The Town of Widnes in the County of Cheshire

The town of Widnes is located within the county of Cheshire.

Widnes is situated in the North West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Halton, Knowsley, councils.

The town of Widnes is in the East Merseyside region of Merseyside within North West (England).

  • Halton
  • Knowsley
  • Ditton: St Michael
  • Farnworth: St Luke
  • Hough Green: St Basil & All Saints
  • Widnes: St Ambrose
  • Widnes: St John
  • Widnes: St Paul

Where is Widnes is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Widnes in Cheshire

Dentists in Widnes

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Widnes
5 Danescroft [the Dental Practice] 5 Danescroft, Upton Estate, Hough Green Widnes Cheshire WA8 4NS
Albert Road (dental Surgery) 125 Albert Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 6LB
Dental Elements Unit 3 Liebig Court Widnes Cheshire WA8 6GD
Dental Surgery 163 Peel House Lane Widnes Cheshire WA8 9UH
Dental Surgery 22 Deacon Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 6ED
Emergency Dental Services Widnes Health Care Resource Centre, Oaks Place, Caldwell Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 7GD
Widnes Healthcare Resource Centre Oaks Place, Caldwell Road Widnes WA8 7GD

Opticians in Widnes

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Widnes
Boots Opticians (widnes) 8-10 Albert Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 6JE
Conlon Opticians (widnes) 24 Albert Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 6JE
Eye To Eye Optical Limited 13 Queens Avenue Widnes Cheshire WA8 8HR
Eye Wala Ltd (cheshire) Unit G4, Widnes Market Hall, Bradley Way Widnes Cheshire WA8 6UE
Merton Beck Opticians 39 Widnes Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 6AZ
Plaza Opticians Ltd Peel House Medical Plaza, Peel House Lane Widnes Cheshire WA8 6TN
Scrivens Opticians (widnes) 4 Albert Square Widnes Cheshire WA8 6JW
Specs2u (widnes) Unit 7, St Michaels Industrial Estate Widnes Cheshire WA8 8TL
Specsavers (widnes) 47 Albert Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 6JA
Vision Express (widnes) Unit 4, Green Oaks Shopping Centre Widnes Cheshire WA8 6UD

Chemists in Widnes

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Widnes
Appleton Village Pharmacy Appleton Village Widnes Cheshire WA8 6EQ tel:01514 208794
Asda Pharmacy Widnes Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 6AH tel:01514 225910
Boots Pharmacy Unit 7, Widnes Shopping Park Widnes Cheshire WA8 7TN tel:0151 4242979
Cohens Chemist 222a Liverpool Road, Ditton Widnes Cheshire WA8 7HY tel:0151 4242564
Cooke's Chemist J Cooke Chemist, 76 Albert Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 6JT
Ditton Pharmacy 203 Hale Road, Ditton Widnes Cheshire WA8 8QB tel:01223 576384
Lloydspharmacy Hough Green Health Park, Hough Green Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 4PE
Mcdougall's Pharmacy Oaks Place, Caldwell Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 7GD tel:0151 4201147
Nicholson's Pharmacy Nicholson & Partners, 17 Queens Avenue, Ditton Widnes Cheshire WA8 8HR tel:0151 4244863
Rowlands Pharmacy 11 Farnworth Street Widnes Cheshire WA8 9LH tel:0151 4242939
Tesco Pharmacy Ashley Retail Park, Lugsdale Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 7YT
Upton Rocks Pharmacy 12a Cronton Lane Widnes Cheshire WA8 5AJ tel:01514 201444
Well Pharmacy Peel House Medical Plaza, Peel House Lane Widnes Cheshire WA8 6TN tel:01514 242118
West Bank Pharmacy 8a Mersey Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 0DG tel:0151 4243702
Wise Pharmacy Ltd 204 Warrington Road, Crow Wood Widnes Cheshire WA8 0AX tel:0151 4249659

