The PO20 7 Birdham Postcode Sector

PO20 7 is a postcode sector within the PO20 postcode district which is within the PO Portsmouth postcode area.

The Royal Mail delivery office for the PO20 7 postal sector is the Chichester Delivery Office.

Postcode format for the PO20 7 postcode sector
PO20-7 X X
PO20Space7 Letter Letter

Map of the PO20 7 Postcode Sector

Towns, Villages or Cities within the PO20 7 Postcode Sector

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AlmodingtonvillageChichesterWest Sussex
ApuldramhamletChichesterWest Sussex
BirdhamvillageChichesterWest Sussex
ChichestercityChichesterWest Sussex
DonningtonhamletChichesterWest Sussex
EarnleyvillageChichesterWest Sussex
East WitteringvillageChichesterWest Sussex
FishbournevillageChichesterWest Sussex
HighleighvillageChichesterWest Sussex
Keynor EstatehamletChichesterWest Sussex
Shipton GreenvillageChichesterWest Sussex
SidleshamvillageChichesterWest Sussex
Sidlesham CommonvillageChichesterWest Sussex
SomerleyvillageChichesterWest Sussex
Street EndvillageChichesterWest Sussex
West ItchenorvillageChichesterWest Sussex
WestlandsvillageChichesterWest Sussex

Streets within the PO20 7 Postcode Sector