The Town of Dumfries in the County of Dumfries

The town of Dumfries is located within the county of Dumfries.

Dumfries is situated in the Scotland region of the UK and is governed by Dumfries and Galloway, council.

The town of Dumfries is in the Dumfries & Galloway region of Southern Scotland within Scotland.

  • Dumfries and Galloway

Where is Dumfries is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Dumfries in Dumfries

Opticians in Dumfries

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Dumfries
Boots Opticians (dumfries - Queensberry Square) 22 Queensberry Street Dumfries Dumfriesshire DG1 1HR
List of Streets in Dumfries
Abbey Lane
Academy Street
Adamhill Road
Afton Drive
Airds Avenue
Airds Court
Airds Drive
Albany Lane
Albert Road
Albert Road
Alder Court
Aldermanhill Road
Alexandra Drive
Alloway Avenue
Alloway Road
Annan Road
Annan Road
Anworth Avenue
Anwoth Avenue
Ardwall Road
Armour Drive
Ashfield Drive
Ashton Drive
Aspen Crescent
Assembly Street
Atkinson Road
Averill Crescent
Babbington Crescent
Babbington Drive
Babbington Gardens
Back Row
Balcary Avenue
Ballater Avenue
Balliol Avenue
Ballochmyle Terrace
Balmoral Avenue
Balmoral Road
Banchory Avenue
Bane Loaning
Bane Loaning
Bank Street
Bankend Road
Bankend Road
Barkerland Avenue
Barn Slaps
Barnhill Court
Barnhill Place
Barnhill Road
Barnton Drive
Barnton Place
Barnton Road
Barrie Avenue
Beck Avenue
Beech Avenue
Bellevue Street
Bennan Court
Birch Walk
Birchfield Place
Birchwood Avenue
Birchwood Crescent
Birchwood Drive
Birchwood Place
Birchwood Road
Birchwood Way
Blackley Park Court
Blackley Park Gardens
Blackley Park Place
Blackley Park Road
Bradford Gardens
Braemar Avenue
Brasswell Park
Brewery Street
Brodie Avenue
Brooke Street
Broomlands Drive
Broomrig Court
Brooms Road
Brooms Road
Brownrigg Loaning
Bruce Dewar Mews
Bruce Street
Buccleuch Street
Buccleuch Street
Buccleuch Street
Burnett Avenue
Burns Street
Cairn Avenue
Cairn Circle
Cairn Court
Cairn Drive
Cairnsmore Crescent
Caledonian Place
Callum Drive
Callum Road
Calside Avenue
Calside Court
Calside Drive
Calside Gardens
Calside Place
Calside Road
Campbell Avenue
Campbell Avenue
Cardoness Street
Cargen Avenue
Carlyle Drive
Carlyle Place
Carlyle Road
Carnegie Street
Carrick Road
Cartha Place
Cartha Road
Carthagena Avenue
Carthagena Place
Castle Douglas Road
Castle Street
Castle Street
Castledykes Road
Catherine Street
Caul View
Caulstran Avenue
Caulstran Road
Caulstran Street
Charlotte Street
Charnwood Gardens
Charnwood Road
Charnwood Road
Charteries Crescent
Cherry Lane
Chichester Court
Church Crescent
Church Place
Church Street
Clarinda Drive
Clarinda Drive
Clunie Avenue
Clunie Court
Clunie Drive
College Avenue
College Drive
College Mains Road
College Road
College Street
College Street
Collochan Court
Collochan Drive
Connolly Court
Corbelly Hill
Corberry Avenue
Corberry Mews
Corberry Park
Cornwall Mount
Craigburn Court
Craiglochar Avenue
Craigs Drive
Craigs Loaning
Craigs Road
Craigs Road
Craigvale Court
Crathie Avenue
Cresswell Avenue
Cresswell Hill
Cresswell Wynd
Criffel Avenue
Criffel Court
Criffel Drive
Criffel Road
Cumberland Street
Dalbeattie Road
Dalbeattie Road
Dalswinton Avenue
Darlison Avenue
Darrant Wynd
David Street
Deans Avenue
Deegan Court
Devorgilla Drive
Devorgilla Place
Devorgilla Road
Dickson Court
Dinmont Avenue
Dobie's Wynd
Dobie's Wynd
Doon Terrace
Douie Crescent
Douie Park
Drummond Court
Duncan Avenue
Dunlop Road
East Riverside Drive
Eastfield Road
Eastfield Road
Edinburgh Road
Elder Avenue
Elderbank Place
Elizabeth Walk
Ellisland Drive
Ellisland Drive
Elmbank Drive
English Street
English Street
Essex Park Drive
Essex Park Meuse
Ettrick Court
Ewart Drive
Fairfield Crescent
Fairford Court
Farnland Court
Farrell Court
Findlater Court
Forsyth Street
Friars Vennel
Friars Vennel
Galloway Street
Galloway Street
George Douglas Drive
George Douglas Place
George Street
George Street
George Street Meuse
Georgetown Crescent
Georgetown Drive
Georgetown Road
Gilbert Circle
Gillbrae Court
Gillbrae Crescent
Gillbrae Road
Gilloch Avenue
Gilloch Crescent
Gilloch Drive
Gladstone Road
Glasgow Road
Glasgow Road
Glasgow Street
Glasgow Street
Glasgow Street
Glebe Street
Glencairn Road
Glencaple Avenue
Glenholm Place
Glenlee Court
Glentrool Road
Gloucester Avenue
Goldie Avenue
Goldie Avenue
Goldie Crescent
Golf Avenue
Golf Avenue
Golf Avenue
Gordon Street
Grant Court
Great King Street
Greenacre Drive
Greenbrae Loaning
Greenbrae Place
Greyfriars' Street
Greystone Avenue
Greystone Crescent
Greystone Loaning
Grierson Avenue
Gullane Drive
Gullane Way
Haining Avenue
Haining Close
Haining Court
Haining Drive
Hamilton Avenue
Hanover Close
Hardlawbank Court
Hardthorn Avenue
Hardthorn Crescent
Hardthorn Meadows
Hardthorn Road
Hawthorn Close
Hazelfield Close
Hazelrigg Avenue
Henry Street
Hermitage Crescent
Hermitage Drive
Heston Avenue
High Street
High Street
Hill Avenue
Hill Street
Hillside Drive
Hillview Avenue
Hillview Drive
Hillview Place
Holly Crescent
Holm Avenue
Holm Park View
Hoods Loaning
Houliston Avenue
Howgate Street
Huntingdon Avenue
Huntingdon Road
Huntingdon Square
Ingleston Place
Innerkip Drive
Irish Street
Irongray Road
Irving Street
James Avenue
Janefield Avenue
Janefield Drive
Janefield Gardens
Jardington Court
Jock's Loaning
Johnstone Park
Johnstone Park
Kellwood Place
Kellwood Road
Kenilworth Road
Keswick Drive
Keswick Place
Keswick Road
Kilncroft Court
Kindar Drive
King Street
Kingholm Drive
Kingholm Loaning
Kingholm Road
Kingsbarns Avenue
Kirkland Court
Kirkland Place
Kirkland Road
Kirkland Wynd
Kirko Place
Kirkowens Street
Kirkpatrick Court
Kirkpatrick Meuse
Laghall Court
Larchbank Place
Larchfield Road
Latimer Court
Laurieston Avenue
Leafield Gardens
Leafield Road
Lewars Avenue
Lewars Avenue
Lime Grove
Lime Tree Walk
Lincluden Road
Loch Road
Lochaber Walk
Lochar Drive
Lochfield Road
Lochside Court
Lochside Road
Lochside Road
Lockerbie Road
Lockerbie Road
Loganbarns Crescent
Loganbarns Drive
Loganbarns Road
Loganbarns Road
Loreburn Park
Loreburn Street
Loreburn Street
Lorimer Crescent
Lovers' Walk
Mabie Court
Makbrar Court
Makbrar Crescent
Makbrar Drive
Makbrar Meuse
Makbrar Place
Makbrar Road
Makbrar Wynd
Makbrar's Neuk
Mannering Avenue
Maple Avenue
Maplebank Loaning
Marchfield Avenue
Marchfield Court
Marchfield Drive
Marchfield Mount
Marchfield Place
Marchfield Road
Marchfield Road
Marchhill Drive
Marchmount Avenue
Marchmount Drive
Marchmount Road
Margaret Walk
Market Square
Martin Avenue
Mauchline Terrace
Maxwell Street
Maxwelltown Drive
Maxwelltown Gardens
Maxwelltown Station Road
Mc Allister Way
McBurnie Court
Mcfarlane Avenue
Mcgeoch Drive
Mckenzie Terrace
Mckie Avenue
Mclellan Street
Meadow Gardens
Merrick Place
Meuse Lane
Mews Lane
Mid Row
Milehouse Crescent
Mill Road
Millar Cliff Road
Millbrae Street
Millburn Avenue
Millburn Avenue
Millburn Place
Minden Avenue
Minden Crescent
Minden Drive
Moat Road
Moffat Road
Monreith Avenue
Monro Avenue
Monro Court
Monro Park
Montague Street
Moorland Street
Morton Place
Moss View
Mossgiel Avenue
Mosspark Avenue
Mosspark Court
Mosspark Crescent
Mosspark Place
Mosspark Road
Mosspark Way
Mountainhall Avenue
Mountainhall Court
Mountainhall Gardens
Mountainhall Park
Mountainhall Place
Munches Street
Munches Street
Nelson Street
New Abbey Road
Newall Terrace
Newbridge Drive
Newton Drive
Newton Road
Ninian Court
Nith Avenue
Nith Avenue
Nith Bank
Nith Place
Nith Street
Nithbank Avenue
Nithsdale Place
Nithside Avenue
Noble Grove
Noblehill Avenue
Noblehill Drive
Noblehill Place
North Laurieknowe Place
Nunholm Park
Nunholm Place
Nunholm Road
Nunwood Road
Nunwood Road
Nutberry Place
Oakfield Brae
Oakfield Court
Oakfield Drive
Oliphant Court
Osborne Crescent
Osborne Drive
Osborne Drive
Palmerston Avenue
Palmerston Drive
Palmerston View
Park Lane
Park Lane
Park Place
Park Road
Park Road
Park Street
Parkfoot Meadows
Parkhead Drive
Parkhead Loaning
Paterson Drive
Paterson Place
Peveril Court
Picket Cross
Pleasance Avenue
Pleasance Park
Poplar Court
Poplar Road
Portland Drive
Priestlands Drive
Primrose Street
Priory Avenue
Priory Road
Queen Street
Queensberry Street
Queensberry Street
Queensberry View
Rae Street
Rankine Avenue
Richmond Avenue
Riddell Avenue
Roberts Crescent
Robertson Avenue
Robison Drive
Rosefield Road
Rosemount Street
Rosevale Road
Rosevale Street
Rotchell Gardens
Rotchell Park
Rotchell Road
Rowan Drive
Rowanbank Avenue
Rowanbank Crescent
Rowanbank Road
Royal Oak Close
Ryedale Court
Ryedale Road
Ryedale Villas
Salmon Court
Sandypoint Drive
Sandypoint Road
School Lane
Shakespeare Street
Sharpe Crescent
Shearwater Road
Shirley Road
Shortridge Court
Simpson Gardens
Sir John Richardson Place
Skylark Court
Smith Place
Solway Drive
St Andrew Street
St Anne's Road
St Cuthbert's Avenue
St Mary's Street
St Mary's Street
St Michael Street
St Michael's Bridge Road
St Michael's Bridge Road
St Teresa's Crescent
Stakeford Street
Stanehouse Loaning
Stark Crescent
Station Road
Steel Avenue
Stewart Hall Gardens
Stewartry Avenue
Stewartry Court
Stewartry Road
Stoop Loaning
Strathearn Place
Suffolkhill Avenue
Summerpark Road
Summerpark Way
Summerville Avenue
Summerville Crescent
Sunderries Avenue
Sunderries Road
Suspension Brae
Syme Road
Talisman Court
Terregles Road
Terregles Street
The Crescent
The Lane
The Laurels
Three Crowns Court
Tipperwuppy Court
Tipperwuppy Drive
Troqueer Road
Turnberry Avenue
Undercraigs Court
Undercraigs Drive
Undercraigs Road
Union Street
Union Street
Urquhart Court
Urquhart Crescent
Verdun Square
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Road
Victoria Terrace
Wallace Street
Watling Street
Waverley Road
Well Street
Welldale Park
West Riverside Drive
Westfield Road
Westpark Cottages
Willowfield Place
Windsor Place
Wolfgill Court
Wolfgill Drive
Wolfgill Place
Wolfgill Road
Woodlands Avenue
Woodlands Court
Woodlands Crescent
Woodlands Place
Yarrow Avenue
Yarrow Court
Yarrow Drive
Yarrow Gardens
Yarrow Place
Young Avenue