The Town of Irvine in the County of Ayrshire and Arran

The town of Irvine is located within the county of Ayrshire and Arran.

Irvine is situated in the Scotland region of the UK and is governed by North Ayrshire, South Ayrshire, councils.

The town of Irvine is covers the following regions.

  • Lochaber, Skye & Lochalsh, Arran & Cumbrae and Argyll & Bute - Highlands and Islands - Scotland
  • East Ayrshire and North Ayrshire mainland - Southern Scotland - Scotland
  • South Ayrshire - Southern Scotland - Scotland
  • North Ayrshire
  • South Ayrshire

Where is Irvine is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Irvine in Ayrshire and Arran

Opticians in Irvine

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Irvine
Boots Opticians (irvine) 36 Rivergate Irvine Ayrshire KA12 8EH
Vision Express (irvine) 32 Rivergate Irvine Ayrshire KA12 8EH
List of Streets in Irvine
Aberfeldy Terrace
Aberlour Place
Aberlour Road
Academy Court
Academy Gardens
Academy Road
Adams Walk
Ailsa Road
Alder Green
Alexander Place
Alford Place
Allan Square
Anderson Drive
Annandale Way
Annandale Way
Annfield Gardens
Annick Road
Annick Road
Annickbank Way
Annickbank Wynd
Archers Avenue
Archers Court
Ardbeg Court
Ardmore Court
Arkwright Way
Arran Place
Arranview Court
Ash Walk
Auchengate Crescent
Auchenharvie Place
Avon Court
Ayr Road
Ayr Road
Balgray Way
Ballot Road
Bank Court
Bank Place
Bank Street
Barclay Gardens
Barony Court
Barr Crescent
Barra Crescent
Barra Lane
Barra Place
Barra Wynd
Beach Drive
Beaton Terrace
Beech Avenue
Belfast Quay
Bell Crescent
Benbain Place
Bencleuch Place
Bensley Avenue
Bensley Rise
Beresford Grove
Berry Drive
Berryhill Avenue
Bilby Terrace
Bimson Place
Bimson Row
Birks Hill
Birkscairn Place
Birkscairn Way
Blairdenon Way
Bluebell View
Bonnyton Place
Bowhouse Rise
Bowhouse Rise
Bowmore Court
Boyle Street
Bradbury Glebe
Brewster Place
Broomlands Busway
Broomlands Busway
Broomlands Busway
Broomlands Drive
Broomlands Place
Broughton Green
Brown Walk
Bruce Terrace
Burnbrae Crescent
Burnbrae Drive
Burnbrae Drive
Burns Crescent
Burns Street
Burnside Place
Cairngorm Court
Cairnmount Road
Cairnsgarroch Way
Cairnsmore Way
Caldon Road
Caldon Road
Campsie Avenue
Campsie Way
Capel Place
Capringstone Foot
Cardon Place
Cardow Crescent
Carmichael Place
Carnoustie Place
Carrick Drive
Carron Place
Carson Drive
Carson Drive
Carters Place
Carters Rigg
Castle Keep Gardens
Castle Place
Castle Street
Castlepark Circle
Castlepark Crescent
Castlepark Road
Castlepark Road
Cedar Road
Centenary Road
Century Court
Chalmers Place
Chapelgill Place
Cherry Gardens
Chestnut Gardens
Cheviot Gardens
Cheviot Head
Cheviot Way
Church Street
Clark Drive
Clayton Avenue
Cochrane Street
Cockburn Place
Coleburn Court
Corsehill Mount Road
Craignaw Place
Cramond Place
Cramond Way
Craven Grove
Crocus Grove
Crompton Way
Crompton Way
Cuillin Place
Cunninghame Road
Cypress Gardens
Dale Crescent
Dale Crescent
Dalgain Court
Dalmore Place
Dalmore Way
Dalrymple Court
Dalrymple Drive
Dalrymple Place
Dalwhinnie Court
Darnshaw Close
Dick Crescent
Dick Terrace
Dickson Drive
Dickson Way
Donaldson Drive
Doura Drive
Doura Place
Dreghorn Road
Drummond Crescent
Dublin Quay
Duncan Drive
Dundonald Crescent
Dunlop Drive
Dunlop Place
Dunvegan Place
Earl's Bridge Gardens
Earl's Bridge Place
Earlswood Avenue
Earlswood View
Earlswood Way
Earlswood Wynd
Earncraig Green
East Bowhouse Head
East Bowhouse Way
East Road
Eastwood Avenue
Eglinton Street
Elmbank Terrace
Etive Place
Fairlie Drive
Fencedyke Close
Fencedyke Way
Fintry Place
Fintry Terrace
First Avenue
Fleming Terrace
Fleming Terrace
Fortacre Place
Frew Terrace
Friars Croft
Fullarton Street
Galloway Court
Galt Avenue
Garelet Place
George Court
George Terrace
Gigha Crescent
Gigha Lane
Gigha Place
Gigha Terrace
Gigha Wynd
Gilbertfield Place
Girdle Gate
Glasgow Vennel
Glenbervie Wynd
Gleneagles Place
Glenleith Place
Glenlyon Grove
Golf Place
Golffields Road
Gottries Road
Grampian Court
Gray Crescent
Green Avenue
Greenbank Court
Greenbank Road
Greenfield Drive
Greenside Way
Griers Walk
Gullane Court
Gulliland Place
Haddington Gardens
