The Town of Brentwood in the County of Essex

The town of Brentwood is located within the county of Essex.

Brentwood is situated in the East of England region of the UK and is governed by Brentwood, council.

The town of Brentwood is in the Heart of Essex region of Essex within East of England.

  • Brentwood
  • Brentwood: St George
  • Brentwood: St Thomas
  • Hutton: St Peter
  • Ingrave: St Stephen
  • Shenfield: St Mary the Virgin
  • Warley: Christ Church

Where is Brentwood is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Brentwood in Essex

Dentists in Brentwood

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Brentwood
Brentwood Orthodontic Centre 17 Shenfield Road Brentwood Essex CM15 8AG
Coptfold Dental Practice 46 Coptfold Road Brentwood Essex CM14 4BH
Coram Green Dental Clinic Hutton Brentwood Essex CM13 1LR
Crown Street Dental Group 16a Crown St Brentwood Essex CM14 4BA
Dental Surgery 163 High Street Brentwood Essex CM14 4SD
Dental Surgery 217 Rayleigh Road, Hutton Brentwood Essex CM13 1PJ
Dental Surgery 96 Queens Road Brentwood Essex CM14 4EY
Family Dental Practice 2 South Street Brentwood Essex CM14 4BJ
Homewood Dental Surgery 21 Shenfield Road Brentwood Essex CM15 8AG
Ongar Road Dentist 16 Ongar Road Brentwood Essex CM15 9AX
Regency House 38 Ingrave Road Brentwood Essex CM15 8AT

Opticians in Brentwood

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Brentwood
Boots Opticians (brentwood) 15 High Street Brentwood Essex CM14 4RG
Boots Opticians (brentwood) 36-38 High Street Brentwood Essex CM14 4AJ
Cole Martin & Tregaskis 23 Shenfield Road Brentwood Essex CM15 8AG
Edward Watts Opticians 14 Chelmsford Road, Shenfield Brentwood Essex CM15 8RQ
Eyesyte (228 Hutton Road) 228 Hutton Road, Shenfield Brentwood Essex CM15 8PA
Scrivens Opticians (brentwood) 29 Baytree Centre Brentwood Essex CM14 4BX
Specsavers (brentwood) 22 High Street Brentwood Essex CM14 4AB
Templeman Opticians (brentwood) 131 High Street Brentwood Essex CM14 4RZ
Vision Express (brentwood) 26a High Street Brentwood Essex CM14 4AB

Chemists in Brentwood

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Brentwood
Boots 51 High Street Brentwood Essex CM14 4RH
Burntwood Pharmacy 27 Shenfield Road Brentwood Essex CM15 8AG
Cohens Chemist 138 Hutton Road, Shenfield Brentwood Essex CM15 8NL tel:01277 225789
Day Lewis Pharmacy Pastoral Way, Warley Brentwood Essex CM14 5WF tel:01277 216834
Ingrave Pharmacy 21 Eastham Crescent, Ingrave Brentwood Essex CM13 2BN tel:01277 229203
Lloydspharmacy 51 William Hunter Way Brentwood Essex CM14 4WQ tel:01277 260750
Ongar Road Pharmacy 249 Ongar Road Brentwood Essex CM15 9DZ tel:01277 211599
Pharmchoice Pharmacy 9 Ingrave Road Brentwood Essex CM15 8AP tel:01277 215809
Rowlands Pharmacy 222 Hutton Road Shenfield Essex CM15 8PA tel:01277 220705
The New Pharmacy 33a High Street Brentwood Essex CM14 4RG tel:01277 216897
Well Hutton - Rayleigh Road 201 Rayleigh Road, Hutton Brentwood Essex CM13 1LZ

