Leeds First FridayOn the moveLapping it upThe parade beginsTake my picture! Take my picture!Here come the girlsLooking Back to Topcliffe MillHenry Moore in Leeds.More for the Leeds Pride eventDon't worry, she was dressedOoh hello!Morning dewBalloon DancerOn Briggate at LeedsGetting the bar readySteamy.04.03.1982 - 08748 Neville Hill West JnMutts Nutts66564 Fanny PitLeeds - LondonNorthern WastelandTrig point, Robin Hood Hill (SE320236, OS Landranger 104), 16th September, 201866543665516656766601 The Hope Valley66601 The Hope Valley700027000870015Through a mucky windowRound the neck againIn threesWhat a great defence splitting playThey haven't closed the ball down yetThe challengers come inStuntman LiamA visitor to Wakefield City Centre47630BB Statue at ER-1.jpg12-05-64 TNW743 AEC Regent III in Cobourg Street.06-64 Leyland Titans 315DUA, 5227NW, NNW384 in Leeds.06-64 8738UA  AEC Reliance in Leeds.06-64 LUA446 AEC Regent III at Leeds Central Bus Station.DSCN5252DSCN5284DSCN5260DSCN5261DSCN5262DSCN5263DSCN5264DSCN5266DSCN5267DSCN5268DSCN5270DSCN5271DSCN5272DSCN5273DSCN5275DSCN5277DSCN5278DSCN5279DSCN5280DSCN5281DSCN5282DSCN5285DSCN5286DSCN5287DSCN5288DSCN5290DSCN5291DSCN5292DSCN5295DSCN5296DSCN5297DSCN5298DSCN5299DSCN5304DSCN5289DSCN5294DSCN5303DSCN5197DSCN5200DSCN5201DSCN5202DSCN5203DSCN5204DSCN5206DSCN5208DSCN5209DSCN5210DSCN5211DSCN5212DSCN5213DSCN5214DSCN5215DSCN5216DSCN5217DSCN5218DSCN5219DSCN5220DSCN5221DSCN5222DSCN5223DSCN5225DSCN5226DSCN5227DSCN5228DSCN5229DSCN5230DSCN5231DSCN5232DSCN5233DSCN5234DSCN5235DSCN5237DSCN5238DSCN5239DSCN5240DSCN5241DSCN5243DSCN5244DSCN5245DSCN5246DSCN5247DSCN5248DSCN5249DSCN5250DSCN5254DSCN5256DSCN5257DSCN5258DSCN5255DSCN5259LeedsTwilight of the Pacers...Going one wayClose, but no cigarAnd now he goes for the faceTackle completedSurely a penaltyGoing airborne to get a high tackle inGoing high againIt's gone freeThe numbers are growingI think his head is still attachedTaking a heavy oneOver the topInto waiting armsHere you go!The ref has a great view of the stealColourful facadeSax appeal 2Love.Happy face.1L21 1038 Leeds to Lincoln at Hunslet2F50 Knottingley to Leeds at HunsletLeeds 16The fingers in the face routineGoing for the gapAnother scoreA desperate attempt to stop the tryThey don't have a chance of stopping himLining up the tackleAnd another attack is on the cardsAnother tryHe just might get out of their gripHalf of the team are having a go nowAnd on he goesLeeds Bridge HouseLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsA sick RolandAt the side of Beza Street bridge, Hunslet66752 at Beza Street, HunsletLeedsIMG_20180913_143334Sep 06Sep 07Sep 08Job doneMore pointsPressing onBeginning the brush offComing highMoving inMaking spaceDone himAnother Oulton attackTouchdownHeave Ho!He's never going to push it inLeeds DockTowers next to the canal in Leeds15.09.82 47302 Hunslet (Beza Street bridge)32444A Superb finishThe final lungeHis momentum will take him inHe's turned the wingerHalting his progressSafely taken, just aboutSuperb skillGreat effort by the full backHe can't be stopped nowLast play and try comingJust rolling aroundSlapped away by the defenderLooking for an offloadLight show on buildings near Millenium SquareDSCN5164DSCN5166DSCN5167DSCN5168DSCN5169DSCN5170DSCN5171DSCN5172DSCN5175DSCN5177Ice On Car WindowIce On Car WindowLeeds1Z48 0607 Cathedrals Express Radlett - Carlisle at HunsletTrying to stay in the field of play66337Lemonroyd Marina Leeds YorkshireLemonroyd Marina Leeds YorkshireLemonroyd Marina Leeds YorkshireBeing slowed downLeedsMaking it stickStruggling onLeedsAnother great finishTry coming, another oneThe body language says it allHe's broken the tackleStanding up wellKeeping the full back busyAsda Leeds Bridge WashtecDSCN5159DSCN5160DSCN5161DSCN5162