The Village of Kingswood in the County of Gloucestershire

The village of Kingswood is located within the county of Gloucestershire.

The Parish Church (a Grade II listed building) is called Kingswood: St Mary the Virgin and serves the parish of Kingswood: St Mary the Virgin and the benefice of Charfield and Kingswood with Wickwar, Rangeworthy and Hillesley and belongs to the diocese of Gloucester.

Kingswood is situated in the South West (England) region of the UK and is governed by Stroud, council.

The village of Kingswood is in the Gloucestershire region of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bath/Bristol area within South West (England).

  • Stroud
  • Kingswood: St Mary the Virgin

Where is Kingswood is located in the UK

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Map of the village of Kingswood in Gloucestershire

List of Streets in Kingswood
Abbey Street
Abbots Avenue
Abbots Road
Albany Way
Albert Close
Albert Road
Aldermoor Way
Aldermoor Way
Alexandra Road
All Saints Close
Allington Drive
Alma Close
Alma Road
Alsop Road
Alwins Court
Amble Close
Anchor Road
Anstey's Road
Ansteys Close
Archer Court
Archer Court
Armstrong Drive
Arnold Road
Ashbourne Close
Ashcombe Crescent
Auburn Avenue
Avon View
Baden Road
Badger Close
Baglyn Avenue
Bagworth Drive
Balmoral Road
Bank Road
Barrington Close
Barrington Court
Barrs Court Avenue
Barrs Court Road
Barry Close
Barter Close
Barwood Close
Bath Road
Bath Road
Bath Road
Bath Road
Batley Court
Baxter Close
Bayleys Drive
Beaumont Close
Beech Close
Beechwood Avenue
Bellevue Close
Bellevue Road
Belsher Drive
Berenda Drive
Berkeley Road
Betjeman Court
Bibury Crescent
Bickford Close
Bickley Close
Blackhorse Road
Blackhorse Road
Blackthorn Walk
Blue Falcon Road
Bodey Close
Boulton's Lane
Boulton's Road
Brake Close
Bramley Close
Bramley Court
Brayne Court
Bredon Close
Brereton Way
Briarfield Avenue
Bridge Farm Walk
Bridge Road
Bright Street
Brighton Place
Britannia Road
Britten Court
Brompton Close
Brook Road
Brook Road
Bruton Lane
Bryant's Hill
Burbank Close
Burney Way
Burnham Close
Burnham Drive
Cabot Close
Cadbury Heath Road
Caddick Close
Cade Close
Cains Close
Caldicot Close
California Road
California Road
Canon's Walk
Carmarthen Grove
Carsons Road
Carsons Road Link
Castle Farm Road
Causley Drive
Cecil Road
Cedar Close
Cennick Avenue
Central Avenue
Ceres Close
Champion Road
Chapel Road
Chapel Road
Charfield Road
Charnhill Crescent
Chase Road
Cheriton Place
Cherry Garden Lane
Cherry Garden Road
Cherry Gardens
Chesham Way
Chestnut Park
Chestnut Park Estate
Chestnut Road
Chestnut Way
Cheviot Way
Chiltern Close
Chiphouse Road
Chiphouse Road
Chipperfield Drive
Chubb Close
Church Road
Church Road
Churchill Close
Churchward Close
Claypool Road
Cleeves Court
Cloverdale Drive
Cloverlea Road
Cloverlea Road
Cock Road
Collett Close
Collingwood Avenue
Colthurst Drive
Common Road
Conham Hill
Coniston Close
Coombes Way
Copley Court
Corfe Place
Coronation Close
Coronation Road
Coronation Road
Cotswold View
Cottington Court
Cottonwood Drive
Counterpool Road
Court Farm Gardens
Court Farm Road
Court Farm Road
Court Road
Court Road
Courtney Place
Courtney Road
Courtney View
Courtney Way
Cox Court
Craddock Close
Cranham Close
Crates Close
Craven Close
Craven Way
Craven Way
Creswicke Avenue
Crispin Way
Cromwell Court
Cross Street
Crossleaze Road
Crow Meadow
Crown Road
Cunnington Close
Darwin Close
Davis Close
Dawn Rise
Dean Close
Deanery Road
Derrick Road
Deverose Court
Dorset Road
Douglas Road
Dovey Court
Downend Road
Downend Road
Downside Close
Dragonfly Close
Drummond Court
Dudley Court
Dundry Close
Dunster Gardens
Dye House Road
Dylan Thomas Court
Dyrham Close
Dyrham Road
Earlstone Close
Earlstone Crescent
Edgecombe Close
Edgewood Close
Edward Road
Elderwood Drive
Elizabeth Way
Ellacombe Road
Elm Road
Elmfield Close
Elmtree Close
Elmtree Way
Empire Crescent
Exley Close
Fairford Close
Fairlyn Drive
Fairview Road
Fairview Road
Fairway Close
Far Handstones
Ferndale Avenue
Ferry Road
Filwood Drive
Fisher Avenue
Fisher Road
Fontana Close
Footshill Close
Footshill Drive
Footshill Road
Forde Close
Forest Edge
Forest Road
Forest Walk
Fountains Drive
Fox Court
Frampton Court
Francis Place
Francis Place
Frys Hill
Furzewood Road
Gabriel Close
Gages Close
Gages Road
Gays Road
Gee Moors
Gilbert Road
Gillingham Hill
Gillingham Hill
Gilpin Close
Gilroy Close
Gladstone Road
Glanville Gardens
Glastonbury Close
Gleneagles Road
Godfrey Court
Golden Lane
Gover Road
Grace Drive
Grange Avenue
Grange Court
Grangeville Close
Granny's Lane
Grantham Road
Granville Close
Grassmere Gardens
Great Dowles
Great Leaze
Green Park
Greenbank Road
Greenbank Road
Greenbank View
Gregory Court
Greve Court
Grimsbury Road
Grimsbury Road
Gunning Close
Hadley Court
Hale Close
Halls Road
Hampton Close
Hampton Street
Hanbury Close
Handford Way
Hanham Road
Hanham Road
Hardwick Close
Hardy Court
Harefield Close
Harlech Way
Harolds Way
Harptree Court
Harris Court
Haskins Court
Haweswater Close
Hawkins Close
Hawksworth Drive
Hawthorn Avenue
Hazelbury Drive
Headington Close
Heath Rise
Heath Road
Henbury Road
Hencliffe Way
Henderson Road
Henry Williamson Court
Hesding Close
High Elm
High Street
High Street
High Street
High Street
High Street
Highfield Avenue
Highfield Gardens
Highview Road
Highwayman Court
Hill Street
Hillcroft Close
Hillesley Road
Hillesley Road
Hinton Drive
Hollow Road
Holly Crescent
Holly Green
Holly Hill Road
Hollyguest Road
Honey Hill Road
Hopland Close
Hopp's Road
Hopp's Road
Horsecroft Gardens
Horwood Court
Hot Water Lane
Howes Close
Hoylake Drive
Hunters Close
Hunters Drive
Hunters Road
Iles Close
Isleys Court
Jays Close
Jefferies Hill Bottom
Jeffery Court
Jinty Lane
John Chiddy Close
Johnson Drive
Jubilee Place
Junction Way
Kelston Grove
Kemble Close
Kenilworth Drive
Kennington Avenue
Kennmoor Close
Kents Green
Kenwood Close
Keynsham Road
Kilnhurst Close
Kimberley Road
Kings Avenue
Kings Court
Kings Drive
Kingsfield Lane
Kingsfield Lane
Kingsfield Lane
Kingsholme Road
Kingsleigh Court
Kingsleigh Gardens
Kingsleigh Park
Kingswood Heights
Kyght Close
Kynaston View
Laburnum Road
Lacock Drive
Ladd Close
Langford Way
Lansdown View
Lansdown View
Laphams Court
Larksleaze Road
Launceston Avenue
Laurel Street
Laurie Lee Court
Lavers Close
Lawrence Close
Laxton Drive
Lees Hill
Lees Lane
Leisure Road
Lewis Close
Lime Road
Lintern Crescent
Lintham Drive
Little Dowles
Logus Court
London Street
London Street
Long Beach Road
Long Handstones
Loop Road
Loughman Close
Lower Chapel Road
Lower Chapel Road
Lower Cock Road
Lower Conham Vale
Lower Hanham Road
Lower Hanham Road
Ludlow Close
Ludlow Court
Lydiard Croft
Macdonald Walk
Magpie Bottom Lane
Makin Close
Malpass Drive
Malvern Drive
Maple Close
Mapstone Rise
Marion Road
Mariston Way
Marsham Way
Martin's Road
Martins Close
Marygold Leaze
Memorial Close
Memorial Road
Merritt Road
Middle Road
Miles Court
Mill Lane
Mill Lane
Millers Drive
Millfield Drive
Milner Green
Monkton Road
Moor Croft Drive
Moravian Road
Morley Terrace
Mount Gardens
Mount Hill Road
Mount Hill Road
Mount Pleasant Close
Mulberry Close
Mulberry Drive
Neads Drive
Neville Road
New Cheltenham Road
New Cheltenham Road
New Walk
Newton Close
Newton Drive
Newton Road
Niblett Close
Nind Lane
Noble Avenue
North Park
Northend Avenue
Northend Road
Northfield Avenue
Norton Close
Oak Tree Close
Oakfield Road
Oakhill Avenue
Oakridge Close
Old Rectory Road
Oldbury Chase
Oram Court
Orchard Boulevard
Orchard Close
Orchard Gardens
Orchard Road
Orchard Road
Orchard Vale
Orchard Vale
Orchard Walk
Orland Way
Owls Head Road
Palmdale Close
Palmers Close
Park Close
Park Close
Park Crescent
Park Farm Court
Park Road
Park Road
Park Road
Park Road
Park View
Park Way
Parkwall Crescent
Parkwall Crescent
Parkwall Road
Parkwall Road
Parkwall Road
Peacocks Lane
Pearsall Road
Peartree Lane
Penard Way
Pendock Close
Penny Lane
Perrott Road
Petherton Close
Pettigrove Gardens
Pettigrove Road
Pillingers Road
Pines Road
Pippin Court
Polly Barnes Close
Polly Barnes Hill
Pool Road
Poplar Close
Poplar Fields
Poplar Road
Popular Terrace
Potterswood Close
Potterswood Close
Pound Road
Pound Road
Pow's Road
Pow's Road
Poyntz Court
Press Moor Drive
Princes Court
Priory Court
Prospect Crescent
Pullin Court
Purton Close
Quantock Close
Quarry Road
Queen's Road
Queens Drive
Randall Close
Rangers Walk
Ravendale Drive
Reade Close
Redwood Close
Reed Court
Regent Street
Regent Street
Ridley Avenue
Riverside Way
Rodway Hill
Rodway View
Rogers Close
Rogers Court
Roman Way
Rose Oak Gardens
Roseville Avenue
Rowan Way
Roy King Gardens
Rudge Close
Russell Avenue
Rutherford Close
Rutland Avenue
Sally Barn Close
Samuel White Road
Samuel Wright Close
Sandringham Road
Sassoon Court
School Road
School Road
Scott Court
Seymour Road
Shaw Close
Shellards Road
Sherbourne Close
Sheridan Way
Shilton Close
Shortwood View
Siston Close
Siston Close
Siston Common
Siston Common
Siston Park
Skippon Court
Somerset Close
Somerton Close
South Road
Southey Avenue
Southey Avenue
Southfield Avenue
Southway Drive
Southway Drive
Spring Court
Spring Hill
Spring Hill
Springville Close
Squires Court
St Anne's Close
St David's Avenue
St Fagans Court
St Marys Close
St Pierre Drive
Staffords Court
Stanhope Road
Stanier Road
Stanley Gardens
Stanton Close
Station Court
Station Road
Station Road Link
Staynes Crescent
Steel Court
Stephens Drive
Stibbs Court
Stockton Close
Stokes Court
Stone Hill View
Stoneleigh Drive
Stourton Drive
Stratton Place
Summit Close
Sunningdale Drive
Sunnyvale Drive
Swaish Drive
Sweets Close
Sycamore Close
Sydenham Way
Syston Way
Tabernacle Road
Tabernacle Road
Tanner Close
Tanner Court
Taylor Close
Taynton Close
Tenniscourt Road
The Barton
The Dell
The Glen
The Green
The Grove
The Haven
The Keep
The Meadows
The Mount
The Orchards
The Park
The Park
The Park
The Pines
The Pines
The Reddings
The Ride
The Sidings
The Tanyard
The Twynings
The Walk
The Warns
The Willows
The Wynstones
Thirlmere Court
Tindell Court
Tintern Close
Tippetts Road
Torrance Close
Tower Lane
Tower Road South
Trevethin Close
Trinity Court
Troon Drive
Tudor Road
Tudor Road
Turners Court
Tweeny Lane
Two Mile Hill Road
Tyler Close
Tyndale Road
Tyndale View
Unity Street
Unity Street
Valley Road
Verwood Drive
Vicarage Road
Victoria Park
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Vineyard Lane
Walk Mill Lane
Wall Tyning Gardens
Walnut Crescent
Walnut Lane
Walton Close
Warner Close
Warwick Close
Waters Road
Watsons Road
Watsons Road
Watts Lane
Watts Lane
Weavers Close
Wedmore Close
Wellington Road
Wesley Avenue
Wesley Hill
Wesley Lane
West Street
Westfield Close
Westons Way
Whistle Road
Whitefield Avenue
Whittucks Close
Whittucks Road
Wickwar Road
Wilcox Close
Williams Close
Willis Road
Willow Close
Willow Road
Willsbridge Hill
Willsbridge Hill
Wilmot Court
Wilshire Avenue
Windermere Way
Windsor Road
Witcombe Close
Withington Close
Woburn Close
Wood Road
Woodington Court
Woodland Terrace
Woodland Terrace
Woodside Road
Woodstock Close
Woodstock Road
Woodstock Road
Woodward Drive
Woodward Drive
Woodyleaze Drive
Woodyleaze Drive
Worcester Road
Worthy Close
Wotton Road
Wraxall Road
Wraxall Road
Yew Tree Drive