The Urban Area of Caversham in the County of Berkshire

The Urban Area of Caversham is located within the county of Berkshire.

Caversham is situated in the South East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Reading, South Oxfordshire, councils.

The Urban Area of Caversham is covers the following regions.

  • Berkshire - Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire - South East (England)
  • Oxfordshire - Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire - South East (England)
  • Reading
  • South Oxfordshire
  • Caversham: Park Church
  • Caversham: St Andrew
  • Caversham: St John the Baptist
  • Caversham: St Peter
  • Emmer Green: St Barnabas

Where is Caversham is located in the UK

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Map of the Urban Area of Caversham in Berkshire

Dentists in Caversham

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Caversham
20 Bridge Street (dental Surgery) 20 Bridge Street, Caversham Reading Berkshire RG4 8AA
Caversham Heights Dental Practice 25a Kidmore Road, Caversham Reading RG4 7LR
Community Dental Clinic School Lane, Caversham Reading Berkshire RG4 8HX
Dental Surgery 19 Prospect Street, Caversham Reading Berkshire RG4 8JB
Farnham Drive (dental Surgery) 23 Farnham Drive, Caversham Reading Berkshire RG4 6NY

Opticians in Caversham

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Caversham
Caversham Eyecare 41a St. Martins Precinct, Church Street, Caversham Reading Berkshire RG4 8BA tel:0118 948 3262
Robin James Opticians 44 Church Street, Caversham Reading Berkshire RG4 8AU

Chemists in Caversham

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Caversham
Boots The Chemist 45 St. Martins Precinct, Church Street, Caversham Reading Berkshire RG4 8BA tel:0118 9471602
Lloydspharmacy Cavendish Road, Emmer Green Reading Berkshire RG4 8XU
Markand Pharmacy 122 Henley Road, Caversham Reading Berkshire RG4 6DH tel:0118 9472464
Rowlands Pharmacy 59 Hemdean Road, Caversham Reading Berkshire RG4 7SS tel:0118 9471776

