Swift Coaches YN12BZR Iveco Plaxton Panther on Rail replacement at Stirling.Wallace and the rainbow20181207_22521620181207_225326Lice 67/52White Denim SkirtDetail in a church in Stirling. ScotlandThe Queen's BedchamberVictorian memorialWindow to the glensWallace monumentStirling at sunsetPianist in a church. Stirling. ScotlandTraveling through the United KingdomCemetery (III) in the castle of Stirling. ScotlandStirling CastleCemetery (II) in the castle of Stirling. ScotlandDSC00615Cemetery in the castle of Stirling. ScotlandGraveyardStirling. ScotlandThe Queen's Inner HallDetail of Stirling castle. ScotlandStirling CastleView of Stirling. ScotlandAngel, Old Town Cemetery, StirlingPost Box, Allan Park, StirlingPost Box, Broad Street, StirlingDSC00802 Stirling Castle, ScotlandView of Stirling from his castle. ScotlandThistle Centre, Stirling DSCF2960Stirling Arcade DSCF2964Stirling Arcade DSCF2968Stirling Arcade DSCF2974Stirling Castle (III) - Scotlandkb_uk18_0141Paseando por EscociaPaseando por EscociaPaseando por EscociaDenim Tunic DressPaseando por EscociaPaseando por EscociaPaseando por EscociaFishnets at the freezersPaseando por EscociaPaseando por Escociastirling castle gardenPaseando por EscociaOld Town CemeteryPaseando por EscociaPaseando por EscociaPinstripe SkirtLeopard Print Skirt.Tesco'sOrange Wrap DenimDSC00789 Stirling, ScotlandIMG_9848 Stirling, ScotlandDSC00893 Stirling, ScotlandThe Star Pyramid or Salems Rock26038, Stirling, November 1988Local GP Practice.The Model VillageA Touch off ColourFirst Midland 31143 YU52VYV Stirling University service in Burghmuir Road, StirlingRiver Forth, StirlingRiver Forth, StirlingCowane's Hospital and Church of the Holy Rude, StirlingCowane's Hospital, StirlingCowane's Hospital, Stirling, plaqueCowane's Hospital, Stirling, inscriptionCowane's Hospital, StirlingCowane's Hospital, StirlingRob Roy statue, Corn Exchange Road, StirlingHunters of Alloa YJ06FXO Park and Ride service, in Burghmuir Road, StirlingWar Department and mason's marks, Back Walk, StirlingWhite Denim Mini Skirt.Wallace at duskAbove The CrowdDSC00605A Chilly Morning.Post Box, Thistles Centre Post Office, W. H. Smith, StirlingMy outfit off the day.Port Street, Stirling DSCF2950Thistle Centre, Stirling DSCF2949Thistle Centre, Stirling DSCF2948Thistle Centre, Stirling DSCF2957Thistle Centre, Stirling DSCF2961Inner courtyard. Stirling Castle - ScotlandDetail of the roof. Stirling Castle - Scotlandticket  - alexander midland insert setright returnPaseando por EscociaPaseando por EscociaPaseando por EscociaPaseando por Escociakb_uk18_0195kb_uk18_0192kb_uk18_0180kb_uk18_0179kb_uk18_0167kb_uk18_0310Paseando por EscociaDSC00827 Stirling Castle, ScotlandDSC00838 Stirling Castle, ScotlandDSC00829 Stirling Castle, ScotlandPaseando por EscociaJail in the Stirling Castle - ScotlandRemembrance (12)Remembrance (7)Remembrance (21)Remembrance (19)Remembrance (23)Remembrance (1)Remembrance (28)Remembrance (25)Remembrance (41)Paseando por EscociaPaseando por Escocia66422 4A13 09:04 Grangemouth TDG Siding to Aberdeen Craiginches; Stirling; 18-11-201873968 5Z20 11:10 Polmadie Car M.D. to Perth; Dunblane; 18-11-2018DreamPaseando por EscociaPaseando por EscociaStirling Castle (II) - ScotlandDiagonalPaseando por EscociaPaseando por Escocia43124 (with 43175 leading) 5Z99 09:20 Perth to Eastfield H.S.; Dunblane; 17-11-2018Stirling Castle - ScotlandPlaid Out.Paseando por EscociaPaseando por EscociaBannockburn, near Stirling, ScotlandBannockburn, near Stirling, ScotlandBannockburn, near Stirling, ScotlandBannockburn, near Stirling, ScotlandStirling, ScotlandIMAG3103-1IMAG3107IMAG3109PA150129PA150130PA150131PA150132PA150133PA150140PA150143PA150145PA150147PA150151PA150152PA150153PA150155PA150157PA150162PA150163PA150167PA150169PA150170PA150171PA150172PA150176PA150179PA150180-1PA150181PA150182PA150184PA150185PA150188PA150189PA150197PA150200PA150201PA150204PA150205PA150207PA150208PA150209PA150210PA150211PA150216PA150217PA150219PA150221PA150223PA150224PA150225PA150227PA150230PA150231PA150232PA150235PA150237PA150238PA150239PA150241PA150242PA150244PA150245PA150246IMAG3102Leopard Print Midi.Rainy Day.DSC00869 Stirling, Scotlandzb. Royal Palace bedchamber - ceiling. 2014 cbr1za. Royal Palace chamber. 2014 cbr1z. Royal Palace chamber. 2014 cbr1y. Royal Palace chamber. 2014 cbr1x. Royal Palace chamber. 2014 cbr1w. Royal Palace 2014, Great Hall. cbr1v. Stirling Castle 2014, Princes Tower. cbr1u. Stirling Castle gardens. 2014 cbr1t. Stirling Castle garden entrance. 2014. cbr1170 408158 741DSC00883 Wallace's Monument, Stirling1916/17 - Stirling - Mar Place1916/17 - Stirliing - Mar PlaceFirst Midland Bluebird SN05 HXB - 36012 + SN65 CVM - 39305First Midland Bluebird SN05 HXB - 36012BannockburnDSC_8135DSC_8134DSC_8132DSC_8130DSC_8129Clackmannanshire, Alva - WW1 (1916) - Letter Card with Views