Harbour Road
Harbour Street
Heatherhouse Road
Heatherhouse Road
Heatherstane Bank
Heatherstane Way
Hepburn Way
Herbertson Crescent
High Street
Highet Gardens
Highfield Place
Hill Street
Hillshaw Foot
Hillshaw Green
Hopetoun Bank
Howat Crescent
Hunter Drive
Inverleven Place
Irvine Mains Crescent
James Crescent
James Crescent
Jermond Drive
John Galt Crescent
John Galt Drive
John Galt Wynd
Kames Court
Katrine Place
Kerr Drive
Kerr Place
Kidsneuk Gardens
Killoch Place
Killoch Way
Kilpatrick Court
Kilpatrick Place
Kilsyth Crescent
Kilwinning Road
Kilwinning Road
Kilwinning Road
Kirk Vennel
Kirkstyle Court
Kyle Road
Ladyacre Grove
Ladyacre View
Ladyacre Way
Ladyburn Court
Lamberton Gardens
Lammermuir Court
Lamont Drive
Lamont Place
Lanfine Terrace
Lanfine Way
Langmuir Avenue
Langmuir Court
Lawers Place
Lawthorn Road
Leven Place
Lewis Crescent
Lewis Rise
Lewis Terrace
Lewis Wynd
Lime Way
Linkwood Court
Linkwood Place
Linthouse Vennel
Littlestane Court
Littlestane Rise
Littlestane Road
Littlestane Road
Livingstone Terrace
Livingstone Terrace
Loach Avenue
Lochcraig Court
Lochlibo Court
Lochwood Place
Lomond Place
Lomond Way
Long Drive
Long Drive
Long Drive
Long Drive
Longrow Gardens
Loudoun Rigg
Low Green Road
Lowther Bank
Lugar Avenue
Lyle Gardens
Macadam Place
Macallan Place
Macara Drive
Mackinnon Terrace
Mackintosh Place
Macredie Place
Main Street
Malcolm Gardens
Mansfield Way
Manson Road
Manson Road
Manson Road
Maple Terrace
Maree Place
Marine Drive
Marine Drive
Marress Road
Marress Road
Martin Avenue
Maxwell Green
Maxwood Place
Mc Clure Gardens
Mcdonald Drive
Mcgibney Drive
Mckinlay Crescent
Mcmillan Place
Meadow Avenue
Meadowhead Avenue
Meadowhead Road
Meikle Place
Merrick Place
Merryvale Road
Metcalfe Place
Middleton Park
Middleton Road
Middleton Road
Milgarholm Avenue
Mill Crescent
Mill Road
Millburn Terrace
Milldown Place
Montgomery Lane
Montgomery Place
Montgomery Street
Moorfoot Way
Morar Place
Moss Drive
Mossgiel Drive
Muir Drive
Muirfield Court
Mull Court
Mull Crescent
Mull Place
Mull Terrace
Murchland Way
Murdoch Place
Neil Avenue
Nevis Way
New Caley Road
New Street
Newfield Place
Newhouse Way
Norman Crescent
Oaklands Avenue
Ochil Court
Old Caley Road
Ormiston Place
Park Place
Paterson Avenue
Paterson Avenue
Paterson Crescent
Pavilion Gardens
Peden Place
Penbreck Court
Pennant Court
Pennant Place
Pennant Way
Pennyvenie Way
Pentland Place
Peter Street
Piersland Place
Pladda Avenue
Pladda Court
Pladda Crescent
Pladda Terrace
Pladda Wynd
Portland Avenue
Portland Place
Portland Road
Quarry Road
Queen Road
Queens Court
Racecourse Place
Ramstane Place
Ranken Crescent
Ranken Drive
Rannoch Place
Redburn Gate
Redburn Place
Regalia View
Renton Park
Riverside Way
Rosebank Gardens
Roseholm Avenue
Rowan Terrace
Rubie Crescent
Sanderson Avenue
School Lane
Scott Road
Seaton Terrace
Second Avenue
Shalloch Place
Shawholm Gardens
Shewalton Drive
Shewalton Moss
Shewalton Road
Shiel Place
Sidlaw Foot
Sillars Meadow
Slate Mill Gardens
Sloan Avenue
Smith Avenue
Smithstone Court
Smithstone Way
Smithstone Way
Somerville Park
Somerville Way
Sophia Crescent
Sourlie Terrace
South Newmoor Avenue
Speyburn Place
Springbank Gardens
Springfield Gardens
St Andrews Way
St Bride's Place
St Inan Avenue
St Kilda Bank
St Kilda Court
St Kilda Place
Stanecastle Drive
Stanecastle Road
Station Row
Steps Road
Stewart Drive
Stewart Drive
Strathmore Park
Stronsay Court
Stronsay Way
Swinton Place
Sycamore Wynd
Symington Place
Tarryholme Drive
Tay Place
Telford Place
The Gardens
The Grange
The Paddock
Third Avenue
Thornhouse Avenue
Thornhouse Court
Thornwood Drive
Titchfield Way
Tollerton Drive
Tollhouse Way
Towerlands Farm Road
Towerlands Road
Towerlands Road
Towerlands Road
Turnberry Wynd
Turnberry Wynd
Victoria Crescent
Vineburgh Avenue
Vineburgh Court
Wallace Road
Wardlaw Gardens
Wardneuk Court
Warrix Avenue
Watson Terrace
Weavers Wynd
West Bowhouse Gardens
West Bowhouse Way
West Road
Whitewisp Court
Whittle Place
Whyte Avenue
Williamfield Grove
Williamfield Park
Willow Gardens
Wilson Avenue
Windelstraw Court
Winton Place
Woodhill Crescent
Woodlands Avenue
Wyvis Place