56078 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Hapton 25.09.2018Rose Grove 50 years on – it's changed a bit, hasn't it…70802 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Hapton 24.09.201820180923_164536Peel Park Hotel, AccringtonBurnleyBurnleyBusted VaseBurnleyRose Grove 50 years on – but do you really want to know…?BurnleyBurnleyBurnleyBurnleyBurnleyBurnleyTowneley HallAnnunciationBurnleyBurnleyBurnleyWorsthorneBurnleyBurnleyBurnleyBurnley70802 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Huncoat 19.09.2018Keeping cats off the wall.Bucket.Sabden Bus Bus StopPizza shackex TransdevSoon to be clad in green.Down but still biting.Transdev Rosso Wright Eclipse Urban Volvo B7RLE 1712 PJ53 UHVTransdev Lancashire United Wright Eclipse Gemini Volvo B7TL 3602 X2 VTDTransdev Burnley & Pendle Wright Renown Volvo B10BLE 1043 B3 TDVNot a clueMercedes GT AMGThe Sands NelsonTowneley Level CrossingTowneley Level CrossingTowneley Level Crossing FrameThe Burnley Bus Company (Transdev Lancashire) 1046 B4 TDV with a service to Higherford.The Burnley Bus Company (Transdev Lancashire) 1071 B9 TDV with a service to Worsthorne.60047 Padiham Power Station 13.11.1992You could be Blinded by the light.Cliviger Gorge, LancashireNew and old in BurnleyRuin by Hameldon WoodCottages, Stone FoldKing's HighwayLooking West towards AccringtonMarsden park Old HallPendle from canal bridge Brierfield Sept 4th at 5-45pmTiers of Burnley fans, and tears of Burnley fans, as we go down 2-0 to Man Utd.Jinny WellGarden VisitorWhy does the Willow weep.Nelson 220180826_17215256078 & 56113 approach Rosegrove20180822_1242452018-08-17 13.13.2320180817_12510420180816_140610Singing Ringing Tree (Panopticons)BrierfieldNelsonThe Singing Ringing Tree56090-56094 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Huncoat 07.08.201856090-56094 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Huncoat 09.08.201848393 Rose Grove April 196820180806_192012_00120180806_19293920180806_19294220180806_19463220180806_19465620180806_19474320180806_19475020180807_11390420180807_1138347081120180804_00060320180804_00045120180804_000316First Aberdeen 20021 WSU 489 in Burnley with visiting football supporters from Aberdeen for the UEFA Qualifier at Turf Moor.First Aberdeen 23330 PSU 627 in Burnley with visiting football supporters from Aberdeen for the UEFA Qualifier at Turf Moor.Central Coaches, Aberdeen D20 CTC in Burnley with visiting football supporters from Aberdeen for the UEFA Qualifier at Turf Moor.Watermill Coaches, Fraserburgh JR13AAA in Burnley with visiting football supporters from Aberdeen for the UEFA Qualifier at Turf Moor.20180803_17494220180803_17480020180803_174733View from Hameldon Hill over HuncoatA view from Hameldon looking towards Pendle HillIt was fifty years ago today.....33207 and 37669 Scarborough Spa Express20180801_105937Burnley Rose Grove Lancashire 1st August 1968Leeds and Liverpool canal Brierfield monochrome.56078-56113 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Rose Grove 30.07.201820180729_1834481532005243746765574709First Leyland Olympian F159XYG142048 & 142040 at HaptonLeeds and Liverpool.On Loan at Transdev Rosso is The Keighley Bus Company 2707 Y707 HRN leaving Accrington Bus Station with a 464 service to RochdalePilkingtons of Accrington LG02FEO now in fleet livery on East Lancashire schools duties.P1040119Capacity To SpareBMW 440iMatch WinnerPale Imitation20180716_171612Full NelsonGone To Seed-hillBlacko & WhitesAdmirable Nelson20180713_141454Now in fleet livery is Pilkington Bus, DAF East Lancs Myllennium Lowlander FD02UKJ awaiting its vinyls and advert at the depot in Accrington.20180708_09433420180706_140733Gilbraiths ERF E12TX 4x2 tractor unit Reg No J175 ONALees CarP1040090BurnleyBurnleyBurnleyFriendly catWoodland faceClitheroe Sky Hot Air BalloonShe lights my way.1058-B6 TDV. Burnley Bus Company.1867-FJ09 KNV. TransdevMist over Pendle HillCliviger GorgeDescending towards HuncoatGreat HameldonShapeLomeshaye, the dragon has landed.The old gas worksPathway to bogart wood.Witches GaloreNutter Family GraveEye of GodSt Mary's NewchurchNewchurch-in-PendleAshlar HouseWeasel 4Weasel 3Weasel 2Abandoned CrossStone AngelLate Summer Dawn2018-08-22 17.39.0920180822_15244820180822_15263120180822_15264520180822_15432220180822_15435220180822_15503020180822_15504720180822_16072520180822_16074120180822_16083820180822_16075420180822_16114020180822_16085120180822_16251820180822_16244520180822_16250020180822_16254120180822_16255320180822_1626072018-08-22 06.50.052018-08-22 06.53.062018-08-22 06.50.082018-08-22 06.53.442018-08-22 06.53.592018-08-22 06.54.182018-08-22 06.54.232018-08-22 06.55.292018-08-22 06.57.132018-08-22 06.59.192018-08-22 06.59.242018-08-22 06.59.262018-08-22 07.01.172018-08-14 07.51.412018-08-14 07.46.162018-08-17 13.11.512018-08-17 13.11.562018-08-17 13.12.182018-08-17 13.12.562018-08-17 13.13.00Seaways ServicesSeaways ServicesSeaways ServicesSeaways ServicesSeaways ServicesSeaways ServicesSeaways ServicesBrierfieldBriercliffeBrierfieldBrierfieldBrierfieldNelsonBrierfieldNelsonNelsonNelsonNelsonNelsonNelsonSinging Ringing Tree sunsetRossendale to Manchester2018-06-18 06.51.112018-06-18 06.52.062018-06-18 06.53.082018-06-20 06.50.292018-06-20 06.53.202018-06-20 06.54.022018-06-20 06.55.002018-06-21 06.40.052018-06-21 06.45.332018-06-21 06.45.352018-06-18 06.50.582018-06-21 06.45.022018-06-21 06.45.302018-06-18 06.51.072018-08-07 07.43.212018-08-07 07.43.272018-08-07 07.43.352018-08-07 07.48.422018-08-07 07.48.452018-08-07 07.46.551140 John DeereChurn Clough Reservoir dribbleSabden MillSunny St. Nicholas'Gawthorpe HallSchool Furniture -  Edusentials LTDCowling pinnacleCrown Point Manchester Road pano smallSinging Ringing Tree thingPilkington Bus, Accrington W442 XKX on afternoon schools duties.Mazda 323F SportBurnleyBurnleyBurnley