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The ST10 Cheadle Postcode District

The ST10 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 25,598 and is within the ST Stoke-on-Trent postcode area.

The area of the ST10 postcode district is 69.09 square miles which is 178.94 square kilometres or 44,216.59 acres.

Google Map of the ST10 Postcode District

Map of the ST10 and surrounding districts

Postcode Sectors within the ST10 Postcode District

Postcode Districts that Share a Border with ST10

Google Map of the ST10 Postcode District

The ST10 postcode district is the shape in the centre of the map shaded green.

Hotels within the ST10 Postcode Area

We found 25 hotels and guest houses within the ST10 postcode area

The Manor Guest house
The Manor Guest house
1 Watt Place, Cheadle, Cheadle, cheadle-gb, ST10 1NZ.
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Park View Guest House
Park View Guest House
15 Mill Road, Cheadle, cheadle-gb, ST10 1NG.
View details for Park View Guest House
Ye Olde Crown
Ye Olde Crown
N/N Leek Road, Cauldon, cauldon, ST10 3HL.
View details for Ye Olde Crown
The Malthouse Bed & Breakfast
The Malthouse Bed & Breakfast
Malthouse Rd, Stoke-on-Trent, Alton, alton, ST10 4AG.
View details for The Malthouse Bed & Breakfast
The White Hart
The White Hart
The White Hart, 18 High Street, Alton Staffordshire, alton, ST10 4AQ.
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The Warren B&B
The Warren B&B
Battlesteads, Alton, alton, ST10 4BE.
View details for The Warren B&B
Alton Castle Centre Hostel
Alton Castle Centre Hostel
Alton Castle Centre New Road, Alton, alton, ST10 4AF.
View details for Alton Castle Centre Hostel
Dimmingsdale Woodside Lodge
Dimmingsdale Woodside Lodge
Spring Cottage, Dimmingsdale, Oakamoor, oakamoor, ST10 3AS.
View details for Dimmingsdale Woodside Lodge
Abbot's Haye
Abbot's Haye
Cherry Lane, Cheadle, cheadle-gb, ST10 4QS.
View details for Abbot's Haye
Shawgate Farm Guest House
Shawgate Farm Guest House
Shay Lane Foxt, Moorlands nr Alton Towers, foxt, ST10 2HN.
View details for Shawgate Farm Guest House
The Laurels B&B
The Laurels B&B
Star Bank, Oakamoor, oakamoor, ST10 3BN.
View details for The Laurels B&B
The Beehive Guest House
The Beehive Guest House
Churnet View Road, Oakamoor, oakamoor, ST10 3AE.
View details for The Beehive Guest House
The Cross Inn
The Cross Inn
Cauldon Lowe, Stoke on Trent, cauldon, ST10 3EX.
View details for The Cross Inn
Trough Ivy House
Trough Ivy House
Longshaw Lane, Farley, oakamoor, ST10 3BQ.
View details for Trough Ivy House
, Nr. Cheadle, cheadle-gb, ST10 4QS.
View details for Oaklands
Merry Cottage - E4639
Merry Cottage - E4639
, Waterhouses, cauldon, ST10 3HU.
View details for Merry Cottage - E4639
The Granary XIII
The Granary XIII
, Kinglsey Holt, whiston-gb, ST10 2BQ.
View details for The Granary XIII
The Olde Chapel
The Olde Chapel
, Winnothdale, cheadle-gb, ST10 4HB.
View details for The Olde Chapel
The Willows
The Willows
, Nr. Cheadle, cheadle-gb, ST10 4QS.
View details for The Willows
Quarry Walk Lodges
Quarry Walk Lodges
Coppice Lane Freehay Cheadle, Freehay Cheadle, cheadle-gb, ST10 1RQ.
View details for Quarry Walk Lodges
Shaw House
Shaw House
, Alton, alton, ST10 4DH.
View details for Shaw House
Tythe Barn
Tythe Barn
, Kingsley, foxt, ST10 2AA.
View details for Tythe Barn
Tomfield Cottage
Tomfield Cottage
, Kingsley Moor, dilhorne, ST10 2EN.
View details for Tomfield Cottage
The Long Barn
The Long Barn
, Kingsley Holt, whiston-gb, ST10 2BQ.
View details for The Long Barn
Peakstones Inn
Peakstones Inn
Peakstones Inn Cheadle Road Alton, Stoke on Trent, oakamoor, ST10 4DH.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the ST10 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AltonvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Blakeley LanehamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
BlakelowhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
BoundaryvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Bradley in the MoorshamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
CaltonvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
CauldonvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Cauldon LowehamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
CheadletownStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Cheadle CommonhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
CheckleyvillageEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
CheckleyvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Church LeighvillageEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
ColtstonehamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
CommonsidehamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
CottonvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
DilhornevillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Dods LeighhamletEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
FarleyhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
FoxtvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
FreehayhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
FroghallotherSettlementStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
GodstonehamletEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
GorstyhillhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Great GatehamletEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
Great GatehamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
GreenheadhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Hansley CrosshamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
HazlecrosshamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Hoften's CrossvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
HollingtonvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
HuntleyhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
IpstonesvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
KingsleyvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Kingsley HoltvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Kingsley MoorhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
LongshawhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Lower LeighvillageEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
Lower NobuthamletEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
Lower TeanvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Middleton GreenhamletEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
MobberleyhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
MoneystonehamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
MoorendhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
MoorsidehamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Morrilow HeathhamletEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
NewtonhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
OakamoorvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
OldfurnacehamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
OvertonhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
RakewayhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
RamshornhamletEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
RibdenotherSettlementStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Rue HillhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
TeanfordhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
ThreapwoodhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
TotmonslowhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Upper CottonhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Upper LeighhamletEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
Upper NobuthamletEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
Upper TeanvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
WaterfallvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
WaterhousesvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
WhistonvillageStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
WhitehursthamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
Windy HarbourhamletStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
WinnothdaleotherSettlementStaffordshire MoorlanStaffordshire
WithingtonvillageEast StaffordshireStaffordshire
Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the ST10 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
ST10 1Cheadle (st) Delivery Office
ST10 2Cheadle (st) Delivery Office
ST10 3Cheadle (st) Delivery Office
ST10 4Cheadle (st) Delivery Office
ST10 2Ipstones Scale Payment Delivery Office
Postcode format for the ST10 postcode district
ST10 - X X X
ST10 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the ST10 Cheadle Postcode Area