The Town of Hartlepool in the County of Durham

The town of Hartlepool is located within the county of Durham.

Hartlepool is situated in the North East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Hartlepool, council.

The town of Hartlepool is in the Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees region of Tees Valley and Durham within North East (England).

  • Hartlepool
  • Hartlepool: Holy Trinity
  • Hartlepool: St Aidan
  • Hartlepool: St Columba
  • Hartlepool: St Hilda
  • Hartlepool: St Luke
  • Hartlepool: St Oswald
  • Hartlepool: St Paul
  • Owton Manor: St James
  • Seaton Carew: Holy Trinity
  • Stranton: All Saints

Where is Hartlepool is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Hartlepool in Durham

Dentists in Hartlepool

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Hartlepool
48b Elizabeth Way [dental Practice] 48b Elizabeth Way Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 2AX
Dental Care 64 Elizabeth Way Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 2AX
Dental Surgery 223 Stockton Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 1RR
Elliott&mccarthy Dental Surgery 86 Wiltshire Way Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 0TB
Grace Dental Care 60 Avenue Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 8AT
Hartlepool Dental And Implant Centre 212 Owton Manor Lane Hartlepool TS25 3QD
Hartlepool Dental And Implant Centre 29 Northgate Hartlepool TS24 0JT
Hartlepool Dental And Implant Centre 34 Victoria Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 8DD
Miss J Mathiesons Dental Surgery 22 Victoria Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 8DD
One Life Hartlepool Park Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 7PW
The Dental Practice 4 Grange Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 8JA
Victoria Road Dental Surgery 34 Victoria Road Hartlepool TS26 8DD

Opticians in Hartlepool

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Hartlepool
4906 Hartlepool Asda Stores Ltd, Marina Way Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 0XR
G K Gibson 64 Stockton Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 1RW
Hartlepool Extra Belle Vue Way Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 1UP
Keith Walker Optical Boutique 28 Victoria Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 8DD
M Timlin Optometrists 6 Upper Church Street Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 7ET
Pagan & Mcquade Opticians (york Road) 115 York Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 9DL
Roberts Eye Care Hartlepool Ltd Trading As Boots 137 Middleton Grange Shopping Ctr, Victoria Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 7RZ
Scrivens Opticians (hartlepool) 98 Middleton Grange Shopping Centre Hartlepool TS24 7RF
Specsavers (hartlepool) Unit 136, Middleton Grange Shopping Centre Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 7RD

Chemists in Hartlepool

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Hartlepool
Asda Pharmacy Marina Way Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 0XR tel:01429 239010
Boots Anchor Retail Park, Marina Way Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 0XR tel:01429 224068
Boots Uk Limited Boots The Chemists Ltd, 89, Middleton Grange Shopping Centre Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 7RW
Clayfield Pharmacy 76-78 Oxford Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 5SA tel:01429 274279
Headland Pharmacy 1 Groves Street Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 0NY tel:01429 266152
Healthways Chemist 38a Middleton Grange, Shopping Centre Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 7RY tel:01249 863504
Lloydspharmacy 15 Kendal Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 1QU tel:01429 273461
Lloydspharmacy 29 Wynyard Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 3LB tel:01429 273641
Lloydspharmacy 84 Wiltshire Way Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 0TB tel:01429 863651
Lloydspharmacy Surgery Lane, Winterbottom Avenue Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 9DN tel:01429 866032
Lloydspharmacy The Arches, 79 Park Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 7PW tel:01429 866023
M Whitfield Limited Birkdale,30 Victoria Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 8DD
Middle Warren Pharmacy U4 Middle Warren Local Centre, Mulberry Rise Hartlepool TS26 0BF tel:01429 222136
Seaton Pharmacy 68a Elizabeth Way Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 2AX tel:01429 268540
Tesco Extra Bellevue Way Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 1UP tel:01429 672847
Victoria Pharmacy Ltd Health Centre, Victoria Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 8DB tel:01429 270168
Well 107 York Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 9DH tel:01429 274036
Well 416 Catcote Road, Fens Shopping Centre Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 2LS tel:01429 274548
West View Pharmacy 7 Brus Corner Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 9LA tel:01429 263868
Your Local Boot Pharmacy Hartlepool Community Health Centre, Park Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 7PW tel:01429 860871