Doctors in Widnes

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Widnes
Appleton Village Surgery 2-6 Appleton Village Widnes Cheshire WA8 6DZ tel:0151 4232990
Bevan Group Practice Bevan Way Widnes Cheshire WA8 6TR tel:0151 4243986
Hough Green Health Park Hough Green Road Widnes WA8 4PF tel:0151 5115805
Newtown Surgery Oaks Place, Caldwell Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 7GD tel:0151 4955110
Oaks Place Surgery Widnes Health Care Resource Centre, Oaks Place, Caldwell Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 7GD tel:0151 4955140
Peelhouse Medical Plaza Peel House Medical Plaza, Peel House Lane Widnes Cheshire WA8 6TN tel:0151 4246221
The Beeches Medical Ctr 20 Ditchfield Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 8QS tel:0151 4243101
Upton Rocks Primary Care Heath Road Widnes Cheshire WA8 7NU tel:0151 5115730
West Bank Medical Centre Lower Church Street Widnes Cheshire WA8 0NG tel:01514 243113
List of Streets in Widnes
Abbey Close
Abbey Road
Acacia Avenue
Acrefield Road
Addingham Avenue
Addison Square
Adelaide Court
Albert Road
Albright Road
Alder Avenue
Alder Lane
Alder Lane
Alderwood Court
Alexander Drive
Alexandra Street
Alforde Street
Alfred Close
Alfred Street
Alice Court
Allerton Road
Alverton Close
Amelia Close
Andrew Close
Ann Street West
Ann Street West
Ansdell Road
Appleby Close
Appleton Road
Appleton Street
Appleton Village
Arkenstone Close
Arley Drive
Arnold Place
Ash Lane
Ash Priors
Ashley Green
Ashley Way
Ashley Way
Ashley Way West
Ashley Way West
Astley Close
Atterbury Close
Aubourn Close
Avebury Close
Avondale Close
Avondale Drive
Aylsham Close
Back Lane
Baileys Close
Balham Close
Balmoral Road
Bancroft Road
Bank Street
Bankfield Road
Barn Street
Barnes Close
Barnes Road
Barneston Road
Baron's Close
Barrow's Green Lane
Barrow's Row
Batherton Close
Battersea Court
Baynard Drive
Beaconsfield Crescent
Beaconsfield Grove
Beaconsfield Road
Belgrave Close
Belgravia Court
Bell House Road
Bellflower Close
Belmont Road
Belvoir Road
Bembridge Close
Bennett's Lane
Bennett's Lane
Bermondsey Grove
Berry Road
Bevan Way
Biddlestone Cross
Billington Road
Bilton Close
Birch Road
Birchfield Avenue
Birchfield Avenue
Birchfield Road
Birchfield Road
Birchfield Road
Birkdale Road
Birket Drive
Bishops Way
Black Denton's Place
Black Horse Lane
Blackbrook Close
Blair Drive
Bloomsbury Way
Blundell Road
Blundell Road
Blythe Avenue
Bold Street
Bolingbrooke Lane
Bollin Court
Borrowdale Road
Boundary Stone Lane
Bower Street
Boxgrove Close
Brackenwood Drive
Bradley Way
Bradshaw Street
Bradshaw Street
Breck Road
Briarfield Avenue
Bridge View Close
Bridgend Close
Brierley Terrace
Brinton Close
Broadheath Terrace
Brooklands Park
Broughton Way
Brown Street
Browning Avenue
Broxton Close
Brunner Road
Brynn Street
Buchanan Close
Buckingham Avenue
Buckland Close
Bude Road
Budworth Avenue
Burnham Close
Burns Crescent
Burnsall Drive
Burton Close
Byland Close
Calder Close
Caldwell Road
Camberwell Park Road
Cambridge Street
Cameron Road
Campsey Ash
Canterbury Road
Capesthorne Close
Carey Street
Carlton Street
Carmel Court
Carter House Way
Castle Street
Catford Close
Catherine Street
Cawfield Avenue
Cawfield Avenue
Caxton Close
Cedar Avenue
Cedardale Park
Chadwick Lane
Chalgrave Close
Chapel Lane
Chapel Street
Chapman Close
Charles Street
Chatsworth Drive
Chedworth Drive
Cheryl Drive
Chester Street
Chestnut Avenue
Chetwood Drive
Chidlow Close
Chilington Avenue
Chilwell Close
Chislet Court
Cholmondeley Street
Chorley's Lane
Christie Street
Church Street
Clanfield Avenue
Claremont Avenue
Claremont Drive
Clarence Avenue
Clayton Crescent
Cleadon Way
Cleveleys Avenue
Cliffe Street
Clincton Close
Clincton View
Coleridge Grove
Columbine Close
Colvend Way
Connaught Crescent
Constance Way
Cooper Street
Cornerhouse Lane
Cornerhouse Lane
Cornforth Way
Cornubia Road
Cornwall Road
Coronation Drive
Coroner's Lane
Coronet Way
Coulton Road
Cranshaw Lane
Crawford Avenue
Crawford Avenue
Croft Street
Croft Street
Cromwell Street
Cronton Lane
Cronton Lane
Cross Hillocks Lane
Cross Hillocks Lane
Cross Street
Croston Close
Crow Wood Lane
Crow Wood Place
Crown Avenue
Cuerdley Green
Cunningham Road
Cypress Avenue
Daffodil Close
Dale Close
Dan's Road
Dan's Road
Dan's Road
Dans Road
Dans Road
Darley Close
Darlington Court
Davies Close
Deacon Road
Dean Close
Dean Street
Deirdre Avenue
Delamere Avenue
Dennis Road
Denton Street
Derby Road
Derby Road
Derby Road
Derwent Road
Desoto Road
Desoto Road East
Desoto Road West
Devon Place
Dickson Close
Dickson Street
Dickson Street
Dinnington Court
Ditchfield Place
Ditchfield Road
Ditton Road
Ditton Road
Ditton Road
Dock Road
Dock Street
Dorothea Crescent
Doughton Green
Douglas Close
Doward Street
Dragon Yard
Drummond Court
Dundalk Road
Dundalk Road
Durham Road
Durlston Close
Dykin Close
Dykin Road
Earle Road
Easenhall Close
East Street
Eastbury Close
Edgewood Close
Edinburgh Road
Edward Street
Edwards Way
Edwin Street
Egdon Close
Egypt Street
Elaine Close
Eleanor Street
Elizabeth Court
Elizabeth Court
Elkan Close
Elkan Road
Ellerton Close
Elliot Street
Elm Avenue
Elm Grove
Eltham Close
Elworth Avenue
Emily Street
Eric Street
Everite Road
Factory Lane
Fairburn Close
Fairfield Road
Fairhaven Road
Falkirk Avenue
Farnworth Close
Farnworth Street
Farrant Street
Fenton Close
Fiddlers Ferry Road
Fillmore Grove
Finlan Road
Finsbury Park
Finsbury Park
Fir Street
Flander Close
Foster Street
Foundry Lane
Foundry Lane
Fox Bank Close
Foxley Heath
Francis Close
Frank Street
Frederick Street
French Street
Gainford Close
Gainsborough Court
Galion Way
Galway Avenue
Ganton Close
Garnetts Lane
Garnetts Lane
Garrigill Close
Gavin Road
Gerrard Street
Giltbrook Close
Gladstone Street
Glazebrook Lane
Glebe Lane
Glencourse Road
Gleneagles Drive
Gleneagles Drive
Gloucester Road
Gorsey Lane
Graham Close
Graham Road
Grange Drive
Great Ashfield
Green Lane
Green Oaks Path
Green Oaks Way
Greenway Road
Greenwich Avenue
Gregson Road
Grenfell Street
Griffin Mews
Grosmont Way
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Road
Grove House Court
Guernsey Road
Guest Street
Gutticar Road
Haddon Drive
Haig Road
Hale Road
Hale Road
Hale Road
Hall Avenue
Halton View Road
Halton View Road
Hambleton Close
Hampton Close
Hampton Court Way
Hanging Birches
Hanley Close
Hanley Road
Harebell Close
Hargreaves Court
Harris Street
Hartland Close
Harton Close
Hawthorn Avenue
Heath Road
Heathfield Park
Heathfield Park
Henderson Road
Henry Street
Heralds Close
Heyes Road
Hibbert Street
Higher Ashton
Highfield Crescent
Highfield Road
Hilary Close
Hill View
Hill View
Holborn Court
Holkham Close
Holyrood Avenue
Honeyspot Crescent
Honeysuckle Close
Hood Road
Hornsmill Avenue
Hough Green Road
Houghton Close
Houghton Street
Humber Close
Hurst Street
Hutchinson Street
Ingham Road
Iona Crescent
Ireland Street
Ireland Street
Irwell Street
Islington Green
James Close
Jefferson Gardens
Johnson's Lane
Joseph Street
Jubilee Way
Julian Way
Keats Close
Keble Street
Kelsall Close
Kemberton Drive
Kendal Road
Kenneth Road
Kennington Park
Kensington Close
Kent Street
Kershaw Street
Keswick Close
Kew Gardens Close
Kilsby Drive
King Oswald Crescent
Kingsbury Road
Kipling Crescent
Kirkham Road
Knights Close
Knightsbridge Close
Knowles Street
Knowsley Expressway
Knowsley Expressway
Knowsley Expressway
Lacey Court
Lacey Street
Lakeside Close
Laleston Close
Lamport Close
Lanark Gardens
Lancaster Avenue
Lancaster Road
Langdale Close
Langley Beck
Langton Close
Larch Avenue
Larne Court
Latimer Road
Latimer Road
Laurel Bank
Lea Cross Grove
Leigh Avenue
Leigh Avenue
Lessingham Road
Lewis Crescent
Lewis Grove
Lilac Avenue
Lime Avenue
Limerick Close
Linacre Lane
Lincoln Square
Linden Court
Linden Way
Lindisfarne Court
Lingwell Avenue
Lingwell Park
Littlestone Close
Liverpool Place
Liverpool Road
Liverpool Road
Liverpool Road
Lockett Road
Lodge Lane
Lodge Road
Lofthouse Gate
Longford Drive
Lonsdale Close
Looe Close
Lower Appleton Road
Lower Church Street
Lower House Lane
Lugsdale Road
Lugsdale Road
Lunt's Heath Road
Lunt's Heath Road
Luton Street
Lynton Crescent
Lytham Road
Macdermott Road
Madeline Mckenna Court
Maisemore Fields
Major Cross Street
Major Cross Street
Manor Road
Mansell Close
Maple Avenue
Marcien Way
Market Street
Marlborough Crescent
Marling Park
Marlowe Close
Marsden Court
Marsh Brook Road
Marsh Hall Road
Marsh Street
Martinsville Court
Mary Street
Masefield Avenue
Mason Avenue
Mayfair Grove
Mayfield Avenue
Mc Clellan Place
Mckeagney Gardens
Mckinley Way
Meadow Close
Mersey Road
Mersey View Road
Mersham Court
Midland Street
Midwood Street
Mill Brow
Mill Green Lane
Mill Lane
Millar Crescent
Millfield Road
Millington Close
Milton Avenue
Milton Road
Milton Road
Milton Street
Miners Way
Minton Way
Minton Way
Misty Close
Mithril Close
Mond Road
Monica Drive
Montague Road
Montgomery Road
Moor Lane
Moor Lane South
Moore Close
Moorfield Road
Moorfield Road
Moorside Court
Mortlake Close
Moss Bank Road
Moss Street
Motherwell Close
Mottershead Road
Mount Pleasant
Mount Street
Mulberry Avenue
Naughton Lea
Naylor Road
Nazareth House Lane
Neil Street
Nelson Street
Netherley Road
New Bank Road
New Barnet
Newbury Close
Newland Close
Newsham Close
Nicholas Road
Nickleford Hall Drive
Norfolk Place
Norland Street
Norland Street
Norland's Lane
Norland's Lane
Norlands Park
Norris Grove
Northern Lane
Nursery Close
Oakfield Drive
Oakland Street
Oaks Place
Old Upton Lane
Ollier Street
Orchard Way
Orkney Close
Ormond Close
Oxborough Close
Oxford Street
Oxton Close
Page Lane
Palmarsh Road
Paragon Close
Park Avenue
Park Road
Parlington Close
Parr Street
Parsonage Road
Peel House Lane
Peel House Lane
Petham Court
Pex Hill Court
Philip Road
Pine Avenue
Pit Lane
Pitt Street
Plumley Gardens
Plumpton Mews
Poleacre Drive
Pool Street
Porthcawl Close
Portrush Close
Poulton Drive
Preece Close
Prescot Road
Prescot Road
Prescot Road
Prescot Road
Prestbury Close
Prestwick Close
Primrose Close
Prince's Street
Princes Place
Proctors Close
Queen's Avenue
Queensbury Way
Quinn Street
Raby Close
Radford Close
Radnor Drive
Rainbow Close
Ramsey Close
Rathlin Close
Ravenfield Drive
Rawcliffe Close
Reay Street
Redbourne Drive
Regal Crescent
Regency Park
Regent Road
Revesby Close
Rhyl Street
Ribble Close
Richmond Street
Rivenmill Close
Rivenmill Place
Rivenmill Way
Robert Street
Rock Lane
Rockfield Close
Romney Close
Roscommon Way
Rose Crescent
Rose Lea Close
Rose Street
Rose View Avenue
Rosewood Grove
Ross Street
Rossall Road
Rostherne Crescent
Routledge Street
Rowthorn Close
Royal Avenue
Royal Avenue
Rufford Close
Rushmore Drive
Rydal Way
Ryder Road
Rylands Street
Sadler Street
Sandiway Avenue
Sandon Place
Sandringham Road
Sandstone Mews
Sandy Lane
Sankey Street
Saxon Terrace
Sayce Street
School Way
Scott Avenue
Sefton Avenue
Selwyn Close
Severn Close
Shackleton Avenue
Shakespeare Road
Shannon Grove
Sharp Street
Shawell Court
Shelagh Avenue
Shelley Road
Shelton Close
Sherwood Close
Shetland Close
Shevington Close
Shipton Close
Sinclair Avenue
Skye Close
Smith Road
Smyth Road
Snowberry Close
Somerville Road
South Lane
South Street
Southey Close
Speke Road
Speke Road
Spenser Close
Spinney Avenue
Spring Street
Springfield Road
Squires Avenue
St Aidans Drive
St Ambrose Road
St Anne's Road
St Bridgets Close
St Luke's Crescent
St Marys Road
St Mawes Close
St Michael's Close
St Michael's Road
St Michael's Road
St Patricks Close
St Paul's Road
St Thomas Court
St Wilfreds Road
Stanley Close
Steppingstone Mews
Steward's Avenue
Stockswell Road
Stone Cross Drive
Stratton Park
Stratton Park
Stromford Close
Suffolk Place
Sunningdale Avenue
Susan Street
Sussex Street
Sutton's Lane
Swinford Avenue
Swynnerton Way
Swynnerton Way
Sycamore Avenue
Tabley Avenue
Tan House Lane
Taylor Street
Taylor's Lane
Tedder Square
Telford Close
Tennyson Road
Tern Close
Terrace Road
Thomas Street
Tickford Bank
Timmis Crescent
Tiverton Close
Toft Close
Towneley Court
Travis Street
Trent Close
Trentham Close
Truman Close
Turnall Road
Turner Close
Tuscan Close
Tuson Drive
Twyford Close
Twyford Lane
Tynwald Crescent
Upper Mersey Road
Upton Bridle Path
Upton Grange
Upton Lane
Upton Rocks Avenue
Upton Rocks Mews
Vicarage Road
Vicarage Road
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Grove
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Street
Victoria Street
Vine Street
Violet Street
Violet Street
Vixen Grove
Wallace Street
Wallis Drive
Wallsend Court
Walmsley Street
Walter Street
Walter Street
Wandsworth Way
Warkworth Close
Warnley Close
Warrington Road
Warrington Road
Warrington Road
Washington Close
Water Lane
Water Lane
Water Street
Waterloo Road
Waterside Lane
Watkinson Way
Watkinson Way
Watkinson Way
Watkinson Way
Watkinson Way
Wavell Avenue
Wavertree Avenue
Weates Close
Wedgwood Drive
Wellingford Avenue
Wellington Street
Wenger Road
Wentworth Close
West Bank Street
West Gate
Westcliffe Court
Westerhope Way
Westminster Close
Westmorland Avenue
Whalley Grove
Wheldon Road
Whickham Close
White Street
Whitstable Park
Widnes Road
Widnes Road
Wilcote Close
Wilkinson Close
William Street
Willow Avenue
Wilmere Lane
Wilsden Road
Winchester Place
Windermere Avenue
Windermere Street
Windsor Road
Winfield Way
Witt Road
Wood End Lane
Wood Street
Woodland Avenue
Woodstock Grove
Woodview Crescent
Woodview Road
Woodville Place
Wordsworth Avenue
Wright Crescent
Wrights Lane
Wyncroft Close
Wyncroft Road
York Road