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The TA21 Wellington Postcode District

The TA21 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 18,155 and is within the TA Taunton postcode area.

Map of the TA21 Postcode District

Hotels within the TA21 Postcode Area

We found 8 hotels and guest houses within the TA21 postcode area

Beambridge Inn
Beambridge Inn
A38, Wellington, wellington-aireborough, TA21 0HB.
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B&B Tracebridge Cottage
B&B Tracebridge Cottage
Tracebridge, Ashbrittle, Stawley, stawley, TA21 0HG.
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The Green Dragon
The Green Dragon
23 South Street, Wellington, Somerset, Wellington, wellington-aireborough, TA21 8NR.
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The Cleve Hotel
The Cleve Hotel
Mantle Street, Wellington, wellington-aireborough, TA21 8SN.
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The Old Vicarage
The Old Vicarage
8 Exeter Rd, Rockwell Green,Wellington, Wellington, wellington-aireborough, TA21 9DH.
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Sparrows Nest
Sparrows Nest
, Wrangway, wellington-aireborough, TA21 9QG.
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Backways Farmhouse
Backways Farmhouse
Backways Farmhouse, Wellington, wellington-aireborough, TA21 9RN.
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Whipcott Water
Whipcott Water
Whipcott Holcombe Rogus, Somerset, burlescombe, TA21 0NA.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the TA21 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
AppleyhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
AshbrittlevillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
Bagley GreenhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
BlackmoorhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
ChelstonvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
ChipleyhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
East NyneheadhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Ford StreethamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
GreenhamhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
HamhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
HockhollerhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
HockworthyhamletMid DevonDevon
Holcombe RogusvillageMid DevonDevon
Holywell LakevillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
KittisfordhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Langford BudvillevillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
Lower WellisfordhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
NicholashaynehamletMid DevonDevon
NyneheadvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
Pleamore CrosshamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
PoolehamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Rockwell GreenvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
RugginhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
RunningtonhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Sampford ArundelvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
Sampford MoorhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
Staple CrosshamletMid DevonDevon
Thorne St MargarethamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
TracebridgehamletTaunton DeaneSomerset
WellingtontownTaunton DeaneSomerset
West BucklandvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
WestfordvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
WhipcotthamletMid DevonDevon
White BallvillageTaunton DeaneSomerset
WrangwayhamletTaunton DeaneSomerset

Postcode Sectors within the TA21 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to TA21

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the TA21 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
TA21 0Wellington (ta) Delivery Office
TA21 8Wellington (ta) Delivery Office
TA21 9Wellington (ta) Delivery Office
Postcode format for the TA21 postcode district
TA21 - X X X
TA21 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Streets within the TA21 Wellington Postcode Area