The Town of Clacton-on-Sea in the County of Essex

The town of Clacton-on-Sea is located within the county of Essex.

Clacton-on-Sea is situated in the East of England region of the UK and is governed by Tendring, council.

The town of Clacton-on-Sea is in the Essex Haven Gateway region of Essex within East of England.

  • Tendring
  • Burrsville: St Mark
  • Clacton-on-Sea: St James
  • Clacton-on-Sea: St Paul
  • Great Clacton: St John the Baptist
  • Holland-on-Sea: St Bartholomew
  • Holland-on-Sea: St Philip

Where is Clacton-on-Sea is located in the UK

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Map of the town of Clacton-on-Sea in Essex

Dentists in Clacton-on-Sea

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
NHS Dental Practices in Clacton-on-Sea
40 - 42 St Osyth Road 40-42 St. Osyth Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 3BW
Clacton-on-sea Dental Centre 121-129 Old Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 3AW
Cosmetic Dental Studio 25 Carnarvon Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 6QF
Dental Surgery 4a Ford Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 3DS
Hayes House Dental Surgery 27-31 Hayes Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 1TX

Opticians in Clacton-on-Sea

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Opticians in Clacton-on-Sea
Adrian Buizer Optometrist 60 Frinton Road, Holland-on-sea Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 5UW
Armstrong & North Opticians 57 High Street Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 1UQ
Boots Opticians (clacton-on-sea) 77-79 Pier Avenue Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 1QE
East Of England Co-op Opticians - Clacton (old Rd) 160 Old Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 3AY tel:01255424433
Eye Wear Ltd (st Johns Road) 14a St. Johns Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 4BP
Eyes Open Opticians (clacton-on-sea) 12 Station Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 1SX
Premiere Optical Services Co Ltd Premiere House, Oxford Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 3TH
S.a.cole & Associates Ltd 96 Pier Avenue Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 1NJ
Specsavers (clacton-on-sea) 68a Pier Avenue Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 1NH

Chemists in Clacton-on-Sea

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
Pharmacies in Clacton-on-Sea
Boots 15 North Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 4DA tel:01255 424542
Boots 54-62 Pier Avenue Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 1QN tel:01255 422200
Boots 75 Frinton Road, Holland-on-sea Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 5UH tel:01255 812100
Boots 86 Pier Avenue Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 1NJ tel:01255 422931
Boots Alliance Pharmacy, 158 Old Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 3AY tel:01255 424416
Holland Pharmacy 77-79 Frinton Road, Holland-on-sea Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 5UH tel:01255 812444
Lloydschemists 2 Jackson Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 1JA tel:01255 423041
North Road Pharmacy 25 North Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 4DD tel:01255 470869
Prescription 2 You Healthcare Ltd 89-91 Pier Avenue Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 1QE
Rowlands Pharmacy 354 St. Johns Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO16 8DS tel:01255 221980
Rowlands Pharmacy 78-80 Pier Avenue Clacton On Sea Essex CO15 1NH tel:01255 424318

Doctors in Clacton-on-Sea

Name Address Town County Postcode Telephone
GP Surgeries in Clacton-on-Sea
East Lynne Medical Centre 3-5 Wellesley Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 3PP tel:01255 220010
Epping Close The Old Renal Unit, Kennedy Way Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 4AB tel:01255 222668
Great Clacton Medical Practice 17 North Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 4DA tel:01255 224600
Nayland Drive Surgery 2 Nayland Drive Clacton-on-sea Essex CO16 8TJ
Old Road Surgery 147-149 Old Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 3AU tel:01255 424334
Ranworth Surgery 103 Pier Avenue Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 1NJ tel:01255 422587
St. James Surgery 89 Wash Lane Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 1DA tel:01255 222121
The Frinton Road Medical Centre 68 Frinton Road, Holland-on-sea Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 5UW
The North Clacton Medical Group 17 North Road Clacton-on-sea Essex CO15 4DA
List of Streets in Clacton-on-Sea
Abbigail Gardens
Abbots Close
Abinger Close
Addis Road
Agate Road
Agincourt Road
Albany Gardens East
Albany Gardens West
Albert Gardens
Aldeburgh Close
Alexandra Road
Alexandra Road
Almond Close
Alton Park Lane
Alton Park Lane
Alton Park Lane
Alton Park Road
Alton Park Road
Alton Road
Ambleside Court
Anchor Road
Archery Fields
Arnold Road
Ash Close
Ashstead Close
Aster Close
Astley Road
Autumn Close
Avondale Road
Aylesbury Drive
Balmoral Avenue
Banister Close
Barrington Gardens
Battisford Drive
Bawdsey Close
Beach Road
Beaconsfield Road
Beatrice Road
Beaumont Avenue
Becontree Close
Bedford Road
Begonia Place
Bembridge Close
Benhall Close
Berkeley Road
Bexhill Close
Birch Close
Blake Drive
Blenheim Road
Bluebell Avenue
Bluehouse Avenue
Bluehouse Avenue
Blyford Road
Bocking's Grove
Boley Drive
Bonham Close
Bournemouth Road
Boxted Avenue
Brading Avenue
Bramble Way
Branston Road
Brentwood Road
Brentwood Road
Bretten Close
Briarwood Avenue
Bright Close
Brighton Road
Brindley Road
Brixham Close
Broadmere Close
Bromley Close
Brunel Road
Bull Hill Road
Burgate Close
Burmanny Close
Burnham Court
Burrows Close
Burrs Road
Burstall Close
Cambridge Road
Camellia Avenue
Camellia Crescent
Canterbury Road
Carisbrooke Avenue
Carlton Road
Carnarvon Road
Carnarvon Road
Carrs Road
Carters Close
Castle Road
Caterham Close
Catherine Close
Cattermole Close
Causeway Reach
Cavendish Drive
Cedar Mews
Centenary Way
Centenary Way
Chandlers Close
Chantry Close
Chapman Road
Charles Burcart Gardens
Chatsworth Gardens
Chelmsford Road
Cherry Tree Avenue
Chestnut Avenue
Chilburn Gardens
Chilburn Road
Chingford Avenue
Chipstead Walk
Chittock Close
Church Crescent
Church Road
Clacton Road
Clacton Road
Clare Way
Clarendon Park
Clay Lane
Clayhall Road
Cleave Close
Cliff Road
Cloes Lane
Cloes Lane
Cloes Lane
Coan Avenue
Colchester Road
College Road
Collindale Gardens
Collingwood Road
Colne Road
Colthorpe Road
Connaught Close
Connaught Gardens East
Connaught Gardens West
Constable Avenue
Coolyne Way
Coopers Lane
Coopers Lane
Coppins Road
Coronation Road
Cotman Road
Cotswold Road
Cottage Green
Cottage Grove
Cottage Walk
Coulsdon Close
Craigfield Avenue
Cranleigh Close
Credon Close
Credon Drive
Croft Road
Crome Road
Cross Road
Crossfield Road
Crown Road
Curlew Close
Curtis Close
Cypress Close
Dahlia Close
Daniell Close
Davy Road
Dawlish Road
Deal Close
Deanhill Avenue
Deanhill Avenue
Deben Walk
Dedham Avenue
Derwent Gardens
Devon Way
Diana Way
Dixon Avenue
Dorking Crescent
Dorset Close
Douglas Road
Dovedale Gardens
Dover Close
Dresden Square
Dudley Road
Dulwich Road
Dunthorpe Road
Dupont Close
Earls Hall Drive
Eastcliff Avenue
Eastcliff Avenue
Edgware Road
Edison Road
Edith Road
Ellis Road
Elm Grove
Elmden Court
Elmfield Close
Elthorne Park
Epping Close
Epsom Close
Estuary Crescent
Eton Road
Fairclough Avenue
Fairfield Road
Fairlop Close
Falcon Way
Faraday Close
Farmers Way
Farmleigh Avenue
Felixstowe Close
Ferndale Close
Fernwood Avenue
Finer Close
First Avenue
Flatford Drive
Fleetwood Avenue
Fleetwood Close
Ford Road
Ford Road
Forest Park Avenue
Fourth Avenue
Foxglove Close
Freeland Road
Freshwater Lane
Friars Close
Frinton Road
Fuchsia Way
Gainsborough Close
Gainsford Avenue
Gainsford Avenue
Gardenia Place
George Close
Geranium Close
Gerard Road
Gilders Way
Glover Close
Gorse Lane
Granville Road
Greenford Road
Greenview Park
Greenway Close
Grendel Way
Grenfell Avenue
Grier Way
Grigson Drive
Groom Park
Hadleigh Road
Hall Crescent
Hampstead Avenue
Hanwell Close
Harold Road
Harpers Way
Harrow Road
Hastings Avenue
Haven Avenue
Havering Close
Havering Close
Hawkendon Road
Hawthorn Road
Hayes Road
Hayes Road
Hazlemere Road
Heather Close
Hendon Close
Henry Close
Herbert Road
Hereford Court
Hereford Road
High Street
High Street
High View Avenue
High View Close
Highlands Grove
Highlands Park
Hill Road
Hillside Crescent
Holbrook Close
Holland Park
Holland Road
Holland Road
Holland Road
Holmwood Close
Homerton Close
Homestead Gardens
Horley Close
Howard Road
Howard Vyse Court
Hoxton Close
Hucklesbury Avenue
Hudson Close
Hunt Drive
Huntingdon Way
Hyacinth Close
Hythe Close
Ingarfield Road
Ipswich Road
Jackson Road
James Road
Jameson Road
Jameson Road
Jaywick Lane
Jessop Close
Johnston Close
Jubilee Avenue
Jubilee Avenue
Keith Close
Kenilworth Road
Kennedy Way
Kennedy Way
Kent's Avenue
Kersey Drive
Kestrel Way
Keswick Avenue
Key Road
Kilburn Gardens
Kiln Barn Avenue
King's Road
Kings Avenue
Kings Parade
Kingsman Drive
Kingston Mews
Kingwell Avenue
Knox Gardens
Knox Road
Laburnum Close
Ladbrooke Road
Lake Avenue
Lake Walk
Lake Walk
Lambourne Close
Lancaster Gardens East
Lancaster Gardens West
Land Close
Langham Drive
Laurel Close
Lavenham Close
Leas Road
Legerton Drive
Lime Close
Linden Drive
Link Road
Linley Gardens
Linstead Close
Litchfield Close
Little Clacton Road
Little Stone Court
Lodge Close
Lodge Farm Lane
London Road
London Road
London Road
Love Way
Lulworth Close
Lupin Way
Lymington Avenue
Lyndhurst Road
Lyon Close
Madeira Road
Magdalen Close
Magdalen Road
Maldon Way
Manchester Road
Manor Way
Maple Close
Marigold Avenue
Marina Gardens
Marine Parade East
Marine Parade East
Marine Parade East
Marine Parade West
Marion Avenue
Marlborough Close
Mason Road
Mayford Way
Meadow Close
Melbourne Road
Melrose Gardens
Melton Close
Mendlesham Close
Meredith Road
Merrilees Crescent
Merrymount Gardens
Merstham Drive
Middleton Close
Minsmere Drive
Mountview Road
Munnings Drive
Mychett Close
Nansen Road
Nayland Drive
Neasden Avenue
Nelson Road
Newington Gardens
Newport Drive
Nicholls Way
Nightingale Close
Nightingale Way
Norfolk Avenue
Norman Road
North Road
Northbourne Road
Norwich Close
Norwood Avenue
Nottingham Road
Oak Close
Oakleigh Road
Oakwood Avenue
Old Road
Old Road
Old Road
Olivers Close
Olivers Road
Ongar Close
Ongar Close
Orchard Close
Orwell Road
Orwell Way
Osborne Close
Ottershaw Way
Oxford Crescent
Oxford Road
Oxford Road
Page Road
Pallister Road
Park Boulevard
Park Mews
Park Road
Park Way
Parry Drive
Pathfields Road
Pauline Close
Paxton Road
Pembroke Gardens
Penfold Road
Penzance Close
Peregrine Close
Peter Bruff Avenue
Pevensey Drive
Pickers Way
Pier Avenue
Pier Avenue
Pier Gap
Pinewood Close
Plane View Close
Plymouth Road
Pollard Walk
Polstead Way
Poplar Close
Poplar Close
Porter Way
Portsmouth Road
Potter Close
Powell Close
Preston Road
Primrose Road
Prince Charles Close
Prince Philip Avenue
Princes Road
Princess Anne Close
Priory Road
Purley Way
Queen Elizabeth Avenue
Queen's Road
Quilters Close
Raglan Mews
Ramplings Avenue
Ramsden Close
Raycliff Avenue
Raycliff Avenue
Reckitts Close
Recreation Road
Redbridge Road
Reed Close
Reigate Avenue
Richards Walk
Risby Close
Robertson Close
Romney Close
Rookwood Close
Rose Crescent
Rosecroft Close
Rosemary Crescent
Rosemary Road
Rosemary Road West
Rowan Close
Ruaton Drive
Ruaton Drive
Rush Green Road
Rush Green Road
Russell Road
Ryde Avenue
Salisbury Road
Salmon Close
Salvia Close
Sandown Close
Sandwich Road
Saxmundham Way
Saxon Way
Saxstead Drive
Schofield Close
Seafields Gardens
Seafields Road
Second Avenue
Selsey Avenue
Severn Road
Shalfleet Court
Shanklin Close
Shelley Road
Sheppard Close
Sheriffs Way
Sheriffs Way
Sherwood Drive
Shoreham Road
Shotley Close
Shrubland Court
Sillett Close
Skelmersdale Road
Sladbury's Lane
Sladbury's Lane
Slade Road
Slade Road
Smythe Close
Snape Close
Southcliff Park
Southview Drive
Southwold Way
Sparrows Herne
Spinnaker Close
Spring Close
St Alban's Road
St Andrew's Road
St Anns Road
St Clair Close
St Helens Avenue
St Ives Close
St John Gardens
St John's Road
St John's Road
St John's Road
St John's Road
St John's Road
St Marks Road
St Martins Close
St Mary's Road
St Osyth Road
St Paul's Road
St Vincent Road
Stambridge Road
Stanley Road
Stanley Road
Stanmore Close
Stanwyn Avenue
Station Road
Station Road
Stephenson Road
Stephenson Road West
Stokeash Close
Stoneham Avenue
Stoneham Avenue
Stratford Road
Sudbourne Avenue
Suffolk Close
Sussex Gardens
Sycamore Way
Tapsworth Close
Telford Road
Tewkesbury Road
The Avenue
The Chase
The Coppice
The Crescent
The Drive
The Esplanade
The Gap
The Green
The Greenway
The Grove
Third Avenue
Thirtle Close
Thomas Road
Thornbury Road
Thoroughgood Road
Thorpe Road
Thorpe Road
Totlands Drive
Totteridge Close
Toucan Way
Tower Road
Towse Close
Trafalgar Road
Tree Close
Trimley Close
Trunette Road
Tulip Way
Tulip Way
Turner Close
Turpins Avenue
Turpins Close
Turpins Close
Tyler Avenue
Uplands Road
Upper Branston Road
Upper Park Road
Valley Road
Valley Road
Valley Road
Valleybridge Road
Valleybridge Road
Ventnor Drive
Vermont Close
Vicarage Gardens
Victoria Road
Victory Road
Viking Way
Vista Road
Wade Road
Walnut Way
Walton Road
Wargrave Road
Warnham Close
Warwick Crescent
Warwick Road
Wash Lane
Washford Gardens
Waterworks Drive
Watson Road
Weekes Close
Wellesley Road
Wellesley Road
Wellesley Road
West Avenue
Westcott Close
Westridge Way
Weymouth Close
Wild Close
William Drive
Wilson Court
Windermere Road
Windmill Park
Windsor Avenue
Wistaria Place
Witting Close
Woodbridge Grove
Woodford Close
Woodlands Close
Woodrows Lane
Woolner Road
Woolwich Road
Wordsworth Way
Worthing Mews
Writtle Close
Wyndham Crescent
York Road
Young Close