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The TA20 Chard Postcode District

The TA20 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 20,332 and is within the TA Taunton postcode area.

Map of the TA20 Postcode District

Hotels within the TA20 Postcode Area

We found 18 hotels and guest houses within the TA20 postcode area

The Lordleaze Hotel And Restaurant
The Lordleaze Hotel And Restaurant
Henderson Drive, Forton Road, Chard, chard-aireborough, TA20 2HW.
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Hornsbury Mill
Hornsbury Mill
Eleighwater, Chard, chard-aireborough, TA20 3AQ.
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The Haymaker Inn
The Haymaker Inn
Wadeford, Chard, chard-aireborough, TA20 3AP.
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Hazel Lodge E4248
Hazel Lodge E4248
, South Chard, chardstock, TA20 2PP.
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The Coach House @ The Old Rectory
The Coach House @ The Old Rectory
, Buckland St Mary near Chard, buckland-st-mary, TA20 3SL.
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Turnpike Cottage
Turnpike Cottage
, Chard, chard-aireborough, TA20 1QX.
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Ammonite Lodge
Ammonite Lodge
43 High street, Chard, chard-aireborough, TA20 1QL.
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Watermead Guest House
Watermead Guest House
83 High Street, Chard, chard-aireborough, TA20 1QT.
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The Stables III
The Stables III
, Chard Junction Chard, winsham, TA20 4LN.
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The Old Barn III
The Old Barn III
, Chard Junction Chard, winsham, TA20 4LN.
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Rose Garden Cottage
Rose Garden Cottage
, Chard Junction Chard, winsham, TA20 4LN.
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Swandown Lodges
Swandown Lodges
Swandown Cricket St. Thomas, Cricket St Thomas Chard, chard-aireborough, TA20 4DQ.
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Pyle Guest House
Pyle Guest House
Whitestaunton, Chard, chard-aireborough, TA20 3DZ.
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Ham Farm B&B
Ham Farm B&B
Ham Farm, Ham, Combe-st-Nicholas, Chard, chard-aireborough, TA20 3HS.
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Lodge House B&B
Lodge House B&B
Buckland St Mary, Chard, buckland-st-mary, TA20 3TA.
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Tamarack Lodge
Tamarack Lodge
Tamarack Lodge , Fyfett Farm , Otterford, Chard. Somerset UK, Chard, chard-aireborough, TA20 3QP.
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Fyfett Farm
Fyfett Farm
Fyfett Farm, Chard, otterford, TA20 3QP.
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The Willows
The Willows
, Tatworth nr. Chard, chardstock, TA20 2SZ.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the TA20 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AmmerhamhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
BishopswoodvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
BishopswoodvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
BlackwaterhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Buckland St MaryvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
Cat TailotherSettlementSouth SomersetSomerset
ChaffcombevillageSouth SomersetSomerset
ChardtownSouth SomersetSomerset
Chardleigh GreenhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
ChilsonhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
ClayhangerhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Combe St NicholasvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
Cricket St ThomashamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Cuttiford's DoorhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
DommetthamletSouth SomersetSomerset
FortonvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
FyfetthamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
HamhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
HarehamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Higher BeethamhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
HolditchhamletWest DorsetDorset
HornsburyhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
HowleyhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Knowle St GileshamletSouth SomersetSomerset
LaymorehamletWest DorsetDorset
LydmarshhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
New EnglandhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
NewtownhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
NimmerhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
NorthayhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
PudleighhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
PurtingtonhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
School HousehamletWest DorsetDorset
SticklepathhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
StreethamletSouth SomersetSomerset
Street AshhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
TatworthvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
ThorncombevillageWest DorsetDorset
WadefordvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
WambrookvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
WestfordhamletWest DorsetDorset
WhatleyhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
WhitestauntonhamletSouth SomersetSomerset
WinshamvillageSouth SomersetSomerset
WorthealhamletSouth SomersetSomerset

Postcode Sectors within the TA20 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to TA20

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the TA20 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
TA20 1Chard Delivery Office
TA20 2Chard Delivery Office
TA20 3Chard Delivery Office
TA20 4Chard Delivery Office
Postcode format for the TA20 postcode district
TA20 - X X X
TA20 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the TA20 Chard Postcode Area