Doctors in Caversham

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Caversham
Balmore Park Surgery 59a Hemdean Road, Caversham Reading Berkshire RG4 7SS tel:0118 9471455
Emmer Green Surgery 4 St. Barnabas Road, Emmer Green Reading Berkshire RG4 8RA tel:0118 9486900
Peppard Road Surgery 45 Peppard Road, Caversham Reading Berkshire RG4 8NR tel:0118 9462224
List of Streets in Caversham
Abbotsmead Place
Abbottsleigh Gardens
Abingdon Drive
Albany Gardens
Albert Road
Aldeburgh Close
Aldenham Close
All Hallows Road
All Hallows Road
Almond Drive
Amersham Road
Angle Field Road
Angle Field Road
Archway Road
Ardler Road
Ardler Road
Ashcroft Close
Atterbury Gardens
Autumn Close
Badgers Rise
Balliol Road
Balmore Drive
Balmore Park
Banbury Gardens
Barclose Avenue
Barclose Avenue
Barnard Close
Berrylands Road
Birchwood Close
Birchwood Close
Blackwater Close
Blagrave Farm Lane
Blagrave Lane
Blenheim Road
Blossom Road
Bluebell Gardens
Boundary Lane
Brackstone Close
Bramber Mews
Briant's Avenue
Briant's Avenue
Briar Close
Bridge Street
Brill Close
Brooklyn Drive
Buck Side
Buckingham Drive
Buckingham Gate
Burcombe Way
Burleigh Mews
Burnham Rise
Buxton Avenue
Caleta Close
Cardinal Close
Carisbrooke Close
Carlton Road
Cavendish Road
Cavendish Road
Caversham Park Drive
Caversham Park Drive
Caversham Park Road
Caversham Park Road
Caversham Park Road
Caversham Road
Cawsam Gardens
Cedar Wood Crescent
Chalgrove Way
Chalkhouse Green Lane
Chalkhouse Green Lane
Champion Road
Charles Evans Way
Charlotte Close
Chatsworth Close
Chaucer Close
Chazey Road
Chelford Way
Cherry Close
Cherwell Road
Chester Street
Chester Street
Chestnut Avenue
Chiltern Court
Chiltern Road
Chiltern Road
Church Lane
Church Road
Church Road
Church Street
Clifton Park Road
Clonmel Close
Coldicutt Street
Conisboro Avenue
Conisboro Way
Copse Avenue
Copse End
Corfe Mews
Courtenay Drive
Crawshay Drive
Crispin Close
Cromwell Road
Dacre Avenue
Darell Road
Deans Farm
Dellwood Park
Derby Road
Derby Road
Devon Drive
Dickens Close
Donegal Close
Donegal Close
Donkin Hill
Donkin Hill
Douglas Road
Dovedale Close
Dumbarton Way
Dunster Close
Dunster Close
Earlsfield Close
Eccles Close
Eliot Close
Ellesmere Close
Elliots Way
Elmleigh Court
Elstow Avenue
Eltham Avenue
Emmer Green Court
Eric Avenue
Evesham Road
Eynsford Close
Fairfax Close
Falkland Road
Falkland Road
Fallowfield Close
Farleigh Mews
Farnham Drive
Fernbrook Road
Field View
Fishers Court
Forge Close
Forge Close
Foxhill Close
Foxhill Lane
Framlingham Drive
Fraser Avenue
Galsworthy Drive
Galsworthy Drive
Gayhurst Close
Geoffreyson Road
George Close
George Street
George Street
Gifford Close
Goodrich Close
Gosbrook Road
Gosbrook Road
Grass Hill
Gravel Hill
Gravel Hill
Graveney Drive
Greenleas Avenue
Greystoke Road
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Road
Grove Hill
Grove Hill
Grove Hill Close
Grove Mews
Grove Road
Gurney Close
Gurney Drive
Hadleigh Rise
Haldane Road
Hampden Road
Hardy Close
Harlech Avenue
Harley Road
Harrogate Road
Hawthorne Road
Hemdean Hill
Hemdean Rise
Hemdean Road
Hemdean Road
Henley Road
Henley Road
Henley Road
Henley Road
Heron Island
Hertford Close
Hewett Avenue
Hewett Close
High Meadow
Highbridge Close
Highdown Avenue
Highdown Hill Road
Highmoor Road
Hilltop Road
Holyrood Close
Honey Meadow Close
Hornbeam Close
Hunters Chase
Ian Mikardo Way
Ibstone Avenue
Ilchester Mews
Ilkley Road
Illingworth Avenue
Jacksons Lane
Jefferson Close
Jordan Close
Kelmscott Close
Kelso Mews
Kelvedon Way
Kendal Avenue
Keston Close
Kidmore End Road
Kidmore Road
Kildare Gardens
Kiln Road
Kiln Road
King's Road
Kirkham Close
Knighton Close
Knights Way
Knowle Close
Lady Jane Court
Langford Close
Launceston Avenue
Lawson Drive
Little Woodcote Close
Littlestead Close
Lomond Avenue
Longhurst Close
Lower Henley Road
Lower Henley Road
Lowfield Green
Lowfield Road
Lowfield Road
Luscombe Close
Lyefield Court
Lymington Gate
Mallory Avenue
Managua Close
Marchwood Avenue
Marlow Court
Marsack Street
Marshland Square
Martin Cooper Close
Matlock Road
Mayfield Drive
Maytree Walk
Mead Close
Meadow Way
Melford Green
Merthyr Vale
Micklands Road
Midsummer Meadow
Mill Green
Mill Green
Mill Road
Montague Street
Montfort Gate
Montpelier Drive
Montpelier Drive
Morecambe Avenue
Moss Close
Nelson Road
Netley Close
Newlands Avenue
Newton Avenue
Nire Road
Norman Road
North Street
Northbrook Road
Notley Place
Oak Grove
Oakley Road
Odiham Avenue
Old Barn Close
Onslow Gardens
Orchard Grove
Orwell Close
Osterley Drive
Overton Drive
Overton Drive
Oxford Street
Oxford Street
Paddock Road
Patrick Road
Pembroke Place
Pendennis Avenue
Penn Close
Peppard Road
Peppard Road
Pevensey Avenue
Phillimore Road
Picton Way
Piggott's Road
Pinetree Court
Pinewood Drive
Playhatch Road
Priest Hill
Priory Avenue
Priory Avenue
Promenade Road
Prospect Street
Quantock Avenue
Queen Annes Gate
Queen Street
Queen's Road
Queensborough Drive
Raglan Gardens
Ragley Mews
Rectory Road
Redberry Close
Regency Heights
Rhine Close
Richmond Road
Ridge Hall Close
River Road
Rosehill Park
Rossendale Road
Rossendale Road
Rotherfield Way
Row Lane
Rowallan Close
Rufus Isaacs Road
Russet Glade
Sandcroft Road
Scholars Close
School Lane
Scott Close
Send Road
Shakespeare Close
Sheep Walk
Sheldon Rise
Shepherds Lane
Sheridan Avenue
Short Street
Silverthorne Drive
Soane End
South Street
South View Avenue
South View Park
Southdown Road
Spinney Close
St Andrew's Road
St Anne's Road
St Barnabas Road
St Benets Way
St David's Close
St John's Road
St John's Road
St Lukes Way
St Peter's Avenue
St Peter's Hill
St Stephens Close
Star Road
Stirling Close
Stuart Close
Surley Row
Symeon Place
Talbot Close
Tenby Avenue
The Causeway
The Causeway
The Cloisters
The Grange
The Horse Close
The Horse Close
The Mount
The Ridgeway
The Ridings
The Rise
The Slopes
The Warren
The Willows
Thetford Mews
Tilbury Close
Tokers Green Lane
Tower Close
Tredegar Road
Twin Oaks
Tyler Close
Ulster Close
Unity Close
Uplands Road
Upper Warren Avenue
Upper Woodcote Road
Uppingham Gardens
Valentine Crescent
Valley Close
Venetia Close
Victoria Road
Waller Court
Washington Road
Washington Road
Westdene Crescent
Westfield Road
Westonbirt Drive
Wetherby Close
Whitby Green
Wilwyne Close
Wincroft Road
Winterberry Way
Woburn Close
Wolsey Road
Woodberry Close
Woodcote Road
Woodcote Way
Woodford Close
Woodlands Grove
Woods Road
Wrenfield Drive
Yarnton Close