camper Van.SOA293 1955 Austin FE in the colours of R.P Masters & Family.BKB527X 1982 Bedford CF camper van.Common Tern66014 6D19 Drax Power Station Milford West SidingsWhich is the Art and which is/are the Viewer(s)Which is the Art and which is/are the Viewer(s)Calderama60047 6N61West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (Featherstone)JRR39D 1966 Atkinson Silver Knight in the colours of T.H Naylor & Sons.RET156R 1977 Bedford TK in the livery of Outgang Brewery.PUH228Y 1982 Foden S85.XJV801 1964 Scammell Highwayman.USJ645 1961 Leyland Super Comet in the colours of A.S Heathcote.TR9409 1929 Ford Model A.Common TernE144XDS 1987 Scania 82M.Served with the Strathclyde Fire Brigade.EC3388 1921 Fowler steam tractor No15748 named EYG285 1946 Morris Commercial CCVF in the colours of Wheelwright Bros.2018_08_02942018_08_03122018_08_03042018_08_03052018_08_0296Wakefield