Merry Christmas to all our Flickr friends!Ailsa’s TreehouseAilsa’s TreehouseAilsa’s TreehouseCasa CanavanNew Forth Crossing,08-12-18New Forth Crossing,08-12-18KingscavilQueensferry Crossing BridgeLinlithgow2018-12-07 (Day 341) Curves2018-12-04 (Day 338) Linlithgow Palace2018-11-30 (Day 334) A Wee Puddle2018-11-30 (Day 334) A Wee Puddle2018-11-27 (Day 331) Linlithgow Loch Swans2018-11-23 (Day 327) StreetlightsAbove and BeyondPashley gents bicycle.  (IMG_1288)Train driver drinks Irn Bru!  (IMG_1398)(IMG_1400)Linlithgow PalaceAt work...Knock knock…Livingston - Clover Leaf JunctionMcRatH5469 - PO68 YDB20181203_22550220181201_235459Blackness 10 August 2016-0003.jpgH5511 - PO68 YGDH218 - PO68 YDDQueensferry Crossing BridgeValley of the Almond.Wester Binny Sunrise 09 November 2018 00016.jpgIMG_3248 (2)Carlowrie Castle gardenBlowing snow pattern.H5543 - PO68 YHXView of Forth Bridges from BlacknessBlackness CastleBlackness CastleArchie the boxer puppy with some of his family at Binns Tower, near Linlithgow, West Lothian, ScotlandCaledonian ColoursBo Ness & Kenneil Railway.Fuel, Old and NewScania Wright Solar - SN54KEK - First Midland BluebirdHeritage DieselsThe End of the LineRuston and HornsbyClass 08 Diesel Shunter - D3558View from the FootbridgeMercedes-Benz Tourismo -BU18YRJ - GlobusMercedes-Benz Beulas - WIB440 - Prentice WestwoodBo Ness & Kenneil Railway Autumn Gala 2018.20181017_204252After the Rain - DSCF8025CR 828 at Bo'ness signal box.   (9N9A3046)(IMG_1402)(IMG_1394)828 at ManuelCR 828 emerges!  (9N9A3078)Manuel JunctionBlackness 10 November 2018 00047.jpgCaledonianOutlaw King Locations: Linlithgow PalaceBlackness 10 November 2018 00062.jpgSteam locomotive driver.  (9N9A3048)Blackness 10 November 2018 00059.jpgLocomotive man. (IMG_1371)IMG_1369750_1929 Keith Sanders-42018-11-06 (Day 310) Palace Birds180509 Keith SandersCaledonian reunion. Bo ness & Kenneil Railway Scotland.Bo ness & kenneil Railway.Bo Ness & Kenneil Railway.Bo ness & kenneil Railway Gala 2018.Back in BlueIt moves!Caledonian 419 at water tower, Bo'ness.It's off!ReunionTrue Caledonian...A little dramaSteam locomotive driver.  (IMG_1257)(9N9A3092)The one before the 'point of no return' shot! 😁Bo'ness and Kinneil RailwayBo‘nessBo'ness and Kinneil RailwayWestern Leyland TitanWestern Leyland TitanSunrise near Newton 05 November 2018 00012.jpgSD Travel, Whitburn - YY15 NHZWhen Two Cormorants CrossCormorant WingsLinlithgow Palace From the WestEast Wall ButtressesClassic CormorantSunrise near Newton 05 November 2018 00008-Edit.jpgBo'ness arrival419 & 828 at Bo'nessCameron Bridge Distillery shunter194191982819Bo'ness Shunters828 & 419419828 & 419419Sunrise near Newton 05 November 2018 00017.jpg419 at Bo'nessBKR8-14 Caledonian Railway BKR8-5 Two Caley Locos 419 & 828, Bo'nessBo Ness & Kenneil Railway Autumn Steam gala.Bo Ness & Kenneil Railway Autumn Steam gala.Bo Ness & Kenneil Railway Autumn Steam gala.NCB No. 19 at Bo'ness.  (IMG_2024)Steam locomotive driver.  (9N9A3022)Caledonian Railway C. R. 828, Bo'ness.    (9N9A3024)Jimmy!   (9N9A3039)66412 Visits the Bo'ness LineCaledonian Railway 812 Class 0-6-0 No.828  and Caledonian Railway 0-4-4T No.419 at Bo'ness steam gala 2018.Neilson Reid 0-6-0T Coltness Iron Co. Ltd. No.1, 'Lord Roberts' and Hunslet engine Co. Ltd. Austerity 0-6-0T NCB No. 19 at Bo'ness steam gala 2018.Caledonian Railway C. R. 828, Bo'ness.MSD 407 Leyland Titan PD3 Western SMT at Bo'ness station.Tawny OwlCaley double header.Train crew take tea break!  (IMG_1273)Locomotive fireman.  (IMG_1254)Bo’ness freight...Rogart South frame at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)English Electric Type 3B at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)English Electric Type 3B at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)NBL 'Tiger' at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)No.42 (68095) at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)80382 Mk1 POS at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)H3509 - GN18 VPK380012 1R20 07:45 Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh; Linlithgow; 27-10-2018Scammell Scarab & Townsman at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)Electicars Tow Tractor at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)Electicars Tow Tractor at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)Electicars Tow Tractor at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)Overlooking the River Forth, Central Scotland.The Queensferry CrossingYou Need Balls To Build A Peace BridgeQC Concrete and SteelQC Sep18-4 bwKinneil HouseGeranium in my garden.Wood edge2018-10-25 (Day 298) At The CanalThis an thatThis an thatMorning Sun in a JarH4910 - KU17 XAPH2926 - PO67 XUAH5416 - PO18 NSZH4910 - KU17 XAPH5500 - PO68 YBKAbercorn 17 October 2018 00055.jpgSunrise on shale.Livingston 03 August 2018 00097.jpgLivingston 03 August 2018 00125.jpg20181201_2355502006 Honda Civic Sport I-CtdiDSCI0011Rust in PeacePA150250Bo'ness station by nightNot a good ideaKestrelHe looks happy...E. & M. Horsburgh, Pumpherston - G339 GSCView Across Linlithgow LochBo'ness & Kinnieil RailwayBo'ness & Kinnieil RailwayBo'ness & Kinnieil RailwayBo'ness & Kinnieil RailwayBo'ness & Kinnieil RailwayThe train now leaving .....  (IMG_1263)(IMG_1248)Bo'ness station & signal box. (IMG_1241)(IMG_1244)No.1 Andrew Barclay shunter at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)80382 Mk1 POS at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)80382 Mk1 POS at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)252 Salt Wagon at Bo'ness (26-10-2018)Fleur de Leigh - posh or what ?Sword PrincessImperial Vintage Hearse1971 Chevrolet ChevelleIMG_20181011_180922(IMG_0424)Linlithgow Loch