The SP11 8 Amport Postcode Sector

SP11 8 is a postcode sector within the SP11 postcode district which is within the SP Salisbury postcode area.

The Royal Mail delivery office for the SP11 8 postal sector is the Andover Delivery Office.

Postcode format for the SP11 8 postcode sector
SP11-8 X X
SP11Space8 Letter Letter

Map of the SP11 8 Postcode Sector

Towns, Villages or Cities within the SP11 8 Postcode Sector

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AmportvillageTest ValleyHampshire
AndovertownTest ValleyHampshire
East CholdertonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
FyfieldvillageTest ValleyHampshire
GrateleyvillageTest ValleyHampshire
KimptonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
MonxtonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
MullenspondhamletTest ValleyHampshire
PalestinevillageTest ValleyHampshire
Penton CornerhamletTest ValleyHampshire
QuarleyvillageTest ValleyHampshire
ThruxtonvillageTest ValleyHampshire
WeyhillvillageTest ValleyHampshire

Streets within the SP11 8 Postcode Sector