Caber GrabberBackhold Wrestling by Greg Neilson & Paul CraigBackhold Wrestling by Greg Neilson & Paul CraigBackhold Wrestling by Alex Michaud & Ryan FerreyBackhold Wrestling by Alex Michaud & Ryan FerreyRyan Dolan - Backhold Wrestling ChampionHeavyweight ContestantsAlex Michaud & Dean Whyte - Backhold WrestlersChain MaleShooting the WrestlersBalloch Loch LomondCaber TossAlex Michaud & Ryan FerreyFrazer Hirsch & Ryan FerreyButterfly1Sword & ArmourPaul Craig & Greg NeilsonCiaran Kane & Paul CraigGetting Roped Up20180715_173634Ryan Dolan - WrestlerTug O' WarBackhold WrestlingTug O Warknapps loch sunriseRyan Ferrey & Dean WhyteBackhold Wrestling709A0599709A0651709A0633Backhold Wrestling by Alex Michaud & Paul CraigBackhold WrestlersRyan Dolan - Open Wrestling Champion & Frazer Hirsch - Open Wrestling Champion Runner-upTug O’ WarNot sureDalmuir Station Nameboard 15/06/18334037 DMSO 6x137 Dalmuir 15/06/18334037 DMSO 6x137 TOPS Number 15/06/18709A8451709A8548709A8176IMG_20180604_152543IMG_20180604_152521IMG_20180604_152549IMG_20180604_152531709A0604709A06011 Cormorant with 3 different fish in 5 minutes, on the River Clyde at Erskine, Scotland.ARKLOW RACERJASPERBRUISERTern, at  Erskine, Scotland.709A0173Swallow, at Erskine, Scotland.Carrion crow with a Crab at Erskine, Scotland.709A0480Flowers look over dry field and grass.709A9025709A8362709A9054709A8201709A8246KIPPO, on the River Clyde at Erskine, Scotland.709A7756Bobbing bottle on the River Clyde, at Erskine, Scotland.GullCormorant, at Erskine, Scotland.Dumbarton RockSOFTWARE MISTRESSDARWIN DASHTS Empire StateDumbarton RockSwallow, at Erskine, Scotland.Red-breasted merganserCormorantBowling TunnelSwallow, at Erskine, Scotland.Tern, at Erskine. Scotland.SwallowDumbarton RocksHARRISBRUISERWAVERLEY, on the River Clyde, passing Erskine, Scotland.Waverley at ErskinePS Waverley Homeward BoundJASPER, at Erskine, Scotland.SHEARWATERSwallows at  Erskine, Scotland.First Glasgow 61612 SF51YBCSTAVFJORDPassing ClydebankGull, at Erskine, Scotland.ARKLOW RACERSHEARWATERBallochBallochRemains107444 - Kilmacolm January 1983McGills YJ09CUVPS Waverley passing under Erskine BridgeMute swan, at Erskine, Scotland.Tern, at Erskine, Scotland.Swallow, at Erskine, Scotland.Cormorant, at Erskine, Scotland.Cormorant, at Erskine, Scotland.EMPIRE STATEboats and pinesPalombo's Fish & ChipsOur rental carWelcome to Sheildaig FarmDSC_0922_3Beware of the CockerelIn the sun - in the shadeLyndsay RoomFish & Chips Take-AwaySheildaig Farm Bed & BreakfastIn the coopArea agricultureSwallow, at Erskine, Scotland.Tern with lunch at Erskine, Scotland.Loch LomondMaid of the LochLoch Lomond ShoresLoch LomondUnder Balloch RoadLife ringsThat boat has seen better daysAnchored on River LevenNauti But Nice!No child should face cancer aloneLeaning on LevenFerry frontRuth Loch LomondTern, at Erskine, Scotland.Swallow, at Erskine, Scotland.The Springtail Jockeyknapps sunriseSEA LIFE Loch Lomond AquariumEMPIRE STATE, passing Erskine, Scotland.The ClydeChain MalePS WaverleyPS WaverleyPS WaverleyPS WaverleyF84 Reina Sofía. Spain Navy.IMG_7420IMG_7363Tiny fly HFDF!HNoMS Otra M351, Norway Navy.Kirkpatrick HillsHNLMS URK M861TS Empire StateTS Empire StateFS Andromède M643HNLMS MERCUUR A900Dumbarton Castle.    (IMG_7410e)WW1 delivery motor tricycle, replica. Mono.   (9N9A2107e)WW1 delivery motor tricycle, replica. (9N9A2107)Dumbarton Castle.    (9N9A2110)Guardroom, Dumbarton Castle.  (9N9A2112)Roe deer, at Erskine, Scotland.North Blyth BoundStag on a RoundaboutPS Waverley - Bowling  . 28-05-18Roe deer, at Erskine, Scotland.Over the Clyde at Port GlasgowOver the Clyde at Port GlasgowTimber ponds at the ClydeThis Saturday - 14th July 2018 - Loch Lomond Highland Games at BallochSilk suspenderCanal CygnetscatMute swanBlack headed gullFIRE 6CLYDE CLIPPERRed-breasted merganserMute swanBlack headed gullMute swanRed-breasted merganserGull709A8417HARRISWAVERLEY709A8472709A8342ELLONA, on the Clyde at Erskine, Scotland.MARNA, on the Clyde at Erskine, Scotland.WHITE HEATHER, on the Clyde at Erskine, Scotland.709A8248709A7664709A7476Loch Lomond709A7709709A7475709A7559709A7656Gypsonoma socianaHNLMS MERCUUR A900FGS BAD BEVENSEN M1063 Germany Navy.709A6201Thanks very much MICK for ID correction of Celypha lacunanaFGS BAD BEVENSEN M1063 Germany Navy.FS PEGASE M644, France Navy passing Erskine, Scotland.FS PEGASE M644, France Navy passing Erskine, Scotland.Elachistidae familyAll of a sudden it became a bit Hitchcock!!Bowling CrowSunny tunnelGullRoe deerOverhaul709A6392709A4371709A6206Stag on a Roundabout709A5335709A5319709A4697709A6384709A6391709A6411709A5317Over the Clyde at Port Glasgow709A5650Canal marker