CloudscapeHighland CattleGask HillSidlaw Hills LandscapePoppiesPatterns on a Cut StumpAutumn BeechBat pumpkin carvingSunset940 SEGask HillAutumnal StrathmoreWind and WutheringStrathmoreCosmos flowerCosmosHoverfly and BlossomSmall White ButterflyPeacock ButterflyPoppiesPoppiesPeacock ButterflyPeacock ButterfliesPoppiesEarly Autumn in StrathmorePoppiesPub WindowCopper KettleBarley Sunrise No. 6Barley Sunrise No. 5Small TortoishelleWK07 AYX - Iveco Trakker Ad340 T38 / 8x4 tipper -  Robert Smith Contractors Ltd.. Rattray, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland.StrathmoreSunset at Belmont Castle, Meigle52 in 2018 #34 - ManyBlairgowrie (8)Pictish StoneStrathmoreStrathmoreBallo WoodssunriseKinclaven church 5Kinclaven church 4Kinclaven church 6Kinclaven church 2Autumn Leaves Are Falling DownBHC1-15 Bridges over the Tay from Black HillBlairgowrieScotlandScotlandScotlandWild FlowersP1020053P1020051StrathmoreAngus FarmlandWeb-Design-Scotland-Home-Banner-700x268 (1)knoxfield-mock (1)BlairgowrieBlairgowrieBlairgowrieRed AdmiralBlairgowrieBlairgowrieBlairgowrieBlairgowrieBlairgowrieBlairgowrieBlairgowrieBlairgowrieBlairgowrieBlairgowrieWoodland LightGask HillWoodland Light20180726_14523020180726_151049Peacock ButterflyBarley Sunrise No. 2Sunrise Over White LochPoppies in the Rain !Fritillary ButterflySmall TortoishelleFritillary and ThistlesAbandoned Building At Whiteloch FarmBoats On Fingask LochAbandoned Building At Whiteloch FarmCottage At ArdblairTyre-Swings In The FogTyre-Swings In The FogTrees In The FogBoat On Fingask LochFingask LochHay BalesTrack At Myreside FarmTrack At Myreside FarmPearl Bordered FritillaryDark Green FritillaryRhododendron at Belmont, Meigle.BentleyFence Silhouette,SEMI CHEM-BLAIRGOWRIE {SCOTTISH MIDLAND} (21 High St, Blairgowrie, Perth & Kinross  PH10 6ET) {Semi-Chem} May18RATTRAY {SCOTTISH MIDLAND} (Hatton Rd, Rattray, Blairgowrie, Blairgowrie, Perth & Kinross  PH10 7AW)  {SCOTMID} May18COUPER ANGUS 2 {SCOTTISH MIDLAND} (1-3 Commercial St, Coupar Angus, Perth & Kinross  PH13 9AD) {SCOTMID} May18BLAIRGOWRIE, COUPER ANGUS ROAD {tCG} (Couper Angus Rd, Blairgowrie, Perth & Kinross  PH10 6JR) {cp} May18BLAIRGOWRIE, PERTH STREET {tCG} (Perth St, Blairgowrie, Perth & Kinross  PH10 6DL) {NBC} May18BLAIRGOWRIE, WELLMEADOW (Wellmeadow, Blairgowrie, Perth & Kinross  PH10 6NQ) {tCG} {NBC}BLAIRGOWRIE, WELLMEADOW [totem] (Wellmeadow, Blairgowrie, Perth & Kinross  PH10 6NQ) {tCG} {NBC}DownhillTrack Through the TreesTrees in Kinclaven Wood...Evening Light in Bluebell Wood52 in 2018 #19 - NewSpring ColourKX13 LJF - Volvo FH 540 - S. Melville & Partners t/a Douglas Brown, Methven, Perth, Scotland.BentleyRed CampionsSmall WhiteKinpurnie Castle BoulevardStrathmore LandscapePansyThistleBlaigowrie-FAIR O'BLAIR (JDW), 25-29 Allan St  PH10 6AB {Perthshire} (May18)Strathmore LandscapeOystercatcherSP58 BZE - Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 - DP42F -Fife Scottish Omnibuses Ltd. t/a - Stagecoach East Scotland - Perth.Mini TulipsVintage BentleyEarly BluebellsBlairgowrie (1)Blairgowrie (2)Blairgowrie (3)Blairgowrie (4)Blairgowrie (5)Blairgowrie (6)DSC_3912Nosey !The High RoadHorsetayside - coupar angus station ex cal rly c1930Misty Ballo HillCrocusesCrocusesMe and my Bike !PH12 208PH13 119Early DaffsGrazing Sunshine in the Sidlaw Hillsgarden1SnowdropsFrostLaird's LochLaird's LochFrostBluebells in Daroch WoodsBluebells in Daroch WoodsBluebells in Daroch WoodsBluebells in Daroch WoodsBluebells in Daroch WoodsOn the Road XXVIIOn the Road XXVICountry RoadsHill of Bendochy FarmBlairgowrieRaspberries in WinterA Man and His DogBlairgowrie War MemorialRustView from top of Lundie Crags, PerthshireRobin WaitingDSC_1009DSC_1007DSC_1006DSC_1004DSC_1002DSC_1001DSC_1000DSC_0995DSC_0197DSC_0214DSC_0140DSC_0146sDSC_0144DSC_0164Beech Hedge, Meikleour, PerthshireBeech Hedge, Meikleour, PerthshireA glimpse of autumnPointless eyesores, immobile on a windy workday afternoonAutumnal parklandThe Braes of AngusSR&CR1-2 Cargill Cemetery Gravestones and Cargill ViaductDSC07521DSC07530Kinpurnie BoulevardMeigle Primary School, Meigle, Perthshire built in 1876.BHC1-17 Across Strathmore to Dunkeld & Birnam HillBHC1-14 Looking to River Tay from Black HillBHC1-12 Tay Bridges, Newport & Wormit from Black Hill, near Kirkton of Collace, PerthshireBHC1-8 Farms near Coupar Angus, PerthshireCountryroadsRed Admiral and AstersBallo HillCargill GraveyardAutumn CrocusesAutumn CrocusesDamhead bridgeOverbridge 176, Alyth JunctionLattice signal post, Alyth JunctionBalance leversAlyth Junction signal postFifty years on: Coupar Burn viaductwaterdropBlairgowrieBlairgowrieCoupar AngusPeacock ButterflyFive Roads Caravan ParkMeigle MuseumMeigle MuseumTortoishelle ButterflyBlairgowrieVale of StrathmoreLooking towards DundeeBlairgowrieStrathmore FarmlandStrathmoreRed Admiralbutterfly4thistle2Summer cottageBallo HillGrazing Sunshine in the Sidlaw Hills (Sepia style)StrathmoreDark Green FritillaryStrathmoreCommon Emerald MothPearl Bordered FritillariesnewtyleMellow Yellow