The Town of Stockton-on-Tees in the County of Durham

The town of Stockton-on-Tees is located within the county of Durham.

Stockton-on-Tees is situated in the North East (England) region of the UK and is governed by Stockton-on-Tees, council.

The town of Stockton-on-Tees is in the Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees region of Tees Valley and Durham within North East (England).

  • Stockton-on-Tees
  • Hartburn: All Saints
  • Norton: St Mary the Virgin
  • Norton: St Michael & All Angels
  • Stockton-on-Tees: Holy Trinity, Greenv
  • Stockton-on-Tees: St Chad
  • Stockton-on-Tees: St John the Baptist
  • Stockton-on-Tees: St Paul
  • Stockton-on-Tees: St Peter
  • Stockton-on-Tees: St Thomas

Where is Stockton-on-Tees is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Stockton-on-Tees in Durham

Dentists in Stockton-on-Tees

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Stockton-on-Tees
Avante Dental Care Lysander House, Falcon Court, Preston Farm Industrial Estate, Preston Farm Business Park Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 3TX
Avante House Dental Surgery 1 Yarm Road, Stockton On Tees Stockton-on-tees County Durham TS18 3NJ
Bishopton Lane Dental Practice 21 Bishopton Lane Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1PS
C Wenham Dental Centre 111 High Street, Norton Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS20 1AA
Dental Clinic Health Centre, Lawson Street Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1HU
Fairfield Dental Practice 6a Rimswell Parade Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS19 7LB
Fairfield Medial Centre Wellburn Road Stockton On Tees Cleveland TS19 7PP
Grace Dental Care North Tees Hospital, Hardwick Road Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS19 8PE
Grange Dental Practice 384-386 Norton Road Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS20 2QL
Hardwick Dental Practice 50 Hardwick Road Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS19 8JY
Lynes Dental Surgery 431 Norton Road Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS20 2QQ
Roseworth Dental Centre 73 Ragpath Lane Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS19 9JW
Yarm Lane Dental Surgery 59 Yarm Lane Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 3DX
Yarm Road Dental Practice 5-7 Yarm Road Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 3NJ

Opticians in Stockton-on-Tees

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Stockton-on-Tees
5001 Stockton On Tees Asda Superstore, Portrack Lane Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 2PB
Ads Eye Clinic (stockton) 19-23 Norton Road Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 2BW
Boots Opticians (stockton-on-tees) 28 High Street Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1SF
Henderson Opticians 4 Bishopton Lane Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 2AA
Specsavers (stockton-on-tees) 73 High Street Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1AF
T D Morton - Norton 10 Leven Road, Norton Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS20 1BQ
Vision Express (stockton-on-tees) 29 Wellington Square Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1RH

Chemists in Stockton-on-Tees

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Stockton-on-Tees
Asda Pharmacy Asda Superstore, Portrack Lane Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 2PB tel:01642 631810
Boots Uk Limited 58-63 High Street Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1BE
Expertcare Limited Unit 6, Hanover Parade, Glebe Centre Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS20 1RF tel:01642 360400
Fairfield Pharmacy 26-28 Glenfield Road Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS19 7PQ tel:01642 587625
Lloydspharmacy Whitehouse Shopping Ctre, Bishopton Road West Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS19 0QB tel:01642 613716
Newham Pharmacy 9 High Newham Court Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS19 8PD tel:01642 608838
Norchem Healthcare Queens Park Surgery, Farrer Street Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 2AW tel:01642 601622
Pharmacy 365 161-162 High Street Stockton On Tees Cleveland TS18 1PL tel:01642 633433
Pharmacy World 45 Redhill Road Stockton On Tees Cleveland TS19 9BX tel:01642 677999
Preston Farm Pharmacy Limited 2 Harley Court,sopwith Cl, Preston Farm Ind Est Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 3WB tel:01642 956360
Rowlands Pharmacy 106 Yarm Lane Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1YE tel:01642 607036
Rowlands Pharmacy Endurance House, Clarence Street Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 2EP tel:01642 607057
Rowlands Pharmacy Lawson Street Health Centre, Lawson Street Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1HU tel:01642 613533
Rowlands Pharmacy Tennant Street Medical Practice, Tennant Street Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 2AT tel:01642 616123
Synergise Pharmacy 56 Yarm Lane Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1EP tel:01642 616930
Well 70 Bishopton Lane Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 2AJ tel:01642 616940
Whitworth Chemists 4 Varo Terrace Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1JY tel:01642 676127
Your Local Boots Pharmacy 12-14 High Street, Norton Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS20 1DN tel:01642 553101
Your Local Boots Pharmacy Billingham Road, Norton Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS20 2UZ tel:01642 553970

Doctors in Stockton-on-Tees

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Stockton-on-Tees
Alma Medical Centre Nolan Place Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 2BP tel:01642 607248
Lawson Street Practice Health Centre, Lawson Street Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1HU tel:01642 633561
Norton Medical Centre Billingham Road, Norton Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS20 2UZ tel:01642 745350
Queens Park Medical Centre Farrer Street Stockton On Tees Cleveland TS18 2AW tel:01642 679681
Riverside Medical Practice Alma Street Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 2AP tel:01642 604117
Tennant Street Medical Practice Tennant Street Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 2AT tel:01642 613331
The Arrival Practice Endurance House, Clarence Street Stockton On Tees Cleveland TS18 2EP tel:01642 615415
The Densham Surgery Health Centre, Lawson Street, Stockton-on-tees Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1HU tel:01642 672351
The Dovecot Surgery Health Centre, Lawson Street Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1HU tel:01642 676520
Woodlands Family Medical Centre 106 Yarm Lane Stockton-on-tees Cleveland TS18 1YE tel:01642 607398
List of Streets in Stockton-on-Tees
Abbey Close
Abbots Way
Acacia Road
Adam Street
Adderley Street
Adelaide Grove
Ainderby Grove
Aintree Road
Aireborough Close
Aiskew Grove
Albany Road
Albert Road
Alberto Street
Albion Street
Aldbrough Close
Alder Road
Alford Lane
Alice Row
Alice Street
Allendale Road
Allison Street
Allison Street
Alma Street
Almond Grove
Alnport Road
Alnwick Grove
Alpha Grove
Alpine Way
Amberley Close
Ancroft Gardens
Antrim Avenue
Appleton Road
Arden Grove
Argyll Road
Aristotle Drive
Arken Terrace
Arlington Street
Armadale Close
Arncliffe Avenue
Arrathorne Road
Ascot Drive
Ashbourne Road
Ashmead View
Ashmore Gardens
Ashton Road
Ashville Avenue
Askrigg Road
Astley Close
Auckland Way
Audrey Grove
Austin Avenue
Autumn Grove
Avon Road
Avro Close
Aycliffe Close
Aysgarth Road
Ayton Place
Azalia Road
Babbage Gardens
Bakery Drive
Bakery Street
Balaclava Street
Balder Road
Balmoral Terrace
Baltic Close
Barford Close
Barlborough Avenue
Barmoor Grove
Barnard Avenue
Barras Way
Barrhead Close
Barrington Avenue
Bath Lane
Bath Lane
Bath Place
Beaconsfield Road
Beaconsfield Road
Beaumont View
Beccles Close
Bedale Grove
Bede Close
Bedford Street
Belford Close
Bell Close
Belle Vue Court
Bellerby Road
Belmont Avenue
Belsay Close
Benson Street
Bentinck Road
Benwell Close
Berberis Grove
Berkshire Road
Berwick Grove
Bessemer Crescent
Bevan Close
Bickersteth Close
Biddick Close
Billingham Road
Bilsdale Road
Birch Grove
Birdsall Brow
Biretta Close
Birkdale Road
Birkley Road
Bishop Street
Bishops Mill
Bishops Way
Bishopton Avenue
Bishopton Avenue
Bishopton Court
Bishopton Lane
Bishopton Lane
Bishopton Lane
Bishopton Road
Bishopton Road
Bishopton Road West
Bishopton Road West
Bishopton Road West
Blackburn Close
Blackett Avenue
Blacksail Close
Blackthorn Grove
Blakeston Court
Blakeston Lane
Blakeston Lane
Blanford Close
Bletchley Close
Blue Bell Grove
Blue House Point Road
Blue Post Yard
Boathouse Lane
Boeing Way
Boldron Close
Bolsover Road
Bondene Grove
Bone Street
Bothal Drive
Bourneville Drive
Bowesfield Crescent
Bowesfield Lane
Bowesfield Lane
Bowron Street
Bracken Road
Bradbury Road
Bramble Road
Brambling Close
Branksome Grove
Bransdale Close
Brenkley Close
Brentford Road
Briar Walk
Briardene Court
Bridge Road
Bridge Road
Bridport Close
Brierville Road
Bright Street
Brignall Road
Brinkburn Road
Brisbane Grove
Britannia Road
Brock Close
Bromley Road
Brookfield Road
Brooklime Avenue
Brundall Close
Brunswick Street
Brusselton Court
Buchanan Street
Buckingham Road
Buckthorn Crescent
Burdon Close
Burdon Close
Burford Avenue
Burgess Street
Burneston Grove
Burnside Court
Burnside Grove
Burringham Road
Burwell Drive
Bute Street
Butler Street
Buttercup Close
Buttermere Road
Bylands Grove
Calcott Close
Calf Fallow Lane
California Close
California Street
Calvert's Lane
Camden Street
Camellia Crescent
Cameron Street
Canberra Grove
Carburt Road
Cardinal Grove
Carina Crescent
Carlton Close
Carmel Gardens
Carr Street
Carrol Street
Castle Close
Castlereagh Road
Castleton Road
Cathedral Drive
Caudwell Close
Cecil Street
Cedar Street
Celandine Way
Centenary Crescent
Chadburn Road
Chalk Close
Chamomile Drive
Chantry Close
Chapman Street
Chatsworth Court
Chelmsford Avenue
Chelsea Gardens
Cheltenham Road
Cherry Court
Cherry Tree Gardens
Chesham Grove
Chesham Road
Cheshire Road
Chesterton Court
Chestnut Square
Childeray Street
Chilton Close
Chingford Grove
Chivers Court
Chopwell Close
Christchurch Drive
Christopher Street
Church Road
Church Road
Cinnabar Road
Claremont Gardens
Clarence Row
Clarence Street
Clarendon Road
Claxton Close
Cleatlam Close
Clements Rise
Cleveland Avenue
Clifton Avenue
Clive Crescent
Clover Court
Clyde Grove
Coatham Road
Cobden Street
Cocken Road
Colchester Road
Collins Avenue
Colpitt Close
Coltsfoot Drive
Columbia Drive
Colwyn Road
Commercial Street
Commondale Avenue
Concorde Way
Conifer Drive
Conifer Drive
Coniscliffe Road
Coniston Road
Consett Close
Consort Close
Cook Crescent
Coombe Way
Copley Close
Cormland Close
Cornfield Road
Cornforth Close
Cornsay Close
Cornwall Grove
Corona Court
Corporation Street
Costain Grove
Cotgarth Way
Cotherstone Road
Cottage Farm
Cottersloe Road
Council Of Europe Boulevard
Council Of Europe Boulevard
Countisbury Road
Coverdale Road
Cowpen Crescent
Cowper Road
Coxgreen Close
Coxwold Road
Craggs Street
Craigweil Crescent
Craister Road
Craister Road
Cranbourne Terrace
Cranleigh Road
Crathorne Road
Crayke Road
Crimdon Beck Close
Crofton Road
Cromwell Avenue
Crook Street
Crooks Barn Lane
Cross Street
Croxdale Grove
Croxton Close
Culross Grove
Cumberland Grove
Curlew Lane
Cygnet Drive
Daisy Court
Dale Close
Dale Grove
Daphne Road
Darlington Back Lane
Darlington Back Lane
Darlington Back Lane
Darlington Lane
Darlington Lane
Darlington Lane
Darlington Lane
Darlington Lane
Darlington Road
Darlington Road
Darwin Close
Daventry Avenue
David Road
Dawdon Close
Dawn Close
Daylight Road
Deal Close
Dean Street
Deepdale Avenue
Del'strother Avenue
Del'strother Avenue
Denholme Avenue
Dennison Street
Densham Drive
Denshaw Close
Denton Close
Derby Street
Derwent Street
Devonport Road
Devonshire Street
Diamond Court
Dinsdale Road
Dipton Road
Dixon Street
Doncaster Crescent
Dorado Close
Dorchester Close
Dorset Road
Douglas Close
Dovecot Street
Dovedale Close
Dovedale Road
Dover Road
Downholme Grove
Doyle Way
Drake Road
Draycott Close
Driftwell Drive
Droitwich Avenue
Dryburn Road
Dugdale Street
Dumbarton Avenue
Dundas Street
Dunedin Avenue
Dunelm Road
Dunford Close
Dunkeld Close
Dunlin Close
Dunmail Road
Dunoon Close
Dunstable Close
Dunston Road
Durham Lane
Durham Road
Durham Road
Durham Road
Durham Street
Eamont Road
Eamont Road
Earsdon Close
Easington Road
Eastbourne Road
Eastport Road
Ebchester Close
Eder Road
Edgar Street
Edgley Road
Edison Drive
Edmondbyers Road
Edwards Street
Egerton Close
Egglescliffe Close
Einstein Way
Elcoat Road
Elder Grove
Eleanor Place
Ellen Avenue
Ellerton Road
Elm Tree Avenue
Elmwood Grove
Elsdon Street
Elstob Close
Elton Close
Elton Grove
Elwick Close
Embleton Close
Emma Simpson Court
Ennerdale Road
Eris Road
Esk Road
Essex Grove
Essexport Road
Etherley Close
Eton Road
Evenwood Close
Ewbank Drive
Ewbank Gardens
Ezard Street
Fagg Street
Fairburn Close
Fairdene Avenue
Fairfield Close
Fairfield Road
Fairfield Road
Fairstone Avenue
Fairview Gardens
Fairville Road
Fairwell Road
Falcon Court
Falcon Lane
Fane Close
Faraday Drive
Farndale Green
Farrer Street
Fearby Road
Felton Lane
Fencote Gardens
Fernie Road
Fieldfare Lane
Fife Road
Fincham Close
Finchley Road
Finkle Street
Firby Close
Firtree Road
Fleet Bridge Road
Fleet Bridge Road
Fleet Bridge Road
Fleetham Grove
Fleming Close
Fontwell Close
Fordwell Road
Forget Me Not Grove
Foston Close
Foston Way
Fox Street
Foxglove Close
Foxwood Drive
Franklin Close
Fraser Road
Frederick Street
Fritillary Place
Frome Road
Fuchsia Road
Fuller Crescent
Fulmar Road
Fulthorpe Road
Gainford Road
Garbutt Street
Garforth Close
Gentian Way
George Stephenson Boulevard
Gilling Road
Gilpin Square
Gisborne Grove
Gladesfield Road
Gladstone Street
Glaisdale Avenue
Glenfield Close
Glenfield Road
Gooseport Road
Grange Avenue
Grange Road
Grangefield Road
Grangeville Avenue
Grantham Road
Granville Grove
Grasmere Road
Grassholm Road
Grassholm Road
Gray's Road
Greatham Avenue
Green Lane
Green Lane
Green Vale Grove
Green's Beck Road
Green's Lane
Green's Lane
Greenfields Way
Greens Grove
Greens Valley Drive
Greenwood Road
Grenadier Close
Greta Road
Greta Road
Grey Street
Greylands Avenue
Greymouth Close
Grinton Road
Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Road
Grove Street
Grove Terrace
Gunnerside Road
Gwynn Close
Hackforth Road
Hadasia Gardens
Haffron Avenue
Hallgate Close
Hallifield Street
Hambletonian Yard
Hamilton Road
Hampton Road
Hamsterley Road
Handley Close
Hanover Parade
Hardwick Road
Harewood Crescent
Harlsey Crescent
Harlsey Grove
Harlsey Road
Harper Terrace
Harpers Green
Harrow Road
Harrowgate Lane
Harrowgate Lane
Hart Close
Hartburn Avenue
Hartburn Lane
Hartburn Lane
Hartburn Lane
Hartburn Village
Hartington Road
Hartlepool Close
Hartside Grove
Hartwith Drive
Harwell Drive
Haverton Hill Road
Haverton Hill Road
Hawkesbury Close
Hawnby Close
Hawthorne Road
Hayling Way
Hazel Road
Hazeldene Avenue
Headlam Road
Heather Close
Hebburn Road
Heighington Close
Helmsley Grove
Hensley Court
Hertford Road
Hesledon Close
Heworth Drive
Hickling Grove
High Newham Road
High Street
High Street
High Street
Highfield Crescent
Highfield Road
Hill Street East
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillside Road
Hind Street
Hive Close
Holburn Park
Holburn Park
Hollinside Close
Holly Street
Holme House Road
Honey Bee Close
Honey Way
Honeycomb Avenue
Honeypot Grove
Honister Close
Hope Street
Hoveton Close
Howard Place
Hudswell Grove
Humbledon Road
Hume Street
Humewood Grove
Hurricane Court
Hurworth Close
Hury Road
Hutchinson Street
Hutton Grove
Hydra Way
Ida Street
Ilderton Road
Ilderton Road
Ilford Road
Imperial Avenue
Imperial Crescent
Ingleby Grove
Ingleton Road
Ingrove Close
Inkerman Street
Innovation Avenue
Instow Close
Ivy Close
Ivy Drive
Jameson Road
Japonica Way
Jasmine Road
Jenner Drive
Jesmond Grove
Johnson Grove
Junction Road
Junction Road
Junction Road
Juniper Grove
Kedleston Close
Keithlands Avenue
Keld Grove
Kelloe Close
Kempston Way
Kendal Road
Kenley Gardens
Kennedy Grove
Kensington Road
Kent Grove
Kenton Close
Kenville Grove
Kepier Close
Kestrel Close
Ketton Road
Ketton Road
Keverstone Close
Kew Gardens
Kilburn Road
Kildale Grove
Killinghall Grove
Killinghall Grove
Kinderton Grove
King Street
Kingfisher Way
Kings Court
Kingsley Road
Kingsley Road
Kingsport Close
Kingston Road
Kipling Grove
Kirkdale Close
Kirknewton Close
Kirknewton Close
Kirkwall Close
Knayton Grove
Knightport Road
Knitsley Walk
Knitsley Walk
Knowles Street
Kyle Gardens
Ladyfern Way
Laing Street
Lambton Road
Lamport Close
Lanark Close
Lancefield Road
Laneside Road
Langthorne Grove
Lapwing Lane
Larch Road
Larkhall Square
Lauder Close
Laurel Road
Laurelwood Road
Lavender Way
Lawrence Street
Lawson Street
Lealholme Grove
Leam Lane
Leicester Road
Leighton Road
Leo Grove
Leonard Ropner Drive
Lerwick Close
Letch Lane
Letch Road
Letchworth Drive
Leven Road
Levisham Close
Leybourne Terrace
Leybourne Terrace
Leyburn Grove
Light Pipe Hall Road
Lightfoot Grove
Lilac Road
Limbrick Avenue
Lime Grove
Limeoak Way
Lincoln Grove
Linden Avenue
Lindsay Street
Lingdale Close
Lingfield Road
Linley Court
Linnet Court
Linton Close
Lockheed Close
Lodge Street
Logan Drive
Londonderry Road
Lorne Court
Lorrain Grove
Loweswater Crescent
Lowick Close
Ludham Grove
Lune Road
Lune Road
Lustrum Avenue
Lyndon Way
Lynmouth Road
Lynx Way
Lyttleton Drive
Major Street
Mallard Lane
Malleable Way
Malling Road
Mallory Road
Malton Drive
Malvern Road
Manfield Street
Manor Place
Maple Road
Mapleton Drive
Maria Drive
Marigold Grove
Maritime Road
Maritime Road
Mark Avenue
Marlborough Road
Marley Close
Marmaduke Place
Marquis Grove
Marrick Road
Marshall Grove
Marske Lane
Marston Road
Martham Close
Mary Street
Masham Grove
Masterton Drive
Maze Lane
Meadow Road
Meadowsweet Lane
Measham Close
Medina Close
Melbourne Street
Mellor Street
Melrose Drive
Melsonby Grove
Melton Road
Meridian Way
Merlin Road
Merring Close
Merville Avenue
Merville Avenue
Mexborough Close
Midbourne Road
Middle Street
Middlefield Road
Middleham Road
Middleton Walk
Milbank Court
Milbank Street
Milburn Crescent
Mill Lane
Mill Street
Mill Street West
Millford Road
Milner Road
Mitford Crescent
Moat Street
Moray Road
Moray Road
Morris Crescent
Mortimer Drive
Moss Way
Mossbrough Close
Mosston Road
Moulton Grove
Mount Grove
Mount Pleasant Grange
Mount Pleasant Road
Mowbray Grove
Mowbray Road
Muker Grove
Mulberry Wynd
Myrtle Road
Napier Street
Navigation Way
Navigator Court
Neasham Close
Nelson Square
Nelson Terrace
Neville Road
New Earswick Street
Newby Close
Newham Grange Avenue
Newham Grange Avenue
Newlands Avenue
Newstead Avenue
Newtown Avenue
Nightingale Drive
Nolan Place
Norfolk Street
North Albert Road
North Burn Close
North Shore Link
North Shore Link
North Shore Road
North Shore Road
North Street
Northbourne Road
Northcote Street
Northport Road
Northumberland Grove
Norton Avenue
Norton Drive
Norton Road
Norton Road
Norton Road
Norton Road
Norwich Avenue
Norwich Avenue
Norwood Close
Nursery Lane
Oakdene Avenue
Oaklands Avenue
Oaklea Close
Oaktree Grove
Oakwell Gardens
Oakwell Road
Orange Grove
Orchard Road
Orde Wingate Way
Orwell Gardens
Osborne Road
Osprey Close
Oulston Road
Oulston Road
Ouseport Road
Outram Street
Overton Way
Oxbridge Avenue
Oxbridge Lane
Oxbridge Lane
Oxbridge Lane
Oxbridge Lane
Palace Close
Palm Grove
Palmerston Street
Park Drive
Park Road
Park Terrace
Park View
Parkfield Road
Parkwood Drive
Parliament Close
Parliament Street
Patterdale Avenue
Patterdale Avenue
Paxton Close
Pearson Close
Pegasus Avenue
Pembroke Road
Penhill Road
Pennine Avenue
Pennyroyal Road
Perth Grove
Petch Street
Petrel Crescent
Phoenix Gardens
Phoenix Gardens
Phoenix Sidings
Phoenix Walk
Picton Place
Pinder Close
Pine Street
Piper Knowle Road
Pipistrelle Court
Plumer Drive
Poppy Lane
Portman Road
Portrack Grange Close
Portrack Grange Road
Portrack Lane
Powburn Close
Premier Road
Preston Lane
Preston Road
Primrose Street
Prince Regent Street
Princeport Road
Princess Avenue
Priory Gardens
Prospect Place
Protear Grove
Pulford Road
Quayside Road
Quayside Road
Quebec Road
Queen Anne Terrace
Queen Elizabeth Way
Queen Street
Queensland Grove
Queensport Close
Raby Road
Radcliffe Avenue
Radford Close
Radlett Avenue
Radnor Close
Radstock Avenue
Radyr Close
Raglan Close
Ragpath Lane
Ragpath Lane
Ragworth Road
Railway Cuttings
Rainford Avenue
Rainton Grove
Raisbeck Grove
Rake Avenue
Raleigh Road
Ralph Square
Rampside Avenue
Ramsbury Avenue
Ramsey View
Raskelf Avenue
Rathnew Avenue
Raunds Avenue
Raven Lane
Ravenscar Crescent
Ravensworth Grove
Reading Road
Red Admiral Close
Redbrook Avenue
Redcar Avenue
Redditch Avenue
Redhill Road
Redland Close
Redmire Road
Redruth Avenue
Redwing Lane
Reepham Close
Reeth Road
Regent Street
Reigate Close
Renfrew Road
Renvyle Avenue
Repton Avenue
Retford Close
Rettendon Close
Reynoldston Avenue
Rhondda Avenue
Rhyl Close
Ribchester Close
Riccarton Close
Richardson Road
Richmond Road
Ridley Drive
Ridsdale Avenue
Rievaulx Close
Riley Street
Rillington Close
Rimdale Drive
Rimswell Parade
Rimswell Road
Rimswell Road
Ringwood Crescent
Ripley Road
Ripon Close
Rishton Close
Riverhead Avenue
Riverton Croft
Rochdale Avenue
Rochester Road
Rochester Road
Rockall Avenue
Rockferry Close
Roecliffe Grove
Rokeby Street
Roker Terrace
Rollesby Way
Rolleston Avenue
Romanby Avenue
Romford Road
Romsey Road
Rook Lane
Ropery Street
Ropner Avenue
Roseberry Crescent
Roseberry Road
Rosedale Gardens
Roseneath Avenue
Ross Road
Rosslare Road
Rosslyn Court
Rosthwaite Avenue
Rostrevor Avenue
Rothbury Avenue
Rotherham Avenue
Rothwell Crescent
Rottingdean Close
Rounton Grove
Routledge Road
Routledge Road
Rowan Road
Roxby Close
Ruberry Avenue
Rudyard Avenue
Rugby Road
Rugeley Close
Ruislip Close
Runcorn Avenue
Runfold Close
Runnymede Close
Runswick Avenue
Rupert Street
Rushyford Avenue
Russell Street
Rustington Close
Ruswarp Avenue
Ruthin Close
Rutland Close
Ryan Avenue
Rydal Road
Ryde Road
Ryhope Avenue
Sadberge Grove
Sadberge Road
Salisbury Terrace
Saltney Road
Samuel Street
Sandmartin Lane
Sandringham Road
Sawley Grove
Saxby Road
Scalby Grove
Scarth Walk
School Close
Scott Drive
Scruton Close
Sculptor Crescent
Scurfield Road
Seaham Close
Seamer Grove
Seaton Close
Sedgefield Way
Selwyn Drive
Shaftesbury Street
Shannon Crescent
Shearwater Lane
Sheraton Park
Sheraton Street
Ship Inn Yard
Short Close
Silton Grove
Silver Street
Siskin Close
Skeeby Close
Skerne Road
Skinner Street
Skipper Grove
Sleightholme Close
Snowberry Close
Snowdrop Close
Somerset Road
Sopwith Close
Sorrel Close
South Road
South Road
South Way
Southfield Crescent
Southfield Road
Southport Close
Spark Square
Spenborough Road
Spennithorne Road
Spring Street
Spring Way
Springfield Avenue
Spruce Road
St Ann's Terrace
St Bernard Road
St Crispins' Court
St Cuthbert's Road
St James Court
St James Court
St John's Way
St Johns Close
St Mark's Close
St Mary's Close
St Michael's Grove
St Paul's Road
St Paul's Street
St Peter's Road
St Stephens Close
Stafford Street
Stainmore Close
Stamp Street
Stanhope Road
Stanley Street
Stapleton Street
Station Road
Station Street
Station Street
Staveley Grove
Stavordale Road
Stewart Road
Stonecrop Close
Stornaway Close
Studley Road
Sturt Drive
Sudbury Road
Suffolk Street
Summerhouse Square
Sun Street
Sundew Court
Sunnyside Grove
Surbiton Road
Surbiton Road
Surrey Road
Surtees Way
Sutherland Grove
Swainby Road
Swale Road
Swallow Lane
Swinburn Road
Swinton Road
Sycamore Road
Sycamore Road
Sycamore Way
Sydenham Road
Sydney Street
Symons Close
Syon Gardens
Talbot Street
Talbot Street
Talgarth Road
Tanwell Close
Tanya Gardens
Tarring Street
Tasman Drive
Taurus Close
Teasel Court
Tees Barrage Way
Tees Barrage Way
Tees Bridge Approach Road
Tennant Street
The Avenue
The Avenue
The Black Path
The Black Path
The Chase
The Cloisters
The Garth
The Glebe
The Groves
The Heath
The Slipway
The Spinney
The Square
The Vale
The Vale
The Wynde
Theakston Grove
Thistle Green
Thistle Road
Thomas Street
Thompson Street
Thorn Road
Thornbrough Close
Thornton Grove
Thruxton Way
Thurso Close
Tilery Road
Tilery Way
Timothy Court
Tithe Barn Road
Toddington Drive
Tollerton Close
Torwell Drive
Tovil Close
Tower Street
Trefoil Court
Trent Street
Trinity Street
Tunstall Road
Tweedport Road
Tynedale Street
Tyrone Road
Ullapool Close
Ullswater Road
Union Street East
Upsall Grove
Upsall Grove
Valley Gardens
Van Mildert Way
Vane Street
Vanguard Court
Varo Terrace
Verwood Close
Vicarage Avenue
Vicarage Street
Vickers Close
Victoria Avenue
Victoria Grove
Victoria Road
Victoria Street
Village Paddock
Virginia Close
Wade Avenue
Waldridge Road
Walsham Close
Walter Street
Waltham Avenue
Waltham Avenue
Walton Street
Ware Street
Warrenport Road
Warwick Grove
Wasdale Grove
Washington Grove
Waskerley Close
Water Avens Way
Waterford Road
Watling Close
Waverley Street
Weardale Place
Weaverham Road
Webster Close
Webster Street
Welbury Close
Welland Crescent
Wellburn Road
Welldale Crescent
Wellington Street
Welwyn Close
Wembley Court
Wembley Way
Wensley Road
Wesley Place
West End Way
West Row
Westborough Grove
Westbourne Street
Westcott Street
Westerdale Avenue
Westerleigh Avenue
Westfield Court
Westfield Crescent
Westland Way
Westlands Avenue
Westminster Oval
Westmorland Grove
Weston Crescent
Westport Close
Wetherby Close
Wharf Street
Wheatley Road
Whessoe Road
Whickham Road
Whinfield Close
Whinflower Drive
Whinlatter Close
Whitehouse Drive
Whitfield Road
Whitton Road
Whitwell Close
Widdrington Court
William Street
Willow Road
Willow Sage Court
Willowdene Avenue
Wimpole Road
Wimpole Road
Windermere Road
Windleston Close
Windmill Terrace
Windsor Road
Wingate Road
Winston Street
Wintersweet Gardens
Wiske Close
Witton Park
Wllow Sage Court
Wolfe Road
Wolsey Drive
Wolsingham Close
Woodborough Lane
Woodhall Grove
Woodland Street
Woodmere Road
Woodside Grove
Worsall Grove
Worthing Street
Wrekenton Close
Wren Close
Wren Street
Wrensfield Road
Wrightson Street
Wroxham Close
Wye Close
Wylam Road
Wynyard Road
Wynyard Street
Yarm Back Lane
Yarm Back Lane
Yarm Lane
Yarm Lane
Yarm Road
Yarm Road
Yarm Street
Yarm Street
Yarrow Drive
York Street
Zetland Road