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The TN22 Uckfield Postcode District

The TN22 postcode district is a postal district with a population of 26,183 and is within the TN Tonbridge postcode area.

Map of the TN22 Postcode District

Hotels within the TN22 Postcode Area

We found 17 hotels and guest houses within the TN22 postcode area

East Sussex National Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa
East Sussex National Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa
Little Horsted, Uckfield, uckfield-aireborough, TN22 5ES.
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Chequers Inn
Chequers Inn
High Street, Maresfield, maresfield, TN22 2EH.
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Dell Cottage
Dell Cottage
, Ringles Cross nr. Uckfield, uckfield-aireborough, TN22 1HG.
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The Blackboys Inn
The Blackboys Inn
Lewes Road, Uckfield, framfield, TN22 5LG.
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Sharpsbridge Farm
Sharpsbridge Farm
, Piltdown, East Sussex, newick, TN22 3XG.
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, Heron's Ghyll, Uckfield, maresfield, TN22 4BY.
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The Studio @ Great Streele Cottage
The Studio @ Great Streele Cottage
Great Streele Cottage, Etchingwood Lane Framfield, Uckfield, uckfield-aireborough, TN22 5SA.
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Buxted Park Country House
Buxted Park Country House
Buxted, Uckfield, buxted, TN22 4AY.
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The Griffin Inn
The Griffin Inn
Fletching, East Sussex, fletching, TN22 3SS.
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, Sheffield Park, danehill, TN22 3RB.
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, Sheffield Park, danehill, TN22 3RB.
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Horseshoes Farm House
Horseshoes Farm House
, Buxted, buxted, TN22 4LB.
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Grooms Cottage III
Grooms Cottage III
, Isfield, halland, TN22 5UH.
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, Sheffield Park, danehill, TN22 3RB.
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Dodds Lodge
Dodds Lodge
Dodds Grove, Cackle Street,, Nutley, nutley, TN22 3LT.
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Spring Harbour
Spring Harbour
Royal Oak Lane, Buxted, buxted, TN22 4AN.
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, Sheffield Park, horsted-keynes, TN22 3RB.
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Towns, Villages or Cities within the TN22 Postcode District

TownTypeCouncilCounty Council
BlackboysvillageWealdenEast Sussex
Buckham HillhamletWealdenEast Sussex
Budlett's CommonhamletWealdenEast Sussex
BuxtedvillageWealdenEast Sussex
Cackle StreethamletWealdenEast Sussex
Dodd's BottomhamletWealdenEast Sussex
Dodd's HillhamletWealdenEast Sussex
Down StreethamletWealdenEast Sussex
DuddleswellhamletWealdenEast Sussex
Eason's GreenhamletWealdenEast Sussex
EtchingwoodhamletWealdenEast Sussex
FairwarpvillageWealdenEast Sussex
Five Ash DownvillageWealdenEast Sussex
FletchingvillageWealdenEast Sussex
FramfieldvillageWealdenEast Sussex
Furner's GreenhamletWealdenEast Sussex
Hadlow DownvillageWealdenEast Sussex
High HurstwoodvillageWealdenEast Sussex
Honey's GreenhamletWealdenEast Sussex
Horney CommonvillageWealdenEast Sussex
IsfieldvillageWealdenEast Sussex
Little HorstedhamletWealdenEast Sussex
MaresfieldvillageWealdenEast Sussex
MillbrookhamletWealdenEast Sussex
Mount EphraimhamletWealdenEast Sussex
NutleyvillageWealdenEast Sussex
Palehouse CommonvillageWealdenEast Sussex
PiltdownvillageWealdenEast Sussex
Potter's GreenhamletWealdenEast Sussex
PounsleyhamletWealdenEast Sussex
Rose HillhamletWealdenEast Sussex
SharpsbridgehamletWealdenEast Sussex
Sheffield GreenhamletWealdenEast Sussex
ShortbridgehamletWealdenEast Sussex
Splayne's GreenhamletWealdenEast Sussex
UckfieldtownWealdenEast Sussex

Postcode Sectors within the TN22 Postcode District

Postcode Districts Closest to TN22

Royal Mail Delivery and Sorting Offices serving the TN22 Postcode District
Postcode SectorDelivery Office
TN22 1Uckfield Delivery Office
TN22 2Uckfield Delivery Office
TN22 3Uckfield Delivery Office
TN22 4Uckfield Delivery Office
TN22 5Uckfield Delivery Office
Postcode format for the TN22 postcode district
TN22 - X X X
TN22 Space Numeric Letter Letter

Tourist Attractions within the TN22 Postcode Area

We found 3 visitor attractions within the TN22 postcode area

Heaven Farm Museum
Museums & Art Galleries
Museum and / or Art Gallery
View Heaven Farm Museum on Google Maps
Sheffield Park Garden
View Sheffield Park Garden on Google Maps
Nutley Mill
Industrial / Craft Workplace
View Nutley Mill on Google Maps

Streets within the TN22 Uckfield Postcode Area