67005DwindleBlossom against a yellow submarineAll aboard at InvernessInverness airportP1020507_DSC0045.jpg_DSC0030.jpgInverness CastleInverness, Scotland. Reino UnidoInverness, Scotland. Reino UnidoAlturlie, near Inverness, May 2018Alturlie Bay, near Inverness, May 2018ColumbauploadLast of the Cedar smudge sticks all bagged up ready for sale, to purchase this lovely scented powerful smudge go to our friends at indie shaman shop uk or to my websites in bio, also always looking for new stockists contact me via my website for wholesaleWateruploadSmoothie Timey , blend of bananas , apple, spinach , coconut yoghurt , wildharvested  blackberrys and blaeberrys ;-) good lazy way to get good vits :-) ♥:-) #smoothie #fruits #healthyfood #vitamins #wildharvested #nutrional #foraging #foodmedicines #foodupload4569945699 & 1264126445699477601332031369971299122Topaz99128991259972314007802174569912641264126467030Getting ready for Cacao Ceremony on the new moon on tuesday here in inverness scotland,  sweeping cleaning and preping room etc, should be good ;-) combining music, ritual, elixir ingestion, invocation and journeying we will enter heart centered conciousnNorthern Constabulary Pipe Band at Classic Vehicle Show, Inverness Scotland 2018Northern Constabulary Pipe Band at Classic Vehicle Show, Inverness Scotland 2018Northern Constabulary Pipe Band at Classic Vehicle Show, Inverness Scotland 201840207 Kitchen40207 Kitchen 240207 Interior44015 Bike Rack44015 Gaurds Area44015 Interior42047 Interior42207 Standard Seats42207 Interior40207 Buffet40207 Buffet Counter40207 Kitchen Area40207 First Class43145Scotrail DT1 Inverness 4302143021402074220744015GX 1010630GX 1010672GX 1010679GX 1010682GX 101068708648GX 1010697GX 1010698GX 1010720GX 1010759158 720Wm-1010630DJW 293VInvernessKessock Bridge and Dramatic SkiesClachnaharry SunsetClachnaharry SunsetKessock BridgeAt RestInverness TMD at InvernessInverness_P9290222-EditBig and Bouncy Bombus terrestrisInverness 09 March 2018 00016.jpgG-NUDD   Embraer Emb-500 Phenom 100 [50000024] (Flairjet) Inverness~G 28/01/2012Pedestrian Bridge in Inverness, ScotlandInverness Castle, Inverness, ScotlandNorth Coast 500North coast 500North Coast 500Bombus hortorumEupeodes latifasciatusBombus pascuorumInverness from the castleDay five of the Great BritainDay 4 of the Great Britain tourBeauly Forth and KessockThis room has great acoustics......Inverness CastleD & E Coaches P10 YST Inverness2006_11_05-08_Loch_Ness_pics_2_gallery_0152006_11_05-08_Loch_Ness_pics_2_gallery_016Inverness airport20180421_073554Stagecoach North Scotland 17965 InvernessStagecoach 19175 SV57BGF at Academy Street, InvernessStagecoach 53625 SV11FFW at Inverness bus stationInvernessinver2invernInverness airport372199779830864808648374213742143145On This Day: 16th April 1746 - Battle of Culloden on Culloden Moor02092 9711 Inverness Station 23.09.1986Culloden Battlefield near Inverness.The Royal Scotsman.20180413-20180413-IMG-20180413-WA0003Inverness bridge02091 26028 Inverness Station 23.09.1986Two Churches - Dos IglesiasMerkinch Nature Reserve, Inverness, March 2018_DSC0040-2.jpg_DSC0037-2.jpg_DSC0034-3.jpg_DSC0032.jpg_DSC0031-2.jpg_DSC0134.jpg_DSC0127.jpg_DSC0124.jpgGourd Rattle  Made from dried bottle gourd , willow branch , corn , pine pitch glue. Nice sound, perfect for medicine circles , harmonising the aura or house/sacred space... #yoga #meditation #medicinecircle #energyhealing #healthyhouse #spirituality #shaClachnaharry SunsetScottish Highlander @ The Locks in Inverness HighlansInverness_P929022020180503_21042320180503_210452Inverness 09 March 2018 00000.jpgCulloden Battlefiled Monument at Culloden Moor, ScotlandTwo Churches in Inverness, ScotlandPalace Hotel in Inverness, ScotlandNess Viaduct SteamMy coach a couple of years ago43319 at DuskFading light over CullodenDSCN3577DSCN3554DSCN3553DSCN3177DSCN3076DSCN3078URIA  AALGE.  COMMON  GUILLEMOT.  WINTER  PLUMAGE2016 Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMGLumières sur Inverness 12/52IMG_443102090 47708 Inverness Station 23.09.198602089 47708 Inverness Station 23.09.1986Old Ferry Ticket Office, Merkinch, Inverness, March 2018