Doctors in Hartlepool

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Hartlepool
Bankhouse Surgery One Life Hartlepool, Park Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 7PW tel:01429 274800
Brierton Medical Centre Earlsferry Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 4AZ
Chadwick Practice Park Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 7PW tel:01429 234646
Dr Bolt Throston Medical Centre, 82 Wiltshire Way Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 0XT
Gladstone House Surgery Victoria Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 8DF tel:01429 297290
Hart Medical Practice Surgery Lane, Wells Avenue Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 9DN tel:01429 282700
Hartfields Medical Practice Hartfields Extra Care Vge, Hartfields Manor, Hartfields Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 0US
Havelock Grange Practice Park Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 7PW tel:01429 272000
Mckenzie Group Practice Wynyard Road Primary Care Centre, Wynyard Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 3DQ tel:01429 223195
Mckenzie House Surgery Mckenzie House, 17 Kendal Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 1QU tel:01429 230000
The Headland Medical Centre 2 Groves Street, The Headland Hartlepool Cleveland TS24 0NZ tel:01429 222170
The Koh Practice Health Centre, Victoria Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 8DB tel:01429 273191
The Patel Practice Station Lane Hartlepool Cleveland TS25 1AX tel:01429 278827
Victoria Medical Practice The Health Centre, Victoria Road Hartlepool Cleveland TS26 8DB
List of Streets in Hartlepool
Abbey Street
Aberdeen Road
Acclom Street
Addison Road
Adlington Road
Admiral Way
Ainderby Walk
Airdrie Grove
Albert Street
Albion Terrace
Aldeburgh Close
Alderson Street
Alderwood Close
Alford Court
Alfred Street
Allendale Street
Allerton Close
Alliance Street
Alloa Grove
Alma Street
Alnwick Close
Alston Street
Alva Grove
Alva Grove
Alverstone Avenue
Amberton Road
Amberton Road
Amberwood Close
Amble Close
Andrew Street
Anglesey Grove
Angus Street
Annandale Crescent
Appleby Grove
Applewood Close
Arabella Close
Arabella Street
Arbroath Grove
Arch Court
Ardrossan Court
Ardrossan Road
Argyll Road
Ark Royal Close
Arkley Crescent
Armadale Grove
Arncliffe Gardens
Arnold Grove
Arran Grove
Ashburn Street
Ashby Grove
Ashgrove Avenue
Ashley Gardens
Ashwood Close
Atholl Grove
Atholl Grove
Auckland Way
Avenue Road
Avenue Road
Avondale Gardens
Ayr Grove
Ayr Grove
Back Throston Street
Baden Street
Baden Street
Bailey Street
Balcary Court
Ballater Grove
Balmoral Court
Balmoral Road
Balmoral Road
Bamburgh Road
Bamburgh Road
Banff Grove
Bangor Street
Bankston Close
Baptist Street
Barbara Mann Court
Barford Close
Barley Close
Barnard Grove
Barra Grove
Barra Grove
Barton Avenue
Bartram Court
Bath Terrace
Beachfield Drive
Beacon Street
Beaconsfield Square
Beaconsfield Street
Beath Grove
Beauly Grove
Beckston Close
Bedale Close
Bede Grove
Bedford Street
Belk Street
Belk Street
Belle Vue Way
Belle Vue Way
Belmont Gardens
Benmore Road
Bennett Road
Benson Street
Bentick Street
Bentley Street
Berkeley Avenue
Bertha Street
Berwick Street
Bexley Drive
Bilsdale Road
Birchill Gardens
Birkdale Close
Blackton Road
Blackwood Close
Blairgowrie Grove
Blake Street
Blakelock Gardens
Blakelock Gardens
Blakelock Road
Bluebell Way
Bodmin Grove
Bolton Grove
Bond Street
Borrowdale Street
Boston Close
Bournemouth Drive
Bowness Close
Bowser Street
Bradshaw Court
Braemar Road
Brafferton Street
Brandon Close
Bransdale Grove
Brechin Grove
Brecongill Close
Brenda Road
Brenda Road
Brenda Road
Brewery Street
Brian Honour Avenue
Briar Hill Gardens
Briar Walk
Bridgepool Close
Brierton Lane
Brierton Lane
Brierton Lane
Brierton Lane
Brig Open
Brigandine Close
Bright Street
Brimston Close
Brinkburn Court
Brinkburn Road
Brinkburn Road
Britannia Close
Broad Field Road
Brook Street
Brooklime Close
Broomhill Gardens
Brough Court
Brougham Terrace
Browning Avenue
Browning Avenue
Bruce Crescent
Brunel Close
Brunswick Street
Bruntoft Avenue
Buckie Grove
Buckleberry Close
Bulmer Place
Bunting Close
Burbank Street
Burke Place
Burn Road
Burn Road
Burn Valley Grove
Burn Valley Road
Burnaby Close
Burnhope Road
Burns Avenue
Burnston Close
Burwell Walk
Bushston Close
Bute Avenue
Buttercup Close
Butterstone Avenue
Butterwick Road
Byland Grove
Byron Street
Caernarvon Grove
Cairn Road
Cairnston Road
Caistor Drive
Caithness Road
Calder Grove
Caledonian Road
Callander Road
Cameron Road
Campbell Road
Campion Street
Cardigan Grove
Carisbrooke Road
Carlisle Street
Carlton Street
Carnoustie Grove
Caroline Street
Carr Street
Carrick Street
Casebourne Road
Castle Howard Close
Castleton Road
Castleton Road
Catcote Road
Catcote Road
Catcote Road
Catcote Road
Catcote Road
Cath Hill Close
Catherine Road
Catherine Street
Cecil Court
Celandine Gardens
Chaffinch Close
Challoner Road
Chandlers Close
Charles Street
Charles Street
Charterhouse Street
Chatham Gardens
Chatham Road
Chatham Road
Chaucer Avenue
Chaucer Avenue
Chelford Close
Chelker Close
Chelston Close
Cherelle Gardens
Chester Road
Chester Road
Chesterton Road
Chez Nous Avenue
Chichester Grove
Christopher Street
Church Close
Church Row
Church Street
Church Street
Church Walk
Claremont Drive
Clarence Road
Clarence Road
Clarence Road
Clarence Street
Clark Street
Clarkson Court
Clavering Road
Clavering Road
Claymore Road
Clearpool Close
Cleveland Road
Cleveland Street
Cliff Terrace
Cliffe Court
Clifford Close
Clifton Avenue
Clover Drive
Coast Road
Coatham Drive
Cobden Street
Colenso Street
Coleridge Avenue
Collingwood Road
Colwyn Road
Colwyn Road
Commercial Street
Commodore Way
Commondale Drive
Compton Road
Comrie Road
Coningsby Close
Coniscliffe Road
Coniston Road
Copperwood Close
Cornflower Close
Cornwall Street
Cornwall Street
Coronation Drive
Coronation Drive
Corporation Road
Courageous Close
Cowley Close
Cowper Grove
Cragston Close
Cranesbill Avenue
Cranwell Road
Crawford Street
Cresswell Court
Cresswell Drive
Cresswell Road
Crickethollow Close
Crocus Gardens
Croft Terrace
Cromwell Street
Crowland Road
Croxton Avenue
Cullen Road
Cundall Road
Daisy Close
Daleston Close
Daley Close
Dalkeith Road
Dallas Road
Dalry Grove
Dalton Back Lane
Dalton Street
Danby Grove
Darlington Street
Darvel Road
Darvel Road
Darwin Grove
Dauntless Close
Davison Drive
Dawlish Drive
De Haviland Way
Deacon Gardens
Dean Fall Close
Deerpool Close
Dent Street
Derby Street
Derwent Street
Devon Street
Dewberry Close
Dickens Grove
Dobson Place
Dorchester Drive
Dorset Street
Dover Street
Downham Grove
Dowson Road
Drayton Road
Dryden Road
Duchy Road
Duke Street
Dumfries Road
Dunbar Road
Dunbar Road
Duncan Road
Dundee Road
Dunlin Road
Dunoon Road
Dunston Road
Durham Street
Durness Grove
Durness Grove
Eaglesfield Road
Eamont Gardens
Earl Street
Earlsferry Road
Easington Road
Easington Road
Easington Road
Easington Road
East Parade
East View Terrace
Eastland Avenue
Edgar Street
Edinburgh Grove
Egerton Road
Egton Drive
Eider Close
Eldon Grove
Elgin Road
Elizabeth Way
Elizabeth Way
Elliott Street
Ellison Street
Elm Grove
Elm Grove
Elmfield Gardens
Elmwood Place
Elmwood Road
Eltringham Road
Elvan Grove
Elwick Road
Elwick Road
Elwick Road
Elwick Road
Emergency Access Road
Emerson Court
Empire Square
Endeavour Close
Endrick Road
Ensign Court
Enterprise Court
Enterprise Court
Ernest Street
Errol Street
Errol Street
Erskine Road
Esk Grove
Eskdale Road
Eskdale Road
Eton Street
Everett Street
Evergreen Close
Exeter Street
Exmoor Grove
Eyebright Close
Falcon Road
Falkirk Road
Falmouth Grove
Farah Road
Fareham Close
Farndale Road
Farnell Grove
Fastnet Grove
Faulder Walk
Felixstowe Close
Fellston Close
Fens Crescent
Fenton Road
Fernville Close
Fernwood Avenue
Ferry Road
Fewston Close
Fieldfare Road
Fife Grove
Findlay Grove
Firby Close
Flaxton Court
Flaxton Street
Fleet Avenue
Fordyce Road
Forester Close
Forfar Road
Formby Close
Forth Grove
Four Winds Court
Foxglove Close
Fraser Grove
Frederic Street
Freemantle Grove
Frensham Drive
Freville Street
Friar Street
Friar Terrace
Friendship Lane
Fulbeck Close
Fulthorp Avenue
Furness Street
Gainford Street
Gala Close
Galsworthy Road
Garrick Grove
Garside Drive
Garston Grove
Gatesgarth Close
George Street
Gibson Grove
Gilberti Place
Gillpark Grove
Gladstone Street
Gladys Worthy Close
Glaisdale Grove
Glamis Walk
Glamorgan Grove
Glendale Avenue
Gleneagles Road
Glenston Close
Glentower Grove
Gloucester Street
Goathland Drive
Goldcrest Close
Golden Meadows
Goldfinch Road
Goldsmith Avenue
Gooseberry Close
Goshawk Road
Grace Close
Graham Street
Grainger Street
Grange Avenue
Grange Avenue
Grange Close
Grange Road
Grange Road
Grantham Avenue
Granville Avenue
Grasmere Street
Grassholme Road
Greatham Street
Green Street
Green Terrace
Greenbank Court
Greenfinch Close
Greenhow Grove
Greenland Road
Greenock Road
Greenock Road
Greenshank Close
Greenwood Road
Greta Avenue
Greywood Close
Groom Terrace
Grosmont Road
Grosvenor Street
Grove Close
Groves Street
Guillemot Close
Gulliver Road
Haldane Grove
Hamilton Road
Hampstead Gardens
Hamstead Gardens
Handley Close
Harbour Walk
Harcourt Street
Hardwick Court
Harold Hornsey Square
Harrier Close
Harris Grove
Harrow Street
Hart Avenue
Hart Lane
Hart Lane
Hart Lane
Hart Road
Hart Road
Hartley Close
Hartoft Square
Hartside Gardens
Hartville Road
Harvester Close
Harwich Grove
Hastings Place
Haswell Avenue
Hatfield Close
Havelock Street
Hawker Close
Hawkridge Street
Hayfield Close
Hayston Road
Hazel Grove
Hazelhen Close
Headingley Court
Heather Grove
Heathfield Drive
Helmsley Street
Henderson Grove
Henrietta Street
Henry Smith's Terrace
Heortnesse Road
Hereford Street
Heriot Grove
Heronspool Close
Heugh Chare
Hibernian Grove
High Street
Highland Road
Hillston Close
Hindpool Close
Hirdman Grove
Holdforth Close
Holdforth Road
Holdforth Road
Holland Road
Holmewood Close
Holt Street
Holyrood Walk
Homer Grove
Honeysuckle Close
Honiton Way
Hood Close
Hope Street
Hopps Street
Hornby Close
Horsley Place
Houghton Street
Houghton Street
Howard Street
Howbeck Lane
Howden Road
Huckelhoven Way
Huntly Road
Hurworth Street
Hutone Place
Hutton Avenue
Hutton Avenue
Huxley Walk
Hylton Road
Ian Grove
Ibbetson Street
Iber Grove
Ibrox Grove
Ilkley Grove
Inch Grove
Inchcape Road
Ingham Grove
Ingleby Road
Ingleby Road
Innes Road
Intrepid Close
Inverness Road
Irvine Road
Islay Grove
Ivanhoe Crescent
Ivy Grove
Jackson Street
James Street
Jameson Road
Jarvis Walk
Jasmine Close
Jaywood Close
Jedburgh Road
Jesmond Gardens
Jesmond Gardens
Jesmond Gardens
Jesmond Mews
Jesmond Road
Jesmond Road
Jobson Street
Joe Allon Close
John Street
Johnson Street
Joicey Court
Jones Road
Joppa Grove
Jowitt Road
Joyce Road
Jura Grove
Jute Grove
Jutland Road
Jutland Road
Kathleen Street
Kells Grove
Kelso Grove
Kelvin Grove
Kendal Road
Kent Avenue
Kerr Grove
Kesteven Road
Kestrel Close
Keswick Street
Kielder Road
Kildale Grove
Kilmarnock Road
Kilmarnock Road
Kilsyth Grove
Kilwick Street
Kimberley Street
Kinbrace Road
King Oswy Drive
King Oswy Drive
King Street
Kingfisher Close
Kingsley Avenue
Kinross Grove
Kinterbury Close
Kintra Road
Kipling Road
Kirkstone Court
Kirkstone Grove
Kirriemuir Road
Kittiwake Close
Knaresborough Close
Knightsbridge Gardens
Kyle Avenue
Laburnum Street
Lacey Grove
Ladysmith Street
Laird Road
Lakeland Walk
Lakeston Close
Lamberd Road
Lambton Street
Lamont Grove
Lanark Road
Lancaster Road
Lancaster Road
Lancaster Road (North)
Lancaster Road (North)
Lansbury Grove
Lansdowne Road
Lapwing Road
Larkspur Close
Larpool Close
Lauder Street
Laureate Close
Lawson Road
Lazenby Road
Lealholm Road
Leamington Drive
Leamington Parade
Leas Grove
Leven Grove
Lewis Grove
Leyburn Street
Lightfoot Crescent
Lime Crescent
Lincoln Road
Linden Grove
Linden Grove
Lindisfarne Close
Lindrick Drive
Lindsay Road
Lingdale Drive
Linnet Road
Lister Street
Lister Street
Lithgo Close
Lizard Grove
Loch Grove
Logan Grove
Londonderry Street
Lord Nelson Close
Lovat Grove
Lowdale Lane
Lowdale Lane
Lowthian Road
Lowthian Road
Loyalty Road
Lucan Street
Lucan Street
Lucan Street
Lulworth Grove
Lumley Square
Lynn Street
Lynn Street South
Macaulay Road
Macrae Road
Mainsforth Terrace
Mainsforth Terrace
Malcom Road
Manners Street
Manor Garth Drive
Manor Road
Mansepool Close
Mapleton Road
Mardale Avenue
Marina Way
Marine Crescent
Marine Drive
Maritime Avenue
Market Place
Market Place
Marlborough Street
Marley Way
Marlowe Road
Marmion Close
Marquis Street
Marshall Close
Marske Street
Marske Street
Martin Grove
Marton Street
Mary Rose Close
Masefield Road
Maxwell Court
Maxwell Road
Maxwell Road
May Street
Mayflower Close
Meadow Drive
Meadowgate Drive
Meadows Walk
Meadowsweet Road
Melrose Street
Mereston Close
Merganser Road
Merlin Way
Mickey Barron Close
Middleham Court
Middleton Grange Lane
Middleton Grange Lane
Middleton Road
Middleton Road
Middlewood Close
Midlothian Road
Miers Avenue
Milbank Road
Mildenhall Close
Miller Crescent
Millpool Close
Millston Close
Milne Walk
Milner Grove
Milton Road
Minch Road
Mitchell Street
Moffat Road
Monach Road
Monkton Road
Monmouth Grove
Montague Street
Montgomery Grove
Moor Parade
Moor Terrace
Moorhen Road
Moorston Close
Moreland Street
Morison Gardens
Morton Street
Motherwell Road
Mountbatten Close
Mountston Close
Mowbray Road
Muir Grove
Muirfield Close
Mulgrave Road
Mulgrave Road
Mullroy Road
Munro Grove
Murray Street
Museum Road
Nash Grove
Navenby Grove
Neptune Close
Nesbyt Road
Nesham Road
Netherby Gate
Newark Road
Newhaven Court
Newholm Court
Newlands Avenue
Newquay Close
Nicholson Way
Nightingale Close
Nookston Close
Norfolk Close
North Drive
North Drive
North Road
Northbrook Court
Northland Avenue
Northumberland Grove
Northwold Close
Nuns Street
Nuthatch Close
Oak Grove
Oakland Avenue
Oakley Gardens
Oakwood Close
Oban Avenue
Ocean Road
Old Cemetery Road
Old Cemetery Road
Olive Street
Onyx Close
Orchid Road
Ormesby Road
Osborne Road
Osprey Way
Otterpool Close
Ouzel Close
Oval Grange
Owton Close
Owton Manor Lane
Owton Manor Lane
Oxford Road
Oxford Road
Oxford Road
Oxford Street
Padstow Close
Paignton Drive
Pannell Close
Park Avenue
Park Drive
Park Mews
Park Road
Park Road
Park Road
Park Square
Park Square
Parklands Way
Parkstone Grove
Parkstone Grove
Parkview Road East
Parkview Road West
Parton Street
Patterdale Street
Pavilion Close
Peakston Close
Peebles Avenue
Pembroke Grove
Penrhyn Street
Penrith Street
Pentilly Street
Percy Street
Pert Road
Phillips Road
Phoenix Close
Pickering Grove
Picktree Gardens
Pikeston Close
Pilgrim Street
Pillowell Close
Pine Grove
Pinero Grove
Pinewood Close
Pintail Close
Plymouth Grove
Poole Gardens
Pope Grove
Porrett Close
Portland Grove
Pounder Place
Powell Street
Powlett Road
Powlett Road
Primrose Road
Princess Street
Prissick Street
Prospect Way
Purves Place
Queen Street
Queen Street
Queen Terrace
Queensberry Avenue
Queensberry Avenue
Queensland Road
Raby Gardens
Raby Gardens
Raby Road
Raby Road
Raby Street
Radcliffe Terrace
Radnor Grove
Raeburn Street
Rafton Drive
Ravensworth Crescent
Ravenwood Close
Rawlings Court
Rectory Way
Redcar Close
Redshank Close
Redstart Close
Redwood Close
Redworth Street
Reed Street
Reedston Road
Regency Drive
Regent Square
Regent Street
Relton Way
Retford Grove
Richard Court
Richardson Street
Richmond Street
Ridley Court
Ridlington Way
Riggston Place
Rillston Close
Ring Stones Close
Ripon Close
Ritchie Humphreys Drive
Rium Terrace
Riverston Close
Robinson Close
Robson Court
Rockpool Close
Rodney Street
Rogeri Place
Roker Street
Roker Street
Romaine Park
Romanby Close
Ropery Road
Rosebay Close
Rosebery Road
Rosebud Close
Rosedale Avenue
Ross Grove
Rossall Street
Rossmere Way
Rossmere Way
Rossmere Way
Rossmere Way
Rosthwaite Close
Roundhill Close
Routledge Court
Rowell Street
Roxby Close
Royston Grove
Rugby Street
Runciman Road
Ruskin Grove
Russell Street
Russell Walk
Ruswarp Grove
Ruswarp Grove
Ryan Court
Rydal Street
Ryehill Gardens
Saddleston Close
Salcombe Drive
Sandbanks Drive
Sandringham Road
Sandwell Chare
Sandwich Grove
Sarah Street
Scarborough Street
Sea View Terrace
Seaton Lane
Sedgewick Close
Selby Grove
Selset Close
Serpentine Gardens
Serpentine Road
Serpentine Road
Shakespeare Avenue
Sharp Crescent
Sheerness Grove
Shelley Grove
Sheridan Grove
Sheriff Street
Shields Terrace
Shrewsbury Street
Sidings Close
Silver Street
Silverbirch Road
Silverwood Close
Sinclair Road
Siskin Close
Skelton Street
Skerne Road
Skerne Road
Skylark Close
Slake Terrace
Snowdon Grove
Snowdrop Road
Somersby Close
South Crescent
South Drive
South Drive
South Parade
South Road
South Road
Southbrooke Avenue
Southburn Terrace
Southland Avenue
Spalding Road
Speeding Drive
Speedwell Close
Spenser Grove
Spilsby Close
Spring Garden Road
Spring Garden Road
Springston Road
St Aidan's Street
St Andrews Grove
St Bega's Glade
St Cuthbert Street
St Helen's Street
St Joan's Grove
St Margaret's Grove
St Mawes Close
St Oswald's Street
St Paul's Road
St Paul's Road
Staincliffe Road
Staindrop Street
Stanhope Avenue
Stanley Road
Stanmore Grove
Station Approach
Station Lane
Stephen Street
Stephenson Street
Stileston Close
Stirling Street
Stockton Road
Stockton Road
Stockton Road
Stockton Road
Stockton Road
Stockton Road
Stockton Road
Stockton Street
Stockton Street
Stokesley Road
Stonechat Close
Stonethwaite Close
Stotfold Street
Stowmarket Close
Straker Street
Stratford Road
Stuart Street
Studland Drive
Studley Road
Suffolk Close
Suggitt Street
Summer Hill Lane
Surtees Street
Sussex Street
Swainby Road
Swainson Street
Swalebrooke Avenue
Swanage Grove
Swinburne Road
Sydenham Road
Talland Close
Tanfield Road
Tankerville Street
Tarnston Road
Taunton Grove
Tavistock Close
Taybrooke Avenue
Tees Road
Tees Road
Tees Road
Tees Street
Teesbrooke Avenue
Teesdale Avenue
Telford Close
Tempest Road
Templeton Close
Tennyson Avenue
Thackeray Road
Thames Avenue
The Ashes
The Cliff
The Crescent
The Crest
The Front
The Grove
The Grove
The Grove
The Highlight
The Lanyard
The Laurels
The Lawns
The Links
The Maltings
The Meadow
The Oval
The Paddock
The Parade
The Spinney
The Sycamores
The Vale
The Wickets
Thetford Road
Thirlmere Street
Thirsk Grove
Thistle Close
Thomlinson Road
Thompson Grove
Thompson Street
Thornbury Close
Thornhill Gardens
Thornton Street
Thornville Road
Thorpe Street
Throston Close
Throston Close
Throston Grange Lane
Throston Grange Lane
Throston Street
Thursby Grove
Tintagel Close
Tiverton Grove
Tofts Road East
Tofts Road West
Tommy Mcguigan Grove
Topcliffe Street
Topping Close
Torbay Grove
Torcross Close
Torquay Avenue
Torquay Avenue
Totnes Close
Tower Street
Town Wall
Travellers Gate
Tremaine Close
Trentbrooke Avenue
Trident Close
Trinity Street
Tristram Avenue
Troutpool Close
Truro Drive
Tulip Close
Tunstall Avenue
Tunstall Grove
Tunstall Grove
Turnberry Grove
Turnbull Street
Tuson Walk
Tynebrooke Avenue
Tynebrooke Avenue
Ullswater Road
Union Road
Union Street
Uppingham Street
Upton Walk
Usworth Road
Valley Close
Valley Drive
Vane Street
Ventnor Avenue
Verner Close
Verner Road
Verner Road
Vickers Lane
Victoria Place
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Street
Victoria Street
Victoria Terrace
Victoria Terrace
Villiers Street
Villiers Street
Vincent Street
Viola Close
Viscount Close
Viscount Close
Vollum Rise
Wainfleet Road
Wainwright Close
Waldon Street
Walpole Road
Wansbeck Gardens
Warkworth Drive
Warren Close
Warren Road
Warren Street
Warrior Drive
Warwick Grove
Warwick Place
Wasdale Close
Watercress Close
Waterside Way
Wattie Moore Grove
Watton Close
Waverley Terrace
Welland Road
Welldeck Gardens
Welldeck Road
Wells Avenue
Wells Street
Wensleydale Street
Wentworth Grove
West Park
West View Road
West View Road
Westbourne Road
Westbourne Road
Westbrooke Avenue
Westerdale Road
Westland Avenue
Westmoreland Street
Westwood Way
Weymouth Drive
Wharton Street
Wharton Terrace
Whin Meadows
Whin Meadows
Whinchat Close
Whinston Close
Whistlewood Close
Whitburn Street
Whitburn Street
Whitby Street
Whitby Street South
Whitby Street South
Whitby Walk
Whitfield Drive
Whitrout Road
Whitworth Gardens
William Street
Willington Drive
Willow Grove
Wilson Street
Wilton Avenue
Wilton Road
Wiltshire Way
Windermere Road
Windermere Road
Windsor Street
Wingfield Close
Winston Court
Winter Close
Winterbottom Avenue
Winthorpe Grove
Wisbech Close
Witham Grove
Witton Drive
Woburn Grove
Wolviston Road
Wood Street
Woodlands Grove
Woodstock Way
Wooler Road
Worcester Gardens
Wordsworth Avenue
Worset Lane
Wynnstay Gardens
Wynyard Mews
Wynyard Road
Wynyard Road
Wyverne Court
Yarm Close
Yarmouth Close
York Place
York Road
York Road
York Road
Young Street
Zetland Road