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The TA19 Ilminster Postcode District

The TA19 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 11,688 and is within the TA Taunton postcode area.

The area of the TA19 postcode district is 30.82 square miles which is 79.83 square kilometres or 19,726.89 acres.

There are 2 postcode sectors within the TA19 district.

Google Map of the TA19 Postcode District

Map of the TA19 and surrounding districts

Postcode Sectors within the TA19 Postcode District

Postcode Districts that Share a Border with TA19

Google Map of the TA19 Postcode District

The TA19 postcode district is the shape in the centre of the map shaded green.

Hotels within the TA19 Postcode Area

We found 13 hotels and guest houses within the TA19 postcode area

Shave Farm
Shave Farm
Shave Lane, Donyatt, Ilminster, Chard, chard-aireborough, TA19 0SA.
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Best Western The Shrubbery
Best Western The Shrubbery
Station Rd, Ilminster, ilminster, TA19 9AR.
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The Barrington Boar
The Barrington Boar
Barrington, Ilminster, ilminster, TA19 0JB.
View details for The Barrington Boar
Gingerbread House, Ashill
Gingerbread House, Ashill
The Gingerbread House, Shrubbery Farm, Ashill, broadway-aireborough, TA19 9LA.
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North Street annexe
North Street annexe
22-24 North Street, Ilminster, ilminster, TA19 0DG.
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Square And Compass Stables
Square And Compass Stables
Windmill Hill, Ashill, Taunton, ilminster, TA19 9NX.
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The George Inn
The George Inn
Pound Hill, Donyatt, Ilminster, ilminster, TA19 0RW.
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The Mill II
The Mill II
, Nr. Ilminster, ilminster, TA19 9LE.
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The Beeches
The Beeches
The Beeches, Water Street, Ilminster, ilminster, TA19 0QH.
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White House Cottage
White House Cottage
, Nr. Ilminster, broadway-aireborough, TA19 9LG.
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The Smithy III
The Smithy III
, Nr. Ilminster, broadway-aireborough, TA19 9LB.
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Bow Bridge Cottage
Bow Bridge Cottage
, Ashill, broadway-aireborough, TA19 9LH.
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The Five Dials Inn
The Five Dials Inn
Hanning Road, Horton, Ilminster, ilminster, TA19 9QH.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the TA19 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AshillvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
AshwellhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
AtherstonehamletSouth SomersetSomerset
BarringtonvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
BroadwayvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
Broadway PoundhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
ChillingtonhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Cricket MalherbiehamletSouth SomersetSomerset
CudworthhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
DillingtonhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
DonyattvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
Dowlish FordvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
Dowlish WakevillageSouth SomersetSomerset
HastingshamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Higher ChillingtonhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
HortonvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
Horton CrosshamletSouth SomersetSomerset
IlfordhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
IlminstertownSouth SomersetSomerset
IltonvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
KennyhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
KingstonevillageSouth SomersetSomerset
MoolhamhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Old WayhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
PeasmarshhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
PuckingtonvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
PuddlebridgehamletSouth SomersetSomerset
RappshamletSouth SomersetSomerset
SeahamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Seavington St MaryvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
Seavington St MichaelvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
Shepton BeauchampvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
StewleyhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
StocklinchvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
WhitelackingtonvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
Whitney BottomhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Windmill HillvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
WoodhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the TA19 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
TA19 0Ilminster Scale Payment Delivery Office
TA19 9Ilminster Scale Payment Delivery Office
Postcode format for the TA19 postcode district
TA19 - X X X
TA19 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the TA19 Postcode Area

We found 1 visitor attractions within the TA19 postcode area

Barrington Court
Historic Properties
Historic House / House and Garden / Palace
View Barrington Court on Google Maps

Streets within the TA19 Ilminster Postcode Area