Bearhill FarmWine, tree and family...... and hoover and crisps and manky windows and a burning desire to rearrange the decorations as soon as the three year old goes to bed. Christmas is coming 🎄The Gipsy Queen at Townhead Bridge, Kirkintilloch.The Fairy Queen at Hillhead Bridge, Kirkintilloch.One week in new surroundings. Have lulled Parentals into false sense of security by eating and sleeping on cue. We seem to be going out more so I may up the pooping to cause maximum inconvenience. The Boys look trainable, possible noble steads. Big SisterMcGills C8441 YX60BZGFirst Glasgow 32577 SF54OTW43124 & 43175 3H01 Eastfield H.S. to Perth ECSSN65OGM X85Dogs and Cyclists welcome.First Glasgow 31788 YN53EFFAutumnal Boneyard 01Coffee in the Glen 01Coffee in the Glen 02Over the Hills and Far Away 01First Glasgow 31787 YN53EFEEastside Park, Kirkintilloch.Eastside Park, Kirkintilloch.First Glasgow 67070 SN65ZFJ - With the unmistakable old clock tower of Kirkintilloch Cross as a backdrop'Mc Coll's of Cowgate' - MX61BBK with MX61BBNLennoxtown PondThe Alloch DamTommy plays cornet with mute.  (9N9A3181)Ken B conducts!  (9N9A3146)365537 1R73 14:30 Edinburgh to Glasgow Queen Street43003 & 43148 5Z51 13:45 Glasgow Works to InvernessIn DeepTrying to HideMe and my ReflectionWhooperMallard PortraitJuvenile Black Headed GullGoodbye !Goldeneye (M)Goosander (m)The HunterDiane on flugelhorn.   (9N9A3135)43148 & 43003 5T06 14:54 Perth to Glasgow WorksTuba Guys!  (9N9A3112)Rebecca on  trombone.  (IMG_1586)IMG_20181123_011251_225Sarah.   (IMG_1604)Maestro!  (IMG_1603)IMG_1463(IMG_1473)Patricia plays cornet.  (IMG_1499)Diane on flugelhorn.  (IMG_1076e)Sarah on cornet.   (9N9A3184)9N9A3118Venus and SpicaFirst Glasgow 37179 SF07FDM - The GrinchH123 PX11 BPF SCANIA R440 EDDIE STOBARTBritish Transport Police TurbostarScotrail Turbostar 170395 Lenzie StationMars from Lenzie20181117_08302520181118_12402920181118_121030IMG_20181110_11083920181117_23172520181116_160010H5506 - PO68 YCJH3380 - GN17 VGZkeep up!20181113_18414720181113_184120Kirkintilloch Remembrance Day, 2018.Kirkintilloch Remembrance Day, 2018.Kirkintilloch Remembrance Day, 2018.Kirkintilloch Remembrance Day, 2018.Kirkintilloch Remembrance Day, 2018.Campsie GlenCampsie GlenIMG_20181108_002127LNER Thompson Class L1 steam locomotive prototype No. 9000 Lenzie Junction 1946Last day of 380s on E&GDBS 66135DBS 66143Scotrail 365525Cumbernauld Fireworks 2018 (1)Cumbernauld Fireworks 2018 (2)Lapwing in the mudout for a strollIMG_20181031_183330_1EMacBus Mercedes Sitcar BelugaIMG_20181031_08035420181031_08055320181031_080106IMG_20181031_003014A walk on an autumn day 02A walk on an autumn day 03A walk on an autumn day 04the black sheep of the familythe photographer in actionReaching for the moonKirkintilloch, The Forth and Clyde Canal.Kirkintilloch, The Forth and Clyde Canal.Kirkintilloch, The Forth and Clyde Canal.Kirkintilloch, The Forth and Clyde Canal.Kirkintilloch, The Forth and Clyde Canal.Kirkintilloch, The Forth and Clyde Canal.Kingston Road, Kilsyth.The Olden DaysFirst Glasgow 37269 SN57JBE (2)First Glasgow 37269 SN57JBEDropping StreamClimbing TreeKirkintilloch Town Hall.Tea For Two.Kirkintilloch Bandstand.Kirkintilloch Town Hall.Kirkintilloch Town Hall.Kirkintilloch Town Hall.Kirkintilloch Town Hall.Kirkintilloch Town Hall.Crow Road, Lennoxtown.Campsie Fells, Lennoxtown.Kirkintilloch Shortcut - The LoaningKirkintilloch Shortcut -The Loaning.Westergreens, Kirkintilloch.Woodhead Park, Kirkintilloch.Blinking BuzzardWhooper Swan - back from the dentistFirst Glasgow 37149 YN06URC operating the evenings ony 88A serviceAutumn in the Colzium 01Autumn in the Colzium 04Autumn in the Colzium 05Autumn in the Colzium 07Autumn in the Colzium 08Autumn in the Colzium 09Autumn in the Colzium 010Autumn in the Colzium 01143140 43035 5Z43 GartcoshG833GSX KirkintillochMcDade's Travel, Uddingston G833 GSX on layover in Kirkintilloch.John Muir Way: Kirkintilloch158728 2J69 1420 Falkirk Grahamston to Glasgow Queen Street; Gartcosh; 29-09-201837800 37800 First Glasgow 67069 SN65ZFHJuvenile Black TernIMG_20181206_20280420181206_070805OMG, was my ear inside out the entire time?!Scotrail 385105 & 385007 1R38 10:00 Glasgow Queen Street to EdinburghScotrail 385005 1R33 Edinburgh to Glasgow Queen Street20181127_104548Euphonium.  (9N9A3164)(9N9A3137)9N9A3162Sarah.   (9N9A3160)Tom,  Bass,  reflections.  (IMG_1622)Jim on Cornet solo.   (9N9A3133)Joe plays Bass! (9N9A3098)(9N9A3120)(IMG_1490)H5318W6 RMD VOLVO FM SOUTHBAR TRANSPORTG10 DMT VOLVO FH DAVID MURRAYH5021 PO67 VMU SCANIA R450 EDDIE STOBARTH8497 PY18 EOC SCANIA R450 STOVART BIOMASSH5506 - PO68 YCJH2548 - PO66 UDM#muaythaiWelcome to Kirkintilloch.Tufted DuckTest HST momentary stop at Lenzie20181105_200258Fireworks!Tiny human is not a fan of fireworks. Dogs are entirely non-plussed and have, in fact, been known to run towards the sound. Sparklers are a good middle ground. Just the right amount of excitement with none of the noise. 20181105_18175420181105_18174820181105_181739385 in the RainMilton of Campsie stationMcGills C7807 YD63VFEIMG_20181103_18283120181031_191645365 521 at Bishopbriggs on 30th October 2018365 517 at Bishopbriggs on 30th October 2018A walk on an autumn day 01Let sleeping sheep lie20181028_210137IMG_20181028_135901'Easy' win for McGarrity?Watch-house , Cadder churchyard. Forth and Clyde CanalAutumn along the Forth and Clyde Canal.Multi-coloured legsGoosander portraitDazzling SunshineStop!Cascading ForceCheerful Autumn DayEscapeEmergency ExitLook upTake the StairsDramatic DestructionShadowed WindowTake the StairsWindow ProfileDon't you just love AutumnPowerful EnergyScottish National Hill Climb Championship, 2018.Scottish National Hill Climb Championship, 2018.20181019_210251Scottish National Hill Climb Championship, 2018.Haughhead, East Dunbartonshire.Westergreens, Kirkintilloch.Westgreens, Kirkintilloch.20181018_093239Scottish National Hill Climb Championship, 2018.Scottish National Hill Climb Championship, 2018.Aoife and bump (and duvet)Wallace’s WellWilliam Wallace getting a bit of TLCThe Campsie Fells.Clachan of Campsie.Campsie Fells Burn.Scottish National Hill Climb Championship, 2018.Jamie Wright's Well.They're Fencing in the Campsie Fells.Scottish National Hill Climb Championship, 2018.Black Tern - Chlidonias nigerTufted Duck - Aythya fuligulaMallard portrait318262 Stepps 3.10.18Scottish National Hill Climb Championship, 2018.620181013_144949KX59CYVGW55XPX20181012_091553Autumn in the Colzium 02Autumn in the Colzium 03G833GSX Campsie GlenAliens at Croy.Autumn Falls on Old Village StationGoldeneyeFirst Glasgow SN65 OFY.  33983First Glasgow SN65 OFX.  33982Baldernock Churchyard.20180929_093659Early Autumnal SceneFirst Glasgow 69260 SK57ADXCroy Station North LanarkshireBlack Tern (Juvenile)20180924_110951IMG_20180924_101523