Doctors in Brentwood

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Brentwood
Beechwood Surgery Pastoral Way, Warley Brentwood Essex CM14 5WF tel:01277 212820
Brambles Surgery Geary Drive Brentwood Essex CM14 4FZ
Dr A Naeem & Partners,the New Surgery 8 Shenfield Road Brentwood Essex CM15 8AB tel:01277 218393
Mount Avenue Surgery The Surgery, Mount Avenue, Shenfield, Hutton Brentwood Essex CM13 2NL tel:01277 283180
Rockleigh Court Surgery 136 Hutton Road, Shenfield Brentwood Essex CM15 8NN tel:01277 223844
The Highwood Surgery Brambles Bungalow, High Wood Hospital, Geary Drive Brentwood Essex CM15 9DY tel:01277 236640
Tile House Surgery 33 Shenfield Road Brentwood Essex CM15 8AQ tel:01277 227711
List of Streets in Brentwood
Abbots Close
Abenberg Way
Albany Road
Albert Street
Alderton Close
Alexander Lane
Alexander Lane
Alexandra Road
Alfred Road
Alpha Road
Alwyne Avenue
Apple Gate
Arbour Close
Ardleigh Court
Ardleigh Gardens
Arnolds Avenue
Arnolds Close
Ash Close
Ashbeam Close
Ashdon Close
Ashford Avenue
Ashwells Road
Aspen Court
Avenue Road
Balmoral Road
Bank Place
Bannister Drive
Bardeswell Close
Barington Court
Barnston Way
Bayleys Mead
Baymans Wood
Baymans Woods
Beads Hall Lane
Beaumont Gardens
Becket Close
Beech Avenue
Bellhouse Lane
Belvedere Road
Birdbrook Close
Birkbeck Road
Bishop's Hall Road
Bishops Walk
Blackthorn Way
Blenheim Road
Boleyn Gardens
Borromeo Way
Boundary Drive
Bournebridge Close
Bowmont Close
Brackens Drive
Bradwell Green
Brentwood Place
Brentwood Road
Bridge Close
Brindles Close
Britannia Road
Brockley Grove
Brook Road
Brook Road
Brook Street
Brook Street
Brookfield Close
Broomwood Gardens
Browne Close
Bucklers Court
Burland Road
Burnell Walk
Burns Way
Burses Way
Burses Way
Byron Road
Calcott Close
Cameron Close
Canterbury Way
Capon Close
Carisbrook Road
Carpenter Path
Carswell Close
Cathedral Place
Cathedral Place
Catherine Close
Cedar Close
Cedar Road
Challacombe Close
Chancery Gate
Chase Road
Chatham Way
Chelmer Drive
Chelmsford Road
Chelsea Way
Chelsea Way
Cherry Avenue
Chestnut Grove
Chindits Lane
Chindits Lane
Church Lane
Claire Close
Clarence Road
Claughton Way
Clavering Way
Cleves Avenue
Clifton Way
Clive Road
Cliveden Close
Coleridge Walk
Colet Road
Collins Way
Compton Avenue
Conifer Drive
Consort Close
Coombe Rise
Copeman Road
Copperfield Gardens
Coptfold Road
Coram Green
Cornwall Road
Cory Drive
Costead Manor Road
Costead Manor Road
Cotswold Gardens
Coverley Close
Coxtie Green Road
Coxtie Green Road
Crescent Drive
Crescent Road
Cromwell Road
Crow Green
Crow Green Lane
Crow Green Road
Crown Street
Crushes Close
Daffodil Avenue
Danbury Close
Danes Way
Darcy Close
Darlington Court
Days Lane
De Paul Way
Deans Road
Delta Road
Doddinghurst Road
Downsland Drive
Drake Close
Drovers Mead
Eagle Way
East Ham Crescent
Eastfield Road
Edwards Close
Edwards Way
Eleanor Way
Elizabeth Road
Elm Way
Essex Way
Fairfield Road
Fairview Avenue
Farm Close
Fawters Close
Fearns Mead
Felstead Close
Fen Close
Fielding Way
Firsgrove Crescent
Friar's Avenue
Friar's Close
Gainsborough Place
Geary Drive
Geary Drive
Georges Drive
Gerrard Crescent
Gibraltar Close
Gifford Place
Glanthams Close
Glanthams Road
Glendale Close
Gloucester Road
Goodwood Avenue
Gordon Road
Graham Close
Grangewood Close
Grays Walk
Great Eastern Road
Great Oaks
Great Ropers Lane
Great Ropers Lane
Greding Walk
Green Lane
Green Lane
Greensleeves Drive
Greenstead Close
Greenwich Avenue
Gresham Close
Gresham Road
Guardsman Close
Hall Green Lane
Hall Green Lane
Hall Lane
Hall Lane
Hall Lane
Hallwood Crescent
Hallwood Crescent
Halstead Way
Hamilton Crescent
Hammonds Lane
Hampden Crescent
Hanging Hill Lane
Hanging Hill Lane
Hanging Hill Lane
Hanover Place
Harewood Road
Harrison Close
Hart Street
Hartswood Close
Hartswood Road
Hatch Road
Hatfield Close
Hawksmoor Green
Hawthorn Avenue
Haywards Close
Hazelwood Gardens
Headley Chase
Headley Common
Heard's Lane
Heather Close
Henman Way
Herington Grove
High Street
High Street
Highland Avenue
Highview Crescent
Highwood Close
Hill Road
Hill's Chace
Hillside Walk
Hillwood Close
Hillwood Grove
Hive Close
Hogarth Avenue
Holden Gardens
Holmwood Avenue
Honeypot Lane
Honeysuckle Close
Horksley Gardens
Hornbeam Close
Hove Close
Hubert Road
Hullett's Lane
Hunter Avenue
Hurstwood Avenue
Hutton Drive
Hutton Drive
Hutton Gate
Hutton Place
Hutton Road
Hutton Road
Hutton Road
Hutton Village
Ingrave Road
Ingrave Road
Iris Close
Iver Road
Jasons Close
Junction Road
Karen Close
Kavanaghs Road
Kavanaghs Road
Kelvedon Close
Kensington Road
Kensington Way
Kensington Way
Kilmington Close
Kilworth Avenue
Kimpton Avenue
King Edward Road
King George's Road
King's Chase
King's Road
Kingfisher Close
Kingsley Road
Kipling Close
Knight's Way
La Plata Grove
Lakeside Crescent
Lambourne Drive
Lancaster Close
Langford Green
Langley Drive
Larchwood Gardens
Lark Close
Larkin Close
Lascelles Close
Laurel Close
Lavender Avenue
Leafy Way
Leonard Way
Lewis Close
Library Hill
Lilac Close
Lilian Crescent
Lilley Close
Lime Avenue
Linden Rise
Lindsey Close
Linkway Road
Little Highwood Way
Little Russets
Lodge Close
London Road
London Road
Long Meadow
Long Ridings Avenue
Longaford Way
Longfellow Drive
Longmead Close
Lonsdale Avenue
Lordship Close
Lorne Road
Lower Road
Luppit Close
Lyndhurst Way
Magdalen Gardens
Magnolia Crescent
Magnolia Way
Maizey Court
Mallard Way
Manor Way
Maple Close
Marconi Gardens
Margaret Avenue
Marlborough Road
Mascalls Gardens
Mascalls Lane
Mascalls Lane
Mayfield Gardens
Merrymeade Chase
Middleton Hall Lane
Middleton Road
Milan Walk
Mill Hill
Mills Way
Milton Road
Mimosa Close
Moores Place
Mores Lane
Mosbach Gardens
Mount Avenue
Mount Avenue
Mount Crescent
Mount Pleasant Avenue
Mulberry Hill
Myrtle Road
Nag's Head Lane
Nelson Close
New Road
Newlands Close
Newmans Drive
Newmans Gate
Nita Road
Norman Crescent
North Road
North Road
North Road Avenue
North Service Road
Oakland Gardens
Oaklands Park
Oaktree Close
Oakwood Avenue
Oliver Road
Ongar Road
Ongar Road
Ongar Road
Ongar Road
Orchard Avenue
Orchard Lane
Osborne Heights
Osborne Road
Oxford Court
Park Avenue
Park Road
Park Way
Pastoral Way
Penny Fields
Philip Close
Pilgrim's Lane
Pilgrims Close
Pine Court
Pine Crescent
Pinewood Way
Plashet Gardens
Pompadour Close
Pondfield Lane
Pondfield Lane
Poplar Drive
Poppy Close
Porters Close
Potiphar Place
Priest's Lane
Primrose Hill
Princes Way
Priory Close
Prospect Way
Queen Street
Queen's Road
Queen's Road
Queenswood Avenue
Quennell Way
Randalls Drive
Rayleigh Close
Rayleigh Road
Red Road
Regency Court
Regents Way
Regents Way
Reubens Road
Rhapsody Crescent
Richmond Avenue
River Road
Robin Hood Road
Rochford Avenue
Rockleigh Court
Rollason Way
Roman Road
Rose Bank
Rose Valley
Rosemead Gardens
Rosen Crescent
Roth Drive
Roundwood Avenue
Roundwood Grove
Roundwood Lake
Rowan Green East
Rowan Green West
Roxwell Gardens
Running Waters
Running Waters
Rushdene Road
Russell Close
Sandpit Lane
Sandpit Lane
Sandringham Road
Sawyer's Hall Lane
Sawyer's Hall Lane
Sawyers Grove
Saxon Close
Sebastian Avenue
Selwood Road
Seven Arches Road
Seven Arches Road
Shaw Crescent
Shelley Road
Shenfield Crescent
Shenfield Gardens
Shenfield Green
Shenfield Place
Shenfield Place
Shenfield Road
Shenfield Road
Shevon Way
Shorter Avenue
Silver Birches
Sir Francis Way
South Drive
South Street
South Weald Road
Southall Way
Spalt Close
Spital Lane
Springfield Avenue
St Andrews Place
St Charles Road
St Helens Mews
St James's Road
St John's Avenue
St Kilda's Road
St Mary's Avenue
St Peter's Road
St Stephens Crescent
St Thomas Road
Storr Gardens
Stuart Close
Sun Ray Avenue
Surman Crescent
Sussex Road
Sycamore Close
Sycamore Drive
Sylvia Avenue
Tallis Way
Tallon Road
Tennyson Road
Tern Way
Thal Massing Close
Thaxted Green
The Avenue
The Avenue
The Birches
The Broad Walk (North)
The Broadwalk (South)
The Chase
The Chase
The Close
The Cobbles
The Courtyard
The Coverts
The Dell
The Drive
The Firs
The Glade
The Grove
The Limes
The Mount
The Parade
The Retreat
The Retreat
The Spinney
The Terlings
The Tyburns
The Vale
Thomas Close
Thrift Green
Tiptree Court
Tomlyns Close
Tower Court
Tower Hill
Tree Tops
Tudor Close
Tulip Close
Tyler Way
Tyrell Rise
Uplands Road
Upper Cornsland
Upper Ryle
Vale Close
Vaughan Williams Way
Vernon Crescent
Vicarage Close
Victor's Crescent
Victoria Road
Viking Way
Vine Way
Wainwright Avenue
Waltham Close
Walton Gardens
Wambrook Close
Wansford Close
Warescot Close
Warescot Road
Warley Gap
Warley Hill
Warley Hill
Warley Hill
Warley Mount
Warley Road
Wash Road
Water Tower Road
Waterloo Road
Waterloo Road
Wates Way
Watlington Gardens
Weald Close
Weald Park Way
Weald Road
Well Lane
Wellesley Road
Wellington Place
Wendover Gardens
West Park Hill
West Way
Westbourne Drive
Westbourne Drive
Westbury Drive
Westbury Road
Western Avenue
Western Avenue
Western Gardens
Western Road
Westwood Avenue
Wharf Road
White Lyons Road
Whittington Road
Wid Close
Widworthy Hayes
Wilkes Road
William Hunter Way
William Hunter Way
Willingale Close
Willow Close
Willowdene Court
Wilmot Green
Windsor Road
Windy Hill
Wingfield Close
Wingrave Crescent
Woodland Avenue
Woodland Close
Woodman Road
Worrin Close
Worrin Road
Worrin Road
Wren Place
Yew Tree Close
York Close